Call Of Duty: Black Ops III trailer reveals 4-player co-op campaign

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‘Black Ops 3’ Release Date Announced, Comes With A Twist.

The first full trailer for Black Ops III has revealed the first proper details of the game’s story campaign, which for the moment at least seems to be set entirely in the near(-ish) future. This image released by Activision shows a scene from “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3,” the third installment in Treyarch’s military shooter saga, scheduled for release Nov. 6. (Activision via AP)The Associated PressThis image released by Activision shows a scene from “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3,” the third installment in Treyarch’s military shooter saga, scheduled for release Nov. 6. (Activision via AP)The Associated Press The third installment in Treyarch’s popular military shooter saga is adding the option to play cooperatively with other gamers in the plot-driven campaign. The developer is also ditching traditional avatar customization in its multiplayer mode, instead opting for players to pick among nine distinct characters, each with their own unique weapon and ability. “We wanted it to have a little more soul to it,” said game director Dan Bunting after a recent demonstration. “We were talking about voices and giving them personalities.

The game is leaping once again into the future, and while that means we’ll have new movement systems and futuristic tech, Activision says it’s important to note that Treyarch’s Call of Duty doesn’t share a universe with last year’s Advanced Warfare. “Under our independent studio model, every studio fosters its own unique culture and creative approach,” Rob Kostich, Senior Vice President at Activision Publishing tells me. ”Black Ops 3 reflects Treyarch’s vision for Call of Duty. Climate change and lack of resources have forced Earth’s nations into conflict, and battlefields are overrun by autonomous drones and lethal, humanoid robots. The trailer shows off some of the new weaponry and toys you’ll get to play with, the addition of augmentations, and even hints heavily at the return of the Zombies survival mode. As you can see the graphics look great, but the big innovation for the story mode is that you can play the whole thing in four-player co-op, including a two-player split screen option. Published by Activision and developed by Treyarch, the game has benefitted hugely from a longer development period than past entries in the franchise.

Although the game doesn’t feature the same exo-suits from Advanced Warfare you will still be able to boost jump and manoeuvre in the air in a similar manner, in both the story and multiplayer modes. There’s Ruin, who can pound spikes into the ground for a strong area effect; Seraph, who has access to a high-calibre revolver; Outrider, who wields a compound bow; and Reaper, a robot who can use a mini-gun.

In the campaign, which begins five years later, soldiers can be upgraded with about 40 cybernetic modifications, which allow players to accomplish such high-tech feats as remotely hacking enemy robots or chaining together melee strikes. There are nine different classes in multiplayer mode, the four revealed so far being Outrider, who has a high tech compound bow; Reaper, who’s a mini-gun-weilding robot; Seraph, who uses a powerful revolver; and Ruin, who uses explosives spikes to create powerful shockwaves. Just about every soldier is going to be cybernetics-enhanced, like the old TV series, The Six Million Dollar Man, or Square Enix’s Deux Ex: Human Revolution video game. The game’s 360-degree, momentum-based movement system allows multiplayer combatants to quickly grapple environmental surfaces, power slide across landscapes and cling to walls. Almost 100 million people have played the previous two games in the series, making Black Ops one of the most successful video game franchises of all time.

Treyarch is describing Black Ops 3′s levels as “arena” style and open-ended, something that should increase replay value and make the game a lot more fun. Your customised characters are persistent and via the Gunsmith option you have the chance to create your own camouflage patterns, and add up to five attachments and one optic to each weapon. While the developers have done away with multiplayer character customization, they’ve greatly expanded weapon personalization, providing players with more tools to trick out munitions.

Since developer Treyarch invented the whole concept it’s no surprise to find that Zombies mode is returning, with its own experience point-based progression system. The game’s guns can be equipped with an optic and up to 5 attachments, camouflage and user-designed paint jobs with up to 64 different layers on three sides.

As we’ve seen in past games, that means you can kidnap, torture and generally do whatever you want, wherever you want, as long as it gets you closer to your objective. “But that’s not the end,” said Jason Blundell, the game’s campaign director and senior executive producer at Treyarch. “What follows is the largest leak of intelligence in military history, which leads to the collapse of covert operations worldwide, creating utter chaos. That game was the first major global launch of a video game, and Sega’s marketing team called the release “Sonic 2sday” according to the book “Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle That Defined a Generation” by Blake Harris. Your mission is to go behind enemy lines to find your brothers and uncover the disturbing truth.” Blundell was speaking to a small group of journalists and employees from Treyarch and Activision in an intimate, dark theater.

