Facebook And The Oculus to Release A New $99 Headset

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Facebook And Oculus To Release New $99 Headset.

Oculus VR chief executive Brendan Iribe announced on Thursday at Facebook’s FB Oculus Connect 2 Developers Conference that the app was coming to Rift headset, the commercial launch of which is due in early 2016. Oculus unveils first consumer version of the Samsung Gear VR: Samsung Electronics announced its first Gear Virtual Reality device aimed to consumers, extending its innovative leadership in the wearables category. The last part of the tweet refers back to his talk, where Carmack talked about how the Gear VR’s wire-free setup allows players to engage with VR experiences hassle-free on a swivel chair.

At the Oculus developer conference, Facebook’s unveiled a lower-cost version of its Oculus Rift VR headset and new media partnerships that aim to bring Facebook VR technology to the mainstream. Of course, those early iterations were more “virtual” than “reality;” still the ability to move within a real-esque space and engage with objects or people within that space—real or otherwise—has fascinated engineers and creatives alike for many years. Peter Koo, Samsung’s SVP, has just announced at Facebook’s Oculus Connect VR developer conference that – after two years of working together – Samsung and Oculus VR are ready to release a co-developed consumer headset.

In other words, it will be possible to simulate a full theatre experience for shows such as House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black from the comfort of your sofa. In what is perhaps a long time coming for VR enthusiasts who have expressed faith in Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey’s vision for mainstream consumer hardware, the Facebook-acquired brand is finally putting it all together. It opens the platform up to anyone who owns one of Samsung’s four new flagship phones: the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge, and the Galaxy 6S Edge+. Facebook “is committed to [virtual reality] for the long-term,” said Zuckerberg. “We’re going to work hard to serve this community.” Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said “this is the dawn of VR and this is a once in a generational moment that we can create something that inspires millions of people,” TechCrunch reports.

Though it is still in its early stages, virtual reality is seen as the next big thing in technology, and announcements by Hulu, Amazon and Vimeo that they plan to release apps for the Oculus suggest isn’t all hype. Samsung is calling its latest offer as the ‘power of virtual reality to the mainstream.’ The just $99 priced headset is expected to be the turnaround point in the VR technology journey. So it’s a little surprising that the new model’s pre-production mockup looks almost identical to the old Gear VRs scattered all around it at Oculus Connect. Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews penned an op-ed at Billboard on the cost of “free” music, the role of discovery and the future of the subscription vs. ad-supported model. While Oculus might have intended to focus on video games (as an example; not that they have chosen to focus solely on this) Facebook has ideas for interactive social media processes which will literally change the way we use the internet.

Another new device, Oculus Touch, which will allow users to pick up objects and interact within a virtual reality world, is projected to be available in the second quarter of next year. Oculus users will now have access to more games, including an “Oculus Arcade” with VR versions of classics video games like “Pacman” and “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Hollywood studios Fox and Lionsgate will bring movies to the Oculus Rift in an attempt to re-create the experience of watching a movie on a big screen. Some of the updates to the headset are to make it easier for people to get involved with it, including making it 22pc lighter than the Innovator Edition as well as some additional foam cushioning to make it easier to wear.

There will be lots of 360 video available through Oculus Video, Iribe said, adding that its users will be able to do everything from swim with sharks to watch Lebron James prepare for his upcoming season. The current trackpad is nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the headset, and the only way to find it is to feel for the edges or swipe around until something happens. Gizmodo notes that the opportunity for movies is unquestionably huge. “I watched Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) in VR and now reality Seems hollow and pointless,” is the title of Gizmodo’s first hands-on review of the Netflix app on a Gear VR headset. You’ll get to keep your current user name (as long as it doesn’t contain invalid characters, in which case you’ll have to go through a few extra steps to make the transfer), and all your old comments will eventually (not immediately) migrate with you. The foam pads that sit between your face and the hard edges of the Gear VR have been replaced with softer-feeling fabric, and the bulky white plastic that used to cover most of the head straps is gone altogether.

Instead of strapping the user’s head in a VR headset, Disney is investigating shared immersive environments that surround many users at a time with high-resolution VR displays. This development, together with other ongoing developments of tomorrows technology at Facebook, which is rapidly becoming one of the most advanced tech companies in the world, make Facebook’s stock a solid buy and hold.

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