Here’s A Video Of A 6 Foot Tall Humanoid Robot Stomping Through A Forest

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Boston Dynamics Sends Its Bipedal Robot Atlas Into The Wild.

We’ve seen plenty of footage of ATLAS (the two legged humanoid robot being built by the now Google-owned Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA) walking around. Possible cause of the singularity Boston Dynamics is secretive about upcoming projects, but new footage shows their robots in action—and the results are highly unsettling.

Atlas, the humanoid robot created by Boston Dynamics and used extensively in DARPA’s recent Robotics Challenge, leaves the lab in a new video to take a walk in a scenic Massachusetts forest. “We’re interested in getting this robot out in the world,” explained company founder Marc Raibert, during a robotics panel at the Fab Lab conference earlier in August. “All kinds of stuff happens out there.The last time we saw Boston Dynamics’ (Skynet as I like to call them in my head) robot dog Spot, it was getting bullied and beaten up by its human masters.The Google-owned company Boston Dynamics sent Atlas, a bipedal robot designed for rescue missions too dangerous for humans, out into the open for the first time.Despite all the concerns about artificial intelligence and the quick progression of the robotics’ industry, it is easy to dismiss worry as neither technology is, as of now, ready for world domination.

First you can see Spot, an agile autonomous quadruped ripped directly from Isaac Asimov’s nightmares, opening a door with the arm it sports instead of a face. The robots don’t yet look like anything we’re inclined to anthropomorphize, many of them are clumsy, and they’re usually shackled to a power cable tether. It’s still got a big ol’ tether strapped to it for power (turns out keeping a 300lb robot powered is pretty tough), and sure, it looks a wee bit drunk for a few seconds there at the beginning — but just think about how crazy this is.

Spot would almost be adorable the way it trots around on four legs except for the protruding face-arm that will turn the handle on your front door with its superstrength. Boston Dynamics, based in Waltham, Mass., builds rough terrain and anthropomorphic robots designed with “mobility, agility, dexterity and speed,” according to its website. On August 15, Boston Dynamics released a video showing a canine-like robot and its previously seen humanoid Atlas robot, the latter of which first took a stroll through the woods, then went for a fast jog down what appears to be a walking trail in the woods. Published on YouTube a few days ago, Boston Dynamics gave a quick presentation on some of the upgrades the company has been working on for their bots. Atlas and other robots had their abilities tested recently at the Robotics Challenge, where they had to operate machines, open doors, and perform other tasks that humans can do easily — but that cutting-edge robots still struggle to complete.

Success was mixed — many robots fell down or failed at simple tasks — but the science has inarguably made significant strides in the last few years. Considering its been able to traverse extremely rough terrain for years now, this doesn’t bode well… Atlas on the other hand has also come a long way. He seems calm and blithely unafraid, ignoring the fact that his creation is moving through the trees with an ease of motion that would make Gort weep. “We’re working on a version that doesn’t have that [power tether],” Raibert says of Atlas, which is code for “run, you helpless fleshbag fools.

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