iOS 9 Lock-Screen Bug Grants Access to Contacts, Photos

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Apple Watch OS2 review: more app potential but killer feature still missing.

The ‘app slicing’ feature in iOS 9 that enabled developers to send optimally-sized variants of their apps to different devices is unavailable because of a bug in iCloud, Apple’s cloud service for its devices. All of the new watchfaces are picture- or video-based, including six time-lapse faces depicting cityscapes in Hong Kong, Mack Lake, Paris, New York, Shanghai and London. Slicing is one of three components of Apple’s app-thinning process that enables developers to install iOS apps by matching app delivery to the capabilities of the user’s particular device, with a resultant smaller footprint. The company has added in-app purchases to its iOS apps that allow you to subscribe directly from the Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad, taking after other streaming services such as HBO Now, Spotify, and Hulu, all of which already supported in-app subscription.

So here are some first impressions to tide you over while you’re waiting for your new iPhone to arrive, while you’re copying your data onto your new iPhone, or maybe while you’re wrestling over whether to go down to the Apple Store on the off chance that they’ve got one in stock with your name on it. Netflix announced the update with a clip from its original show Orange Is the New Black, in which inmates “Crazy Eyes” and Taystee (played by Uzo Adubo and Danielle Brooks) discover an iPhone in Litchfield prison, and try to comprehend Siri. The update is available as an OTA download for all the devices that support iOS 9. iOS 9.0.1 will fix a bug which was reported by many users wherein the device stuck on the ‘Slide to Upgrade’ screen after updating to iOS 9 or while restoring from a backup. Apple doesn’t throw away its smartphone design language every year, and this is no exception—at a glance, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus look just like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The number of apps is limited at the moment, but a good example is Citymapper, which puts the estimated time of arrival of any planned journey in a complication.

The complications also act as buttons to quickly launch the app, rather than having to hunt for them in the app grid, swipe through a glance or ask Siri. It also fixes an issue in Safari and Photos where pausing a video could cause the paused frame to appear distorted. iOS 9.0.1 also fixes an issue that caused many users with a custom APN setup via a profile settings to lose mobile data. Which has led to some grave concern among prospective buyers that they’ll seem bigger, or that they’ll no longer be able to fit in that fancy leather case that was such a great holiday gift in 2014.

Earlier this year, Recode reported that Apple was only charging high-profile streaming companies — including Netflix, Hulu, and — a 15 percent tax rate for subscribers who signed up through Apple TV, rather than the typical 30 percent. Music industry sources have railed against App Store tax, arguing that it allows Apple’s own Apple Music an unfair price advantage over rivals like Spotify and Rdio, and allows the company to exert undue influence on the industry. These phones are also heavier than their predecessors—the iPhone 6s by 14 grams, the 6s Plus by 20 grams. (That’s less than an ounce, for haters of the metric system.) Apparently, this weight increase is largely due to the new Taptic Engine that’s embedded inside these phones. Apple’s official App Store Twitter account referenced Netflix’s OITNB clip with a cry-laugh emoticon, but relations may not be so cordial if — as is widely rumored — Apple launches its own streaming TV service.

Other watchfaces, such as Astronomy or Solar, will run through their animations when the dial is turned, while you can make Mickey dance by moving his hands backwards and forwards. That would put both companies into direct competition, and could set up a similar situation to that currently unfolding in the music industry, with Apple able to charge its competitors money every time they get a new iOS subscriber. But perceptible is probably the word I’d choose to use here: Yeah, it’s heavier, but unless you are constantly shifting back and forth, I don’t think you’d notice.

Beyond amusing animations, I found it quicker to dive into the dedicated app to view my upcoming appointments or weather than it was to turn the crown. Wi-Fi calling is also built-in, which means you don’t need a phone to place a call if being Dick Tracey is your thing and your mobile phone provider supports it – currently EE and Vodafone in the UK. Yes, the aluminum on the 6s is of a different, more rugged variety (as you’ll find on the Apple Watch Sport), and it’s even possible that different color combinations have a different feels based on variations in the anodization process. But based on what I can feel with my fingertips, I have to say that there’s no real difference in grippability between this year’s models and the last. The banner feature for these new iPhones is 3D Touch, and I’m on the record as being a huge fan, just from the time I spent with it a couple of weeks ago.

We’re not talking leagues faster – I still routinely got the loading screen while the app attempted to pull data from the iPhone – but at least a little. Developers can do more now, including accessing the sensors and various hardware features of the Watch, so I suspect that will open the door to much better, more function apps in the future. On the home screen, a 3D Touch on an app icon that’s been updated to support 3D Touch will bring up a contextual menu with up to four different items. (You don’t need to keep your finger down on the glass after you make this gesture. The menu will remain visible even if you lift your finger up.) These items are all shortcuts to different areas or features inside the app—for example, choosing Take Selfie from the Camera app’s 3D Touch menu will launch the Camera app and switch to Photo mode, with the front-facing FaceTime camera selected.

And it is still not obvious when you should force touch, when you should swipe left or right, or when you simply have to scroll to the bottom to get stuff done. It doesn’t cost anything, brings a bunch of security fixes, activation lock and unlocks greater app possibilities, so I don’t know why you would not install watchOS on an Apple Watch if you have one.

And of course, if you’re intrigued by what you see in a “peek” and want to know more, you can press a little bit harder and the “peek” window will “pop” open in full, as if you had just tapped on it to begin with. App developers can take advantage of “peek and pop” directly, but they can also choose to go their own away and interpret the pressure sensitivity of the screen in any way they wish. In Apple’s own Notes app, for instance, when you’re in drawing mode the app detects the pressure of your finger on the screen and uses it to determine the intensity of the pencil marks. Some of the fancy 3D Touch gestures will either require some of us to adjust how we hold our iPhones, or perhaps they will just require that we have large hands.

I found that many times, there was no way that I could move a “peek” window up or to the side—my finger or thumb was already extended as far as it could go. Likewise, I use the app Workflows to create some nice automated actions like texting my wife to let her know where I am and how long it’ll take me to drive home.

Make it easy on yourself: Even if you’ve come to rely on iCloud for your device backups, before you switch phones you should plug your iPhone into a Mac and create an encrypted backup on iTunes. Only the encrypted local backup via iTunes to a Mac will prevent you from spending the next few hours looking up and entering in every password to every cloud service you use. This is an additional level of pain—if only you could just transfer between phones without wiping the data!—and you’ll probably lose some of your fitness data along the way.

Some re-entering of passwords and verification codes is always going to be necessary for security reasons, but Apple’s got more work to do to make this entire process less painful. Some focus on a quick, easy iTunes backup that actually saves everything and prevents you from having to re-download apps would be nice—all my experience reminded me is why I stopped syncing my iPhone to iTunes in the first place.

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