How to control the new Apple TV with an iOS device

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Apple TV apps at heart of next generation.

The tvOS 9.1 update includes the ability to search Apple Music via Siri, compatibility with Apple’s Remote app on iOS, bug fixes, and performance improvements.We began with a group of Mashable writers and editors — many of whom have been following the App Store from the very beginning — and asked them to recall their favorite apps, the apps that changed their lives and changed the game for other developers; the apps that shaped the conversation — if only for a short time — and those they still can’t go without.Apple’s mission to control your living room has graduated from hobby status to serious business with the release of the new fourth-generation Apple TV.

The new Apple TV has been on the market for about six weeks, and we’re starting to get an idea as to some of the types of apps developers are building for the new tvOS platform. To me, the Apple TV feels a bit like the Wild West: an unregulated free-for-all where you’re as likely to strike it rich as you are to wind up in the town jail. We complained the loudest about the lack of Remote app support, since using the software keyboard on the iPhone to enter usernames, passwords, and search terms is about a zillion times easier than hunting-and-pecking a letter at a time with the Siri Remote (or even with the old remote, to be honest).

The inability to search by categories and lack of Siri support means if you’re searching for new apps, you either have to find them on the Featured tab or manually search for them using the tedious on-screen keyboard. Apps are a known quantity: developers, for the most part, know how to navigate the pitfalls and opportunities of the app economy, even if it’s far from a guaranteed gold rush, and we’ve all spent the last eight years downloading and installing apps—so we ought to feel right at home. Infuse can also download and display subtitles and even keep tabs on your watch history across multiple devices, so you can start watching a movie on your iPad and then pick up where you left off on your Apple TV. And while my Apple Watch and iPhone might know personal details like who I’m likely to call at any given moment or where I’m likely to be going at this time of day, my Apple TV doesn’t know much more about me than where I like to position my apps onscreen. Browsing through accommodation options for an upcoming family holiday on the biggest display in the house means other family members can have their say.

Airbnb has optimised the app for a couch-friendly experience stripping much of the text from a typical rental listing and instead putting the emphasis on gorgeous high-resolution photos of holiday rentals that can be browsed effortlessly. And when you’ve found a place that everyone’s happy with, simply press play to save it to your wishlist, which is synched across all your devices. Instead, the app-centric model has led to a balkanization of content, with content providers, streaming services, and cable/satellite companies trying to sell users on their individual fiefdoms. This could be an opportunity for Apple to cut through the noise and provide a sort of abstraction layers between users and their content, in the same way that the company is trying to do with news and music. That’s often what Apple does best, but when it comes to video content, it seems to be uninterested in accomplishing the same goal—or, perhaps, unable to.

Of course, for some apps (like our top 3 picks — Instagram, Google Maps and Facebook) the race was much closer given that some picks had nearly identical scores. But, given Tinder’s influence on app design in particular — it has inspired dozens, if not hundreds of other apps that use some variation on “swipe right to like” — it was an easy call to break the tie in Tinder’s favor.

But not only can you buy live from the screen — if your payment information is set up you can make a purchase in just a few seconds from the TV — you can also scroll through other products that were shown earlier in a program (that you may have missed), view up-close photos of a product and get more information about what is getting sold. The app will let users have access to a variety of different streaming workouts from all kinds of exercise targets — but it’s big feature launches Jan. 1 with Daily Burn 365.

Users who can join in live from around the world can message questions or comments to trainers on the set in New York and chat with one another online.

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