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Apple iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus review: Priced at $200-$649, here are top 10 power facts.

Apple Inc’s new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, priced at a starting $200 with contract in the US (a whopping amount without) , were launched just days ago and everyone wants to know how it feels. This year, Apple’s iPhone 6s has bucked that trend with not only an enormous processing power upgrade but three marquee features that provide significant value to the customer — and they’ve backed it up with a new purchasing plan that removes a lot of the reasons many people have for not upgrading every year. We got our hands on the devices for a review and here we explain the latest features that will give you all the knowledge you need to take an informed decision whether to buy or not. In developed economies, it’s even become part of the regulation lexicon in online teaching and schools that pony up the extra cash, but it’s not as common as handheld devices.

I actually think the extra weight makes the 6S feel more substantial and easier to hold than the whoops-there-it-goes iPhone 6 — and what you get in return promises to make up for it. ‘if you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and you’re not ready to sign up for a yearly phone upgrade program, you might not feel the usual pull to get a new iPhone unless you really want a better front-facing camera.’ Apple’s iPhone 6s includes an advanced 3D Touch screen, improved camera and a host of new software tools but one feature appears to have taken a step backwards – the battery. A screenshot from a promotional video played during last week’s Apple conference shows the new handset has a 1,715mAh battery, compared with the iPhone 6’s 1,810 mAh unit. By my count, there are three this year: 3D Touch, Live Photos, and upgrades to the front-facing camera. 3D Touch is a pressure-sensitive layer that’s been added to the iPhone’s display, allowing you to access shortcuts and previews when you press down on an icon or link.

Although the iPhone is already among the best smartphones for everyday shots, images from previous iPhones haven’t been as sharp as what rival cameras produce. You can jump to a new text or a frequently called phone number from the home screen, see a preview of a message in your inbox, check the pictures on your camera roll without leaving the camera app.

This new software brings about changes such as the addition of new watch faces, third-party app complications, new capabilities in Mail, Friends and Digital Touch and support for third party apps running natively. You wouldn’t know how hard to press; you’d press too hard; there’d be a lag and you’d press again, only to find that you had pressed twice, probably causing you to throw the phone across the room.

He has been using the Watch for approximately two weeks now and he believes that, “this is still a product of limited utility for most people.” The main use for the device is basically access to digital notifications which revolves around checking mail, tweets, etc. Manjoo said, “it’s too early to tell if the watch will become a hit.” The report added that the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad were all criticised for being too expensive and not very useful in their earliest days. The voice command “Hey, Siri” is now recognised without requiring the iPhones to be plugged to a power source, thanks to the new embedded M9 co-processor. Sharing more information on the Watch post-update, he says that the new software makes the Watch slightly faster. “Now, apps live on the watch “natively” — that is, they can store and process data using the watch’s hardware, while in the past they relied on the phone for everything.” Additionally, Apple is also selling a few new combinations of watch cases and bands, including gold and rose gold cases in the cheapest Sport edition as well. These otherwise-unglamorous performance boosts don’t get the crowd on their feet at product launches, but they’re exactly what a great smartphone needs to achieve its ultimate goal, which is to get out of your way.

With prodigious speed, well-thought-out interfaces, and flawless hardware-software integration, these new iPhones provide the tool for whatever it is you’re doing and just let you do it. Photo: Facebook At least 11 people have died this year while trying to take a selfie, according to a Wikipedia page that tracks media reports of selfie-related injuries and deaths. By comparison, just three people were killed in shark attacks last year, according to statistics from the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File.

The figures say as much about shark fatalities as they do about the dangers of not paying attention to your surroundings – or worse, intentionally putting yourself in harm’s way for the sake of a Facebook or Instagram post. And although the Wikipedia list is by no means comprehensive (at least three deaths, listed below, have not been recorded) it makes for sobering reading. Falls were the most common cause of death, accounting for eight of the 22 deaths listed over the two years, as well as the death of a 21-year-old Singaporean man, not listed on the Wikipedia page, who fell from a seaside cliff in Bali. Crashes or collisions account for six deaths on the list, including three Indian students who were hit by a train, a plane crash in Colorado that killed both the passenger and pilot, and a Puerto Rican musician who crashed his motorbike in New York.

Weapons were involved in four deaths, including two men in the Urals who died posing with a hand grenade, a Houston teenager and a 21-year old Mexican veterinarian. Drowning killed another teenager who was swept to her death at a seaside birthday celebration in the Philippines while a Spanish man died after being gored by a bull in front of a horrified crowd. Evidence of other near-death incidents and close shaves have been posted online, some – including this Instagram post of a close encounter with a baseball – with much pride. In Russia, the danger has apparently become so acute that in July police launched a campaign urging people to take care after about 100 people were reportedly injured while taking selfies. “A cool selfie could cost you your life,” the Interior Ministry warned in a brochure accompanying a video and website listing risky locations to take selfies. Other tips from the Russian campaign include: “A selfie on the railway tracks is a bad idea if you value your life” and “A selfie with a weapon kills”.

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