Ashley Madison affair: When technology meets security risk meets stupid

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7 Things the Ashley Madison Subscriber in Your Life Needs.

If your cheatin’ heart doesn’t tell on you, your online profile might. WHILE an estimated 1 million Australians were presumably nervous wrecks on Tuesday in the wake of the Ashley Madison data hack, there was another concentrated cluster of cheaters wringing their hands on the other side of the world.Infidelity website, which has been struggling to launch a London IPO, can kiss goodbye plans for a listing this year, banking sources said on Tuesday, as hackers threatened to publish names and salacious details about its clients unless the website shuts itself down.

It’s something to think about before you set up an account on a site that bills itself as “the world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters.”’s come-on slogan is “Life is short. One in five Ottawa residents are allegedly subscribed to the cheating website, according to figures provided by the Toronto-based company, whose slogan is “Life Is Short.

The website’s Canadian parent hoped to raise up to $200 million by listing its shares in London this year, five years after a lack of investor appetite caused it to cancel an attempt to list at home. Have an affair.” The 14-year-old site boasts of “over 37,890,000 anonymous members!” You join for free, then purchase online credits to interact with other cheaters. Have an affair.” The data breach, bad for any company that has a repository of confidential customer data, could be disastrous for one whose business model is based on complete confidentially. “The doomsday scenario for Ashley Madison is if the hackers take all the names and addresses, correlates them to real people and prints addresses and phone numbers.

Noel Biderman, chief executive of Avid Life Media, which owns Ashley Madison, told a Canadian newspaper earlier this year that Ottawa was the marriage infidelity hotbed of the world. Ottawa marriage counsellor Nataxja Cini said the city was full of professionals with demanding careers, many in government, which could put a strain on relationships. But being part of a stable family was still seen as a badge of success, and so an Ashley Madison subscription may be preferable to a divorce “In a blue collar city, they’re not going to use a website, they’re going to do it at a bar,” said Kary, 38. “[In Ottawa], you can’t run the risk of someone seeing you at a bar doing that.” John Sullivan is a private investigator whose company Triangle Investigations Agency primarily investigates adultery. Maybe it’s even more, assuming the Impact Team’s claim that Ashley Madison never deleted accounts they were paid to delete is true. (Ashley Madison is no longer making users pay, go figure.) What are the victims to do? People who are suspicious their spouse is cheating on them hire a PI to accumulate evidence in case they divorce. “Where the information is helpful is it becomes leverage to negotiate a better settlement for the client,” Mr Sullivan said.

Investment bankers wrestled with it because it’s a very, very profitable business.” Avid Life spokesman Paul Keable said it was too early to estimate the damage to the company’s business model or IPO plans from the breach. Dr Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist and human behaviour researcher who has studied romantic interpersonal attraction for more than 30 years. “We make all kinds of decisions about how we’re going to lead our love lives; and the vast majority of people have found that it’s a whole lot easier, if you pick the right person and fall in love with that persona, to stick with that person, because the human brain is simply not built to share,” she told CNN. “We want a deep trust and attachment to somebody, we want to feel electric romantic energy when we’re with them and we want to crave them sexually, we want all three systems operating 100 per cent all the time,” she said. “You can go back to Jerry Springer and Maury Povich to understand our enjoyment of it, that moment when the woman raises a chair about to hit the guy. We are fascinated with people who lie and deceive the people that they love,” she said. “It’s scary, because everyone who is in a relationship goes, ‘What if that was my partner?’” But while a cheating scandal is juicy from the sidelines, Dr Goldstein questions whether Ashley Madison’s members should be publicly named and shamed. “There are so many different types of relationships these days.

We have to be careful about jumping on the self-righteous high horse, because we don’t know if their relationship was open to other people, or if their partner knows and they’ve both decided to just deal with it and get on with their lives,” she said. With its wink-wink slogan and its promise of anonymity, Ashley Madison teased credulous adults into uploading nude selfies and sharing their sexual fantasies in writing — then somehow couldn’t keep those secrets. Crisis communications experts said Avid Life had made a smart move in quickly saying it may know who was behind the hack, removing some uncertainty from the situation for its clients.

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