Most games produce a lot of video content ahead of release but they’re usually short flashy trailers which often obscure the actual gameplay behind fancy computer generated imagery and copious voiceover. I saw the demo on both an Xbox One game console and a Windows PC. “It”s a passionate fan base,” said studio head Mark Lamia in a presentation at Treyarch’s headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif. “We want to honor these folks, but bring our brand to many more. As he described this apparently disastrous leak, images of official-looking documents with large swathes of redacted text obscured by ominous black bars fanned out around him. We had a blank canvas to look at for our next Black Ops game.” The first Black Ops game is set in the 1960s, focusing on the elite group of soldiers with access to secret weapons during the era of the Vietnam War. For Wild Hunt, we get to see uninterrupted chunks of actual gameplay, complete with the necessary steps needed in menus and sub menus, in game speech and every moment of those often gruelling fights.

The second vaults ahead to 2025, when a villain named Raul Menendez hijacked a fleet of American drones and tried to start a world war between the U.S. and China. Players will experience “a new momentum-based, chained-movement system that allows players to move fluidly through the maps, all while maintaining complete control over their weapon at all times” says Kostich. It’s impossible to hear those words and see those images without immediately thinking of Edward Snowden’s ongoing plight, and that fact is not lost on Black Ops 3’s developers.

What makes these look so impressive is just how detailed they are, like all the work which has gone into this latest job which you just chance on by the side of the road. The world sought to prevent another drone war, so it created an umbrella air defense system that could take out unmanned aircraft and essentially neutralized air power among rival nations. This isn’t altogether different than what we saw in Advanced Warfare, and Treyarch says they’re designing all their MP maps with this new movement system in mind. Many players will probably never see that guy sitting there, fewer still will speak to him and only a handful will actually go ahead with the mission.

Obviously, this is no accident. “We always have an eye out,” Blundell explained later, during an interview with journalists. “We’re reading the news articles. But there’s voice work, a few nice cutscenes, some investigation and even a nice little twist in the story, all finished off with a horsechase across the land. It’ll be interesting this year to compare the typically co-op zombie mode with the new co-op option in SP. “We’re incredibly excited about the year ahead as we roll out all the news on the game, including the Multiplayer Beta that we just announced,” Kostich tells me. “We haven’t done a Beta in a while and really look forward to our fans getting their hands on it.” Players can join the beta and put the servers to the test—if they pre-order the game. Robotics has become pervasive, and so has “bio augmentation.” Soldiers who lost limbs in battle now have prosthetics, allowing them to return to active combat. It contained CIA secrets, he explained, including the locations of secret operations and military weak points. “Once all that’s exposed, it creates incredible amounts of instability,” he said.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is on PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 19th of May 2015.In Short: See how a secondary quest unfolds in this latest video from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – Geralt goes hunting in the swamps These soldiers have access to cutting-edge tech known as the Direct Neural Interface, or DNI, which connects a soldier’s retina and nervous system to their combat armor and weapons systems. Authorities have accused Snowden of stealing documents that pertained to more than just the U.S.’s invasive surveillance schemes, but there’s no evidence that he did. Treyarch showed us a “prealpha” gameplay session as the team hunts for important assets who have “information on our lost brothers,” Blundell said. And U.S. officials, despite their claims of “profound damage” and “lethal consequences for our troops in the field,” have failed to provide evidence to press to back up their demonization of Snowden.

And it looks like the game may tackle these issues in a nuanced way and from a variety of perspectives, not just that of the beefed-up cyborg soldier who yells things as he kills people. You remotely hijack a drone (yes, these things are still flying despite the aforementioned air defense system) and use it to attack the enemy’s robots from behind. The main player will see the cinematic from first-person, while at some point, all of the players will see a common cinematic that gives everyone a sense of being at the center of a drama, Blundell said.

The capability to hijack and remotely hack a vehicle like a drone is “level agnostic.” It has new weapons such as fireflies, which you can fire at an enemy and set them on fire.

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