Apple iPhone Launch Brings Out the Bulls

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Apple iPhone Launch Brings Out the Bulls.

For every iPhone sold under their aggressive, new renewal plans, dueling carriers Sprint and T-Mobile are spending between $200 and $250, according to an initial estimate by New Street Research.“Our Apple store checks this morning have been positive out of the gates as demand looks ‘very strong’ across many of the flagship stores,” said Daniel Ives, an analyst at FBR FBRC 0.67 % & Co. And while there are those who have resigned themselves to waiting in line in front of an Apple retail store or any belonging to a wireless carrier, there’s a better way. While T-Mobile had weaned itself off subsidizing the iPhone entirely last year, this week’s $5-a-month “Jump On Demand” lease plan for the iPhone 6s was triggered by Apple’s own offer of a $32-a-month yearly renewal plan earlier this month.

Kelly, who works with the media agency Atomic 212, which organised the publicity stunt, is believed to be the first person to use a robot to buy an iPhone. “We use [the robots] for everything, just to show new technology. Sure, you’re probably eager to download some cool games or test out that new 3D Touch interface, but before you go crazy, there are a few housekeeping details you should tend to first. Backups are never fun, but they’re essential to avert disaster down the road—plus, you’ll need a recent backup if you want your new iPhone to behave like, well, a better version of your old iPhone. Chief executive Ron Johnson, Apple’s former retail chief, said earlier this week that Enjoy placed a high value on its experts to help provide that extra value with its service — and it seemed to come across during today’s visit. Checking Encrypt local backup is a good idea, not just for privacy reasons, but also because that way your account passwords are stored and you won’t have to enter them all again.

Owning that up to being a coincidence, we proceeded to ask him about how to use the latest smartphone, such as whether 4K videos would be suitable on a device with 16GB of storage, how to use force touch and live photos, what the average customer experience would be, and more. Every product comes in a recyclable tote bag and includes a handy card that customers can take notes on as the expert explains the particulars of their purchase.

Once your iPhone is up and running and everything’s how you like, then you can switch back to iCloud backups if you prefer, in Settings > iCloud > Backup. Though he said the shorter line this year is “generally” on par with his expectations for three reasons: First, he said China was added as a launch country for the first time this year, reducing iPhone resellers lined up for the 6s models. At the end of the visit, the customer receives a special code that they can use to receive free consultation at any time, at least until the end of 2015. But it never hurts to run a backup on your own Mac every now and then. (And if you’re coming from an Android phone, there’s a new Move from iOS Android app that can assist you.) Also, creating an encrypted backup will also ensure any Health app data is carried over to your new phone. In our initial testing, videos shot at 1080P at 30 frames per second (fps) and 60fps were virtually identical to those shot with the iPhone 6 camera, which is quite good as far as smartphones are concerned.

Mattern says that for new or existing AT&T customers, he’s able to help port over data from your old phone to the new one and also provides additional support to get people comfortable with the device. You’ll enter your iCloud account password, enter a second security code if you’re using two-factor authentication on said iCloud account, agree to the iCloud terms and conditions, and set up how people can reach you over iMessage and Face Time. On average, meetings can last up to an hour, but experts like Jeff typically will call you ahead of time to get a feel of what questions you might have. We’ll be testing UHD video more thoroughly in the days ahead, but so far the video quality seems comparable to what we’ve seen from other smartphones. But if you’re not sure about what you want, Enjoy’s head of Marketing and Communications Ari Bloom tells us that the company has try before you by program where experts can come to your home or office and let you check out different products and if you’re interested in buying something, you can do it right then and there.

Apple says that Live Photo, a mode that’s on by default, is a great way to “relive life’s moments.” But the Live Photos my colleagues and I took seemed a bit jerky, beginning and ending at moments that either made no sense or, more often, made the subject look awkward. Ives’s team at FBR spoke to customers in line, he said enhanced battery life, a 12-megapixel camera and a 3-D Touch screen were the most cited reasons customers wanted the new phone. Since you need to have Touch ID enabled in order to use Apple Pay, this would be a good time to jump into Apple’s Wallet app (formerly known as Passbook) to set that up. The company doesn’t utilize any 1099 contractors to help out so there’s a sense of ownership among the experts and all undergo extensive training on all the products that are available in Enjoy’s catalog. The camera is constantly buffering a few seconds of video; once you press the shutter it grabs a snippet of that video from before and after the still image.

Live Photos can only be produced by these new iPhones, but they can be viewed on any mobile device running iOS 9, as well as Mac computers running OS X El Capitan, which is due for release soon. From our hour-long conversation with Mattern, Enjoy looks to be capturing the long-tail customer relationship knowing that if you have questions about future technology products, you’ll look to it instead of trying to rely on Best Buy, Target, and others.

Typically, longer-dated VIX futures are more expensive than VIX futures expiring in the current month, as there is a greater chance of stock swings over a longer period. At ENJOY, we believe customers, brands, and employees all deserve more, so we have set out to create a people-first company for a digital-first world. In times of stress, when investors are very fearful about stocks over the next few weeks, they bid up the prices of short-dated futures more than prices of the longer-dated futures. To be precise, the VIX itself is at 23.62, the VIX futures contract expiring in October is at 22.33, and the VIX futures contract expiring all the way out in May 2016 is at 21.90.

That means the curve is nearly flat and elevated, given that the VIX dipped below 12 as recently as mid-July. “We may be [moving] into a higher, more sustained volatility environment rather than a buy-the-dip” environment, said Michael Purves, head of equity derivatives research at Weeden & Co. “I won’t get excited about buying the market until I see that VIX curve steepen.” That means the VIX index has to fall a lot and the futures must come down a bit. While app developers might take advantage of such finessed functionality, right now Apple’s own apps only respond to only two levels of pressure: soft and firm. You can share your Live Photos, but iOS 9, watchOS 2, and El Capitan (coming soon) are required to see the animation; otherwise, you’ll just see the still pic. 3D Touch offers a way to use your apps without actually opening them. If an app doesn’t have 3D Touch support yet (mostly third-party apps), the screen will blur and you’ll feel haptic feedback, but then the screen will go back to normal.

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