Facebook ready to take on YouTube for online video supremacy

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Doing This Will Make Your Facebook Marketing More Cost Effective.

This week some 21,000 folks gathered near Los Angeles to celebrate online video and the world’s largest video network, YouTube, at the VidCon convention here. “The volume is growing, It’s (video views) now in the billions per day,” says Jim Lanzone, CEO of CBS’s digital division. That message came loud and clear from the first day of Vidcon, when 21,000 video creators, fans and folks who look to profit from online video invaded the convention center here.

In this — the tenth year of YouTube and the sixth year of VidCon — online video is in a mighty celebratory mode, even because more entities like Facebook and Vessel are becoming competitors, and the big cats like CBS and HBO and Comcast are using their muscle too. That’s why CBS, NBC, ABC (in the form of a Jimmy Kimmel Live booth), Discovery, Nickelodeon, Home andGarden TV and other traditional networks are here with a large presence. We’re all trying to figure out how to play with it.” For 10 years YouTube, the main sponsor of VidCon, has pretty much had the online video market to itself. It’s why Cenk Uygur, founder of the online news network the Young Turks was here, proudly proclaiming a new milestone: His non-traditional news gathering service has just cracked 2 billion views. As part of a broader effort to attract YouTube stars and other enterprising auteurs, Facebook is giving publishers more control over how their videos are organized and shared.

You might be interested to know that unless your ultimate goal is just to get more Facebook fans, you’re probably better off promoting to people who have already liked your Page. Education is the only real solution, but in lieu of teaching everyone, everywhere how to properly shoot a video on their mobile device, Google has made the best of a bad situation by changing how YouTube displays such monstrosities. Pretty neatly, online video has given new life to media warhorses like Katie Couric, now at Yahoo, (who really is not a horse; sorry for that) who spent yesterday talking to Frank Ze, the visionary of BuzzFeed.

According to new research from Socialbakers, marketers on Facebook are getting a lot more bang for their buck when they promote posts to fans instead of non-fans. “At each turn, ads targeted to Fans outperformed those targeted only to non-Fans,” says Socialbakers social media analyst Phillip Ross. “They cost roughly the same per impression, but engagement metrics like cost-per-click and click-through rate make it clear just how much more valuable Fan targeting really is.” “While targeting some ads to non-Fans will always be necessary for expanding your audience, promoting engaging content to Fans remains the most valuable action for Facebook marketers,” he adds. But the barriers for entry are no longer there. “A person with a mobile device can take, capture content and distribute it globally, in one fell swoop,” says Charlie Echeverry, chief revenue officer for MiTu, the online network that targets Latino viewers. “The advertising dollars are catching up to the engagement and eyeballs. Entertainment in a puffball Q&A, but downright scholarly compared to E!’s birds-eye look at the show: VidCon 101: Here Are 15 YouTube Stars to Know About If You Want To Be Hip With the Kids. In the fall, it will begin a pilot program to begin “suggesting” other videos for folks to watch, like YouTube, and share 55% of the ad revenues from those videos with several partners, including Fox Sports, Funny or Die, the National Basketball Association and Tastemade. There’s no better time than now.” Toby Turner, a young YouTube creator with three channels to his name, has found that at age 30, his parents don’t complain anymore than he didn’t become a dentist. “I’m doing very well,” he says.

You may noticed certain auto play videos on your feed recently and this is because Facebook has started emphasizing native Facebook video as compared to YouTube links. And if you really just want to get a small potshot of video-recording to hide something, don’t resort to shooting horizontal videos because it isn’t pleasant to watch. Mainly we’ve given up a lot of ourselves to marketers for the privilege of seeing video, or relating with our friends on Facebook or even commenting innocently enough on a clever commercial.

Facebook has also started asking brand pages to upload videos to their site directly instead of doing so through YouTube which will help them strengthen their hold on video content sharing. Facebook is also ramping up its video efforts, which stand to give advertisers as well as those looking to boost organic Facebook marketing new opportunities and a better alternative to YouTube. McBride, 28, who goes by the Snapchat user name Shonduras, said he appreciates the in-your-face perspective of vertical videos and the fact that it feels natural. Without regular access to Facebook’s 1.44 billion monthly users, YouTube has seen a decline in growth while Facebook has seen an improvement in its video product. It’s also rolling out a new “secret” mode, which makes videos playable only to those with a direct link, much like YouTube’s “unlisted” function.

However, on the other hand, the most handsome aspect of YouTube is its democratization of content; all public videos uploaded to YouTube are truly public, it doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have you can upload or watch whatever you want. She said she wasn’t worried. “As more [competitors] enter the space, creators will try different things, but they’ll come back to the place that generates the most success for them.” Readers–are you spending more time watching videos on Facebook these days? If anything, Facebook video will at least ensure that there are 2 cost-effective video ad options and will also help in the expansion of video advertising. There are some new customization options as well, including the ability to add custom thumbnails by using your own image or a suggested thumbnail and the ability to label videos based on interest categories. “The new Video Library enables Page owners to easily organize and update their videos. It’s not to say thoughtful people like John Green, the co-founder (along with his brother Hank) don’t concern themselves with deeper issues that Smosh does, because clearly he does.

The Library feature lets you edit a video’s metadata (including subtitles and thumbnails) after upload, manage distribution options, search and filter videos by title, description, etc., and view and manage secret videos. But YouTube has invented a community that not many in the ad world know about or can articulate, but YouTubers recognize their own impossible to categorize nature, and resents people who try too hard to do it. “The kinds of video that mean the most to us online—the ones that help us to lead fuller and better connected lives,” Green said in a small snippet from his welcoming speech the other day, “are dramatically undervalued by advertising.” But in that hall, advertisers were there to pretend he wasn’t right.

Facebook flat out tells people who post YouTube videos that they’ll have a better chance of increased reach in the News Feed if they use native Facebook videos.

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