Best Deals On Hybrid, Electric Cars For December 2015

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The New Toyota Prius Can Talk, But… Is There Anyone To Listen?.

Tokyo – Toyota said it expects annual sales of its newly-released fourth generation Prius hybrid to reach as many as 350 000 vehicles despite a big drop in oil prices making traditional petrol-powered cars cheaper to run. The carmaker is claiming a consumption figure of 40.8km a liter (2.45 l/100km) for its latest version of the petrol-electric car, at least in Japan’s official tests. The convention is that these technologies mostly use radars, so there are instances where the pedestrian or object is not in the car’s proximity and so the warning is untimely. Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) has developed an Intelligent Transportation System or ITS, tuned to the 760MHz band which will act as the standard frequency to aid vehicles.

Executive Vice President Mitsuhisa Kato told reporters at a Tokyo showroom, that the latest Prius made fewer driving experience compromises to achieve better consumption. “There is nothing you feel you are suffering through to get that mileage,” he said. The fourth-gen hybrid is already on sale in Japan, and the automaker has just released a new commercial in its home country that describes the new Prius as “ero-i,” which is a Japanese word derived from “erotic” which can mean “sexy” or “sensual.” Yep, sensual. In the commercial, two actors discuss the Prius’ “ero-i” styling, and one of them comments that it’s likely because the new hybrid resembles a long-legged, long-armed athlete. Transmitters that will transmit data to the car about its status will be attached to all traffic signals and intersections in case the driver fails to notice a red light or a speeding car or even a pedestrian for that matter.

Toyota has sold about 4 million Prius vehicles globally, making it the world’s top-selling hybrid, but its popularity is mostly limited to the US and Japan. This is different to the technologies already available in most cars today in the sense that this technology will transmit information faster and more promptly due to the variance of transmitters the car will receive data from. The Toyota Prius will be the first car ever to incorporate this technology and although no official information has been revealed, one can expect to see this technology in other new Toyota models as well. Japan pre-orders total 60 000 vehicles, and many of the buyers will have to wait several months for their Prius to arrive, as production can’t keep up. The ITS however, will work best when the technology is adopted by more cars, as the ITS system can communicate information about the host car to other vehicles equipped with the same technology about its intentions and driving patterns so that they can act accordingly.

While technologies like the ITS might be seen by some people as just a new way to perceive the safety functions and anti-collision systems that are already available to them, these kind of advances are just what the automotive industry needs if it is to ever achieve fully autonomous driving. If nothing else, this could become a neat way for Toyota vehicles to form some kind of internal communication framework which could work wonders for how all Toyota cars would interact with each other, much like the i-message facility in Apple’s iPhone, but much more comprehensive. Even with strong contenders such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Witcher 3, which was the game of the year, Need For Speed did well to hold its own and not fall further.

How it managed to move up to the top five is a mystery; the only reason one can think of is the massive drop in its price on black Friday, and may be people just bought it for fun. Black Ops III dominated the PS3 sale’s charts as well, while Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 and Fifa 16 came in second and third place respectively. While the controversial accusations and remarks made by Donald Trump have gained ample publicity on TV and social media, the Presidential candidate’s rampage about how Muslims should be treated has received negative reactions from reputable businessmen, CEOs and media tycoons among others from all around the world. The former Android chief states the “disheartening” nature of these courses of events is that they have led to a rising threat for minorities in foreign countries. Similarly, the circulation of viral memes on social media that compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler have also laid light on the public’s disagreement with his campaign.

Trump’s statements, he and his camp of campaign officials will need to reassess their public narrative or risk losing a sizeable chunk of their recent popularity.

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