Google Search Indexing Can Display Your Mobile Apps

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Android immersion course to be available at General Assembly campuses.

In the past few years, smartphones have been flooding our world, and many of us have become used to depending on certain apps to get through our day-to-day lives.If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make Android apps and to maneuver more deeply into the platform, now is your chance to attend a course that has been “sanctioned” by Google themselves, teaming up with General Assembly (GA). The Android Development Immersive training course marks the first time that Google Developers have built and designed such a program, all in the name of bringing over more developers and tech people into the Android fold. In the absence of a revolutionary new battery technology to solve the problem, manufacturers and developers alike have had to get creative when building both hardware and software.

With hundreds of thousands of apps available on the Play Store, your offering is likely to be swept under countless others, meaning all your hard work is going unnoticed. Android, the most extensively used mobile operating system (OS) in the world provides great stability, reliability and protection from malware, but you’re going to face app crashing issues from time to time. Even when an app has plenty of 3 star, 4 star or 5 star reviews, there are always a small number of people that just cannot get the app working the right way. According to Jake Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of GA, the demand for high-caliber developers in the current is extremely high, and so having trainings like this for their students is crucial so they can meet the demands of the job market. Said device will occasionally “wake up” for syncing purposes and it’ll let important cloud message pings through but otherwise, it’s lights-out.

Aside from developing the necessary Android development skills, those who will enroll in the bootcamp will also be able to have access to GA’s Outcomes program, which will give career preparation services and support, like preparing portfolio-ready projects, career development workshops, networking events to make contacts and meet possible employers and other assistance to further developers’ careers. While this non-optional requirement won’t directly have an impact on battery life, it will reveal to end-users which processes are draining the battery at a rapid rate. AVG’s recent Android App Report, for example, found that a hidden Samsung process named used to deliver updates to its handsets topped the list of stealthy battery-draining services.

In the event a user already has a relevant app installed, Google will provide detailed information from within the app, along with a link to open that app directly. The reason Google is able to index apps is because “the app is a specialized browser designed just for browsing our content, and we need to have the fallback of it working on the mobile web as well,” said Will Critchlow of Distilled, an online marketing firm. Universal URLs will save developers time and money because the ability to work anywhere will eliminate the need to continually update apps for a number of platforms. Also, you can try using DiskUsage, particularly if you want to get a visual display of where all your memory is going, and it will visually display your files size and locations.

Google’s intervention is benefitting both developers and your everyday Internet user, especially in today’s era where you’re sure to find an app for almost any need. A combination of “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” is a one-two punch that never fails, but the only issue with the “Clear Data” button is that you’ll have to reconfigure the app.

Most flagship phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy series have a built-in auto network switch feature to transition the connection switch seamlessly and minimize data loss, but some apps still suffer stability issues most of the time and people facing this problem for some years now and the solution to it is rested on the shoulders of developers and of course Google, the maker of Android. Keep in mind that improperly written apps can cause all kinds of problems for your Android device, and built-in troubles can range from storing important data like a plain-text file in your memory card to sullying your notification bar with regular updates that can’t be disabled.

Also, the 5 second threshhold is for giving user an option about closing the app, instead of directly closing it, which is also called ANR (App Not Responding). It is not possible in Android to test an app on all running devices because of fragmentation, which means the storage space on a device is used inefficiently, reducing performance and capacity.

If an app developer is not keen on the capabilities of a phone the app is intended to run on, then that app may end up being a constant source of disappointment for users.

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