iPhone 6S Plus’s camera takes on iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6: Outdoor photo shootout

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3D Touch Is Apple’s New Secret Weapon.

Every year, the inevitable release of Apple’s new iPhone, usually sometime in September, is always a big event. Equally as inevitable are the rash of boring reviews stating the same thing over and over. “The best iPhone yet,” “Like the old iPhone but better!” So on and so on. This feature takes practice, so check out these three tips: The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which started shipping Friday in the U.S. and other markets, automatically take three-second videos to accompany your regular shots, including selfies. Since we’ve never really been Apple’s best buds, we’ve only just received our first new iPhones just like everyone else in the world, so we’re going to spend the next week tearing into the iPhones’ newest features—from all the big stuff paraded on stage earlier this month to the small tweaks tucked in darker corners.

Imagine snapping a shot of your kid blowing out birthday candles – and getting video showing the flame going out as everyone sings ”Happy Birthday.” Yes, sound is included. The iPhone has never historically had problems grabbing the longing attention of soon-to-be owners thanks in part to its primarily aluminum design, and like all s-series iPhones before it, it looks much like last year’s model, exactly in fact, minus a millimeter or a gram here and there. That’s twice as much as the iPhone 6, and this represents the first time that Apple has increased the iPhone’s memory since the iPhone 5, which came out in 2012. Before the new iPhones went on sale, demand appeared lower than last year, “possibly meaningfully so,” said Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities who studied Google search data, shipment times and third-party surveys.

There were exceptions, but even after the iPhone launched competitors couldn’t keep up and had to release resistive screen phones until they could join in the multi-touch game. So all attention turns toward the iPhone innards and iOS 9, which comes with a portfolio of newness meant to entice you from whatever pocket computer your wielding to the new iPhone 6s.

Even better, web pages won’t have to reload nearly every time you switch tabs because the 6S has enough memory to keep tabs ready and waiting for you. I’m mostly an Android user, but I’ve always appreciated the high-level of spit shine that Apple applies to smartphones, making them easily accessible for everyone. For the following year’s model, designated with an “s” tacked on to the number, the Cupertino, California-based company makes more subtle improvements. Widgets (a relatively recent addition to iOS compared to Android) are all relegated to a drop down menu, and as a whole, the operating system just has limited optimization options where Android has legion.

There is a clear reason Apple abandoned the moniker of “Force Touch:” what their experience offers has less to do with force and a lot more to do with a three dimensional experience. 3D Touch isn’t an incremental update. The company would rather focus on its better user experience and design, which are arguably more important than cold numbers and specifications anyways. It is a real tool and you can be sure that, by CES time, manufacturers from Samsung to Xaomi will be offering stuff called Push Touch, Deep Finger, and Insert UI for their phones. They will go on sale in more than 130 countries by year-end, according to Apple. “I never had an iPhone before,” said the 38-year-old truck driver from Corona, Queens. “I see all my friends playing with their iPhones and new devices, and I said, ‘You know what, maybe it’s time for me to upgrade,”’ said Gonzalez, who has been using an HTC handset. The added Proactive feature, which intelligently suggests apps, contacts, news, and all sorts of stuff, is one example of Apple opening up just a little bit.

Stores in China — Apple’s largest market outside the US — drew faithful buyers like Wu Kai, who picked up two phones from a packed Apple outlet at Beijing’s Xidan Joycity mall. “Apple products are becoming family members,” the 17-year-old student said, explaining how he and his parents rely on every Apple product from the Mac Pro to the iPad. “It’s just good product that’s shaping our everyday life.” Cook has said he expects the world’s second-largest economy to eventually become Apple’s largest market. Samsung’s Edge series is one of the most compelling and amazing screen technologies to reach the market in a long time and many manufacturers are doing things with materials and design that is to be commended. Greater China accounted for 27 per cent of revenue in the June quarter, more than all of Europe, and remains a swing factor for the company’s iPhone-reliant earnings. But non of them have released anything that intrinsically changes how we, as humans, interact with the slabs of glass and metal we hold in our pockets at all times.

Those are the notable secrets uncovered by the teardowns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t head over to iFixit to ogle at the inside of your fancy new rose gold iPhone. Freelance technology journalist Lindsay Handmer, 32, waited for 18 days in front of the shop to be the first, showering at a local gym and using the toilets at a McDonald’s. For example, instead of thinking “Open Instagram,” I’m already remembering some of the actions enabled by 3D Touch’s hard press, like “Direct,” “Search,” “View Activity” or “New Post.” I’m noticeably getting things done quicker. The stock through Thursday was down 14 per cent from its high in February, in part because of concerns that the device can’t sustain its run of unprecedented growth. Learning all the apps that work well with 3D Touch will require trial and error, and while many apps don’t use the feature yet, most likely will eventually.

Apple last week predicted it would top last year’s opening-weekend sales record of 10 million units, although that figure is boosted by availability this year in China, which wasn’t part of the initial roll-out last year. Apple’s iCloud Photo Library service might free up some storage on your phone, but you might be better off buying a phone with more storage to begin with.

For example, I’m intrigued by Live Photos, which are are animated for a brief second before showing off the actual shot you took. (HTC and Nokia have been toying with this general concept for years.) The iPhone 6s’ 4K video might also set me clamoring to the Apple Store, but I still feel there aren’t very many ways to actually play 4K content. A better gauge for how the device is selling will come in January, when the company reports sales for the holiday quarter. “The biggest area of interest for investors is the December quarter. Apple also introduced a programme for paying in instalments of at least $37 (Dh136) a month, similar to plans offered by wireless companies including AT&T Inc and Verizon Communications Inc.

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