Google Play introduces Night Light mode for easy reading in the dark

22 Dec 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

All Reading Apps Should Feature Play Books’ New Light Filter.

If you have experienced the frustration that comes from having to choose between reading your e-book more or putting it down since the light is hurting your eyes because it is insufficient or too bright then you no longer have to worry since Google has released a new update for their Play Books apps this December 15th.

So it’s good news that Google has added a light filter to its Play Books app, which gradually tapers the amount of blue light used by your display as you inch closer to bedtime. Google Play Books wants to emulate that softer experience with a feature it calls “Night Light.” As the evening goes on, it gradually filters out the blue light from your screen to make flipping through pages more comfortable. This new, night light function removes the need for you to squint due to bright light or continue readjusting brightness since the update will do it for you automatically. But no matter how convenient that might be, reading from a smartphone’s screen is not the best idea – nor the healthiest, especially come night time. In order to reduce the eye damage, many reading apps, as well as book readers, have been offering users the possibility of switching to night mode reading.

The new feature is available on Play Books for both iOS and Android as of today, and you just need to activate the Night Light option to make use of it. But it’s a widely accepted theory that blue light – the one emanating the screens of PCs, smartphones, and tablets – interferes with the healthy production of melatonin, the hormone responsible with good sleep. Hartrell also said that the update for Play Books had been conceived when it was noticed that reading activity all over the world peaks between 8 pm and 10 pm which is right before people usually go to sleep. Manufacturers have already found a solution for that in the form of e-ink or e-paper display, which is known for being easy on the eyes even in direct sunlight. Since the studies have shown bright light like blue light to affect melatonin production in your body, which is the chemical that is responsible for telling you that you need to rest, the company has decided that they will make changes to their e-reader so that users can enjoy reading at night and then have a peaceful sleep right after.

Instead of you reading the usual black text on a white background, the app takes into account the hour and gives your background an increasingly amber taint. After becoming available via Google Play Books’ next update, the feature will have to be turned on once, and then it will require no further attention, allowing you to simply move on with your reading, while it does its job to protect your eyes. There are a number of other similar apps that were made available to the public, only most are either defunct or have been purchased by larger companies.

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