iPhone 6S Rumors: 4-Inch ‘6C’ May Be One Of Apple Inc.’s Next Smartphones

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Apple Explores Ways To Secure, Set Up And Sell iOS Devices While Still In The Box.

Apple has a new patent application (via Patently Apple) that could make it even easier to get started with a new iOS device before you even take it out of the box – using settings from your existing device to configure the new one. Future iPhones could deliver vastly superior colour reproduction and low-light performance, according to Apple’s latest patent, spotted yesterday by the ever-vigilant Apple Insider.The Cupertino company has applied for a patent that would let Apple Store employees personalise devices for customers while still packaged and in store.

This could “include loading of files, configuration of user accounts, configuration of user interfaces, [and] installation of applications.” A device would be placed close to the packaged iPhone/iPad/MacBook, and would then transmit the desired configuration wirelessly to it. Each sensor would be designed to capture a single primary colour component, the results then being combined into a full colour image with three times the colour information recorded by standard single-sensor systems. Watch was central at the recent event, with a complement of apps doing everything from measuring your heartbeat and activity – or lack of it – to commanding Siri and making and receiving phone calls via the iPhone in one’s pocket.

The brand new packaged device would then be able to communicate via some kind of short-range wireless communication method, like Bluetooth or NFC, and transfer settings, lock screen art, user information and even a list of apps to download from the existing gadget to the one in the box. Here’s a diagram that comes with the patent application — it shows an iPad but the patent notes that the technology could be used for any number of devices: But Apple already makes every effort to ensure that its in-store employees are helpful as possible. The patent as described, builds upon a previous patent, which employs movable zoom lens elements and an adjustable mirror in a periscope-like arrangement designed to deliver optical image stabilisation. Mounted sideways in the phone, a new camera based on these technologies could provide a true optical zoom lens with considerably improved image quality, but without significantly increasing the thickness of the phone. Most single-sensor cameras, the iPhone included, use a grid of coloured filters to divide the total number of pixels available into red, green, or blue types.

Scott Galloway, founder of leading US digital analyst company L2, says Apple will be the world’s biggest watch company, with a market capital value that some analysts speculate could reach $US1 trillion. Watch apps are now flowing to do a huge range of stuff, on the device and through networking via iPhone, from tapping your wrist with a reminder, to making a FaceTime call to your uncle Vanya in New York. It goes further still, suggesting that the communication between the two devices could first ascertain whether or not the packaged device was actually purchased first, locking it from setup in cases where it determines that it has been stolen instead. You can open a door, make purchases – which could mean the end of the credit card – send and receive emails, make phone calls, start your car, make a sketch on the dial and send it to a friend, and even contribute to global health.

The patent is fairly amazing in terms of scope and potential impact on the retail and gadget setup experience, and was only filed in the third quarter of last year, meaning it could very easily still make its way to production devices in the future. Modern smartphones have all but replaced the compact camera, and with higher-quality capture combined with the potential for internal optical zoom lenses, the need for a traditional camera among non-professionals will decrease further still. The aluminium Sport line and the standard stainless steel models will sell here from about Anzac Day, priced similarly to good Swiss and Japanese timepieces.

I suspect commercial implementations of designs such as this are a long way off, don’t expect quite anything this radical for the iPhone 6S, but Apple is certainly very serious about taking the iPhone camera way beyond what it’s capable of today. But if you’ve just won Tatts and want to spend up before the rellies come looking for a handout, there’s the 18-carat gold edition, priced from $14,000 in Australia. Meanwhile, the iPhone keeps shrinking in one dimension while growing in the other two–all to create a bigger screen for us to view (and make finger gestures on). Asked how many versions of the Watch there were, Apple’s design chief Jony Ive told the American ABC television network: “When you do the calculations, it’s actually millions and millions. There are different materials for the case, two different sizes [38 and 42 millimetres, measured in width across the wrist], you can choose from six different straps and bands.

Surprising everyone, there was also a new 12-inch Retina MacBook, impossibly slim, weighing only 920 grams, with its alloy unibody anodised in the same colours used on the latest iPhones and iPads – space grey, silver and gold. The idea of a bigger iPad wasn’t wrong, but thinking about it, you could see the user of such a device needing a keyboard, especially if they were using the very specific business applications coming from the IBM-Apple alliance. That’s why, one surmises, an early IBM-Apple application was for airline pilots to quickly and accurately calculate the optimum fuel load for any given route, weather and winds. I do wonder, sometimes, about how Apple will adapt when it discovers that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make products thinner and lighter.

In the end, maybe the Apple Watch (which has quite a bit of room to get thinner itself!) suggests a different way forward, with smaller tech products scattered everywhere. Once there’s a touchscreen display and microphone on your wrist, and a tiny wireless speaker in your ear, and a thin-but-not-too-thin iPhone in your pocket, measuring and weighing every separate component of that constellation of devices might seem completely unimportant.

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