Google Voice Gets More Accurate Voicemail Transcriptions

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Google Promises Improved Voicemail Transcriptions, Cuts Error Rate By 49%.

“Hi, My name is Melissa and also i’m calling on behalf of terribly a meeting a technology company at the forefront of, and both the city of entertainment.And it’s working. “Thanks to those who participated, we are happy to announce an improved voicemail system in Google Voice and Project Fi that delivers more accurate transcriptions”, Google stated in a blog post. I wanted to follow up with you to make sure you saw love to hear announcement about their new H T M R html 5.” That gibberish is what Google Voice showed me as the written transcript of a recent voicemail. Given how good Google’s overall voice recognition algorithms have become, Google Voice — and now Google Fi — transcripts always seemed atrociously bad.

With the use of a “long short-term memory deep recurrent neural network“, the company has cut down voicemail transcription errors by a massive 49%. The improvements have already rolled out to Google Voice users as well as those on the new Project Fi network, so you should start hearing better transcriptions right away.

While the errors inside the service could have been prevented by just simply listening to the messages, Google Voice offered people the possibility to read the mails instead of listening to them when they couldn’t have done it because of various reasons. The subsequent layers can work out how the different vowel sounds fit together to form words, words fit together to form phrases, and finally infer meaning from what was just mumbled. Even if you use Hangouts quite often, Google Voice may still be an installed app on your device, and that’s probably because it still holds some use to you. As mentioned, “To start receiving improved voicemail transcriptions, you don’t need to do a thing — just continue to use Google Voice as you have been.

For those not using Google Voice but want to give it a try, sign up for a Google Voice (or Google Voice Lite) account here, it’s quick and easy to get started.” The improvements are already there on the web. There is probably a boffin somewhere who can explain the “long short-term memory” part of how exactly this works (and feel free to let us know in the comments, right under the guy whose aunt earned $3,584 on her laptop working from home last week — because Facebook’s spam filters apparently don’t use deep learning…), but what matters is that the transcripts will now be more usual. This means that the entire endeavor was quite unreliable as there wasn’t any point in reading a text that was simply unintelligible when you had the option to simply listen to the voicemail. As far as contributions of Project Fi on Google Voice transcription are concerned, it can be said that it has improved the voice quality of calls and voice mails.

Google asked a number of users to send them voicemails along with the transcripts of those messages in order to better understand where the problem was. From now on the text will probably have a lot more meaning, instead of being a complete gibberish and combination of words that make no sense when put together.

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