iOS 9 security flaw grants unrestricted access to Photos and Contacts

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Apple’s iPhone 6s ticks the boxes for fans.

The iPhone 6s’s new 3D Touch feature will foster loyalty among existing Apple users, making it less likely they will defect to Android, technology research firm Telsyte has said.Apple says that every year, but this year, the meme got a bump from John Gruber at Daring Fireball, who points out that “The new iPhone 6s beats the new MacBook in single-core performance on Geekbench.” Wow, that A9 must be a super-fast processor, right? Apple has now said that more than 50 per cent of devices have installed the new update — meaning that it is already on an estimated 500 million iPhones and iPads. Tomorrow, Apple will begin selling iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus whose signature features include pressing harder on the display to access new functionality.

Philip Schiller, Apple’s marketing head, said that iOS 9 was “off to an amazing start” and was “on pace to be downloaded by more users than any other software release in Apple’s history”. On Wednesday, T-Mobile announced that it would offer the iPhone 6s 16 GB devices for just $5 per month for customers who trade in a iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge, or Note 5; a $10 monthly price for iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 trade-ins; and $15 for older smartphones like the iPhone 5 or 5c.

This just cements for me personally what I’ve been thinking about the 12-inch MacBook, which is that it’s a really weak laptop, with insufficient ports and an annoyingly flat keyboard. Apple touts its upgrade speed because it is so much quicker than Android, meaning that developers only need to focus their work on a small number of versions of the operating system. That’s nowhere near the $450 discount consumers used to get on new phones by agreeing to a two-year contract, but it’s better than no discount, which is what the other carriers are giving. Verizon and AT&T may offer financing so you don’t have to pay for the whole cost of a new phone at once, but their financing options don’t save you any money off the $649 price of an iPhone 6s: Verizon offers monthly payments of $27 for 24 months for a new phone, and AT&T offers monthly payments of $21 for 30 months. Telsyte managing director Foad Fadaghi said features such as Force Touch might not cause iPhone users to upgrade their phones, but it would help keep users loyal to Apple. “No one feature on the phone is going to drive someone to upgrade their handset regardless of brand or make,” he said. “But what you’ll see is that those diehard Apple users that upgrade every model will certainly greet these new features with open arms.

Gruber’s 6s performance doesn’t come anywhere near any Macs running Intel’s more usual, laptop-class Core i5 and i7 processors, even the $899 11-inch MacBook Air—which, by the way, costs $300 less than that underpowered MacBook. Gruber is right that Apple is more focused on single-core speed than other ARM-based manufacturers, which focus more on having flexible clusters of multiple cores.

But on the TV you see a “spectator view,” which offers a different perspective on the gaming arena, allowing observers to say helpful things like “It’s behind you!” A $3 app, Duet Game, shows another feature of iOS 9. And while single-core performance may be preeminent on iOS, multi-core performance is much more relevant on desktop-class operating systems, because Mac OS X, for instance, does a much better job of distributing work between cores than iOS.

Instagram, Pinterest, Sky Guide, Dropbox, Facebook, Getty Images, PixelToys, ZORG, WeChat and Weibo are among apps that will issue updated versions to support the new features. Facebook told The Australian it would implement both features. “We are excited to explore options for using the new iOS 3D touch so people can quickly and easily take actions on Facebook like updating their status and taking photos.” a Facebook spokesman said. “We are excited to support Apple’s new live photos in News Feed later this year.” Mr Fadaghi said that based on consumer surveys and its assessment of the smartphone market, Telsyte estimated Apple would sell about 1.9 million handsets in Australia in the second half of this year. These act when you surf the web, blocking the kind of behind-the-scenes code that websites use to track your online movements to serve you advertisements. About 4.5 million handsets of all types would be sold in that period overall. “While Apple’s repeat purchase intention is still the highest in the industry, it has come down a few points in the last survey that we did; instead of being in the 80 per cents, it’s in the 70s now,” he said. Small Windows 8.1-powered tablets like the $400 Toshiba Encore 2 Write have blurred the lines between “desktop” and “mobile” very effectively for a while now, running all your “desktop” Windows apps in a price and form factor that Apple would call iPad-like.

Many low-end Windows laptops and convertible tablets are based on Intel’s Atom processor lineup, which is more of a “mobile” than a “desktop” processor speed-wise. The Atom Z3795 in the Asus T200 Windows laptop, for instance, scores 926 and 3070 on Geekbench, which is well below the Android-running, Samsung Exynos-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. The difference is in the design of the OS, applications, and user modes. “Desktop” operating systems like Windows 8.1, even on a 7-inch tablet, have the option of keeping a large number of tasks very near your focus simultaneously, switching freely between them.

The app is a virtual reality guide to the stars: You hold your phone up to the sky and the app calculates what you can see overhead, then displays it with interactive graphics on the screen. What’s new here is that Apple has always kept its iOS and Mac OS lineup nice and neat, with speed and power climbing up the ladder from iOS to Mac OS.

On compatible iPads, Night Sky supports the device’s new multitasking feature, so you could use Night Sky in one window and do a search for more information on, say, Jupiter, in the other window. It also connects to Apple’s new Spotlight search system, so you can search for stars, constellations and so on from outside the app, and then activate the app when you find something you like.

Apple is now asking buyers to make their decisions based not on portability, price or power, but on whether iOS or Mac OS applications are more suited to their tasks. The news app Flipboard is a great way to keep on top of what’s happening in the world because it aggregates all the news you know you are interested in from multiple sources. And don’t forget Microsoft Office apps, which you may be surprised to hear are rather good on iOS 9, supporting all the multitasking you can do on iPads, including the coming iPad Pro.

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