Deep-dive review: Windows 10 — worth the wait

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Can My PC Run Windows 10?.

In arguably the biggest computing event of the year, it will start implementing an ambitious plan to have Windows 10 installed on one billion devices globally.

Of all the changes coming to your desktop with Windows 10, one of the most radical is that Microsoft will no longer let you pick and choose updates to download and install.Tuesday night at midnight ET, Microsoft will release the first full release of Windows 10, the biggest sea change in PC software in nearly three years. Windows 10 features include better integration of the traditional desktop with Microsoft’s tiled interface, a new Edge browser that lets you scrawl or type on web pages to highlight information, new gestures, multiple desktops and powerful searches.

But in spite of this outburst of ‘helpfulness’, many users are not happy, preferring to maintain granular control over what drivers and updates are installed and when. In India however, analyst believe that though it will be a huge game changer for Microsoft, users in the enterprise segment will prefer to wait and watch and consumers will wait for more clarity on pricing after the first year of free use.

The new Windows Hello feature lets you log in with biometrics: there’s fingerprint, face and iris recognition; and newer mobile devices will increasingly offer hardware for this. There are half-solutions you can use to make this situation more palatable, but for the most part you’re pretty much stuck with whatever Microsoft dishes out via Windows Update. Once a qualified Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, they will continue to keep it up-to date for the supported lifetime of the device, and introducing new features and functionality over time – for no additional charge. “Whenever there is a new Windows version upgrade made available, it is the consumers who have embraced it first.

This simple utility was designed to help you rollback updates for Windows or hardware drivers that mess up your system, and then block (Microsoft says “hide”) those bad updates from downloading again, as ZDNet first reported. First, if you want to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade, you’ll need to be running a relatively current operating system, either Windows 7 SP1 or an up-to-date copy of Windows 8.1.

For enterprise, the wait period will be atleast six months to a year before the refresh cycle begins,” said Kiran Kumar, research manager, IDC India. The point of Hello is that, once you’re authenticated, it will unlock the Microsoft Passport feature that offers secure access to applications both on your device and online, without further logins.

There are five key requirements that a system will need to meet in order to support Windows 10, and those are the processor, RAM, hard disk space, graphics support, and minimum display resolution. The waves are designed to make the release more stable — issues that pop up in one wave can be fixed for the next one — but it means it could be days before you actually get the chance to download the new OS. In addition there is Device Guard, a feature which is designed to prevent Windows running applications that are not from trusted software vendors, or not signed off by your business as approved applications. He suggested that, instead of new versions that require clean installs, Windows would morph from one version to the next through regular updates over time. There’ll be lots of reviews and analysis in the coming days, but it’s already interesting to note that among a lot of positives, there may yet be alarm bells set to ring for some. µ

Our colleagues at InfoWorld also report that after uninstalling an update you shouldn’t reboot your system until after you’ve run the troubleshooter utility. Otherwise, the official price is $119, although third party sellers are already offering cheaper versions for pre-order, to ship at the end of the month. The impact on you at home: Microsoft’s troubleshooter is not the same as manually de-selecting an update the way you could in previous versions of Windows.

The Verge and other outlets are going to be putting the OS through its paces as soon as it becomes public, which means Microsoft fans will have a lot to piece through on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I say Noah’s ark, because Windows 8 gave us two of everything: two interfaces (desktop and Metro/Modern) two internet Explorer browsers, two ways of installing applications (conventionally and via the Store) and even two control panels for settings. Whereas Apple neatly drew a line with one operating system (OS X) designed for Macs and another (iOS) for phones and tablets, the Windows 8 delineation has proved to be messy. For power users and home IT support types, this is a handy utility to cart around on a USB key or keep stashed in a folder for those times you need it.

You’ll also need graphics support for DirectX 9 or higher, but seeing as this standard is more than a decade old, very few systems will have issues with this, and there’s no need for a discrete graphics card. You will, however, want to make sure that you’ve got an up-to-date Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM), which you can get by simply updating your graphics drivers.

The bare minimum is an 8-inch screen with 800-by-600 resolution, which is well below the resolution offered by virtually all desktop and laptop PCs, and most tablet PCs. This means that almost any current PC, from the revved up Cyberpower Trinity Xtreme gaming rig to the unbelievably small Intel Compute Stick will run Windows 10 without any trouble. Again, most laptops will upgrade without a hitch, whether it’s the ultra-affordable HP Stream 13 (13-c020nr) or the potent MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G-1438. Cortana won’t be part of the Australian Windows 10 at launch tomorrow but an Australian Cortana will be part of the Windows Insider Program in coming months. Apart from answering general questions, and fulfilling requests such as show me next week’s appointments, Cortana’s strength is its ability to learn.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by an app or program that works on your laptop, but not on your Windows tablet, this change should fix those problems in one clean sweep. Other than features like Cortana, a voice assistant, gaming, single cloud based data access among others, Windows 10 also has huge significance for Microsoft. “With Windows 10 Microsoft is bringing new generation of computing that brings a new user experience (UX) across multiple device types. By focusing on fundamental operations, creating consistent interfaces and improving security, Microsoft hopes to restore a sense of trust in Windows for consumers,” added Tripathi.

As in case of pricing, lot of ambiguity also exists on how the company will bridge the gap between tablet pricing in a country like India. “The PC market is also hoping that Win10 will up the sales, but frankly how much would Win10 arrest the shift to portable devices needs to be seen. At a system level you can stop files being read outside an organisation, copied, read after a certain date, or from being read should they fall into the wrong hands. While we still recommend backing up all of your important files before installing Windows 10 (you should be backing up regularly anyway), almost everything will carry over just fine. They can tailor a Windows app store to their needs and, where bandwidth is an issue, install patches across an organisation using peer-to-peer delivery. Finally, while most of your apps and programs should make the jump smoothly, the upgrade process will alert you to any applications that might have a known issue on the new operating system.

While most manufacturers have taken great pains to ensure that their current products are all Windows 10-compatible, you may need specific guidance for each device. That said, Windows support isn’t a very high priority for Apple, and basic support elements, like drivers and feature updates, likely won’t be as timely on Mac as they are on Windows PCs. Dell and its subsidiary Alienware don’t have much material available for customers to learn about Windows 10, but they do say that “When Windows 10 is released, we’ll be here to help. Shortly after the Windows 10 launch date was formally announced, HP chimed in with news that the entire 2015 line up of HP products was Windows 10-ready.

Right now, Lenovo’s Windows 10 page is a basic explainer, but it also includes product links to browse Windows-10-compatible Lenovo systems, and teases extra functionality pairing Microsoft’s Cortana with Lenovo’s REACHit file sharing cloud software.

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