How to run every PS Vita game on Playstation TV without restriction

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How to run every PS Vita game on Playstation TV without restriction.

The affable exec replied that he and the rest of his team had enjoyed working on Vita, but that the rise of smartphone gaming had created an unhealthy climate in which to launch a successor.

Asked about a PlayStation Vita 2, Yoshida said the current video game climate is “not healthy” for such a platform to exist due in part to the rise in popularity of gaming on smartphones and tablets.It may be an end of an era, as the next PS Vita isn’t coming anytime soon and recent statements from Sony officials make it difficult to believe that the portable platform will see a successor.While not all games utilize these features, Sony went on to implement a controversial whitelist for their PlayStation TV microconsole that would prevent Vita games from being played on it, a decision which our technical users might see the point of implementing. “I myself am a huge fan of PlayStation Vita and we worked really hard on designing every aspect”, he added. Sony’s odd relationship with the PlayStation Vita has gotten even stranger, considering the words of Shuhei Yoshida, their president of Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

In an apparent indication that the life cycle of Sony’s PlayStation Vita gaming console might be winding down in the near future, the company’s Shuhei Yoshida said at the EGX this weekend that a new Vita version does not appear to be on the horizon any time soon. Gas” from the Hackinformer forum has released a method showing how you can tweak the PlayStation TV’s software compatibility with a simple hack and play games that it’s now not compatible with.

The PlayStation TV already lets users simulate the touchscreen and rear touchpad using a DualShock controller, so occasional touch-based mini-games shouldn’t be a big concern (though the Vita’s camera and tilt controls are a different story). Users in the past too have exploited security loopholes in certain PlayStation Portable (PSP) digital games that are playable on the PS Vita, which made Sony pull these games from the PlayStation Network (PSN) until they were fixed. “People have mobile phones and it’s so easy to play games on smartphones”. Some gamer must have been really annoyed by Sony not allowing PlayStation (PS) Vita games to be played on PlayStation TVs, so annoyed that it drove him to find a bug in the PS TV code that he could exploit to grant him the ability to play Vita games.

When people from the public had the chance to ask him questions, one of them asked about his favorite non-Sony console, where he replied that it was the Wii U. During a Q&A session at EGX, Yoshida recognized that more people are moving toward mobile gaming and away from dedicated portable platforms like the Vita. This year, mobile gaming revenues are expected to overtake that of console games, with titles like Clash of Clans, Angry Birds 2, and even the new game from pop singer Demi Lovato making bank from microtransactions. In any case, it’s nice to see that PlayStation TV owners now have more control over their own hardware and a bigger library of potential games to play thanks to the efforts of the hacking community.

It’s where the big titles now appear, with stunning graphics, intricate gameplay and boundless options when placed with a controller in your hand and a huge flat screen in front of you. The little handheld devices are now losing steam, with small screens and limited controls, and it has been said multiple times that they’re slowly losing their place in the market. Sony is seeing massive success with their PlayStation 4, despite the track records with Vita and PlayStation TV so whatever comes next will be nothing if not interesting. All you need to do is only send PlayStation TV a message from your email app with the writer.eml file attached (a download link can be found on the source’s website) and rename it as #0 without an extension.

Step 8: In order to unlock all PS Vita games, email the file to your PS Vita’s registered email address with the title ‘ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat‘.

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