Mazda replaces MX-5 Miata roadster after it crashes minutes after purchase

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10 Improvements Found in 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata.

What’s an automaker to do when it’s time to redesign a car that is universally loved? This is some of the best proof that not all manufacturers are trying to extract every last cent out of customers: a few days ago, a couple went to pick up their brand-new 2016 MX-5 Launch Edition, becoming one of the first owners to get their hands on their cars (there was a friendly competition between members of the Miata Forum; it seems that the couple were beat to the punch by a few minutes by another member).We’ve sung the praises of the 2016 Mazda Miata again and again, but the latest episode of Ignition still has us wishing for a topless day in the all-new roadster.

With Mazda getting lots of ink for the launch of its 2016 MX-5 Miata, the Japanese automaker was also making the news Friday, as it announced in a press release that it has raised $50,000 for the St. And according to a report from SlashGear, the new model spurns the trends like semi-autonomous driving systems and a focus on extra space sweeping the auto industry in favor of a compact, smooth and classic design that will thrill purists and new drivers alike. Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman tries his hand at the latest Miata on the wet roads of Scotland, taking the Euro-spec MX-5 through some magnificent country scenery. On the other hand, it’s a legend on the amateur racing circuit, revered by weekend track warriors for its superb balance and classic rear-wheel-drive dynamics.

Luckily no one was hurt, but the Mazda MX-5 was badly damaged – the pictures may lead you to believe it’s all cosmetic, but the chassis was hit, meaning repairs will be costly. Here is where Mazda did a truly unique thing: even if they were not obligated to do anything – at that point, it was a matter between both parties’ insurance companies – this decided to send a brand-new MX-5 to their unlucky customers while they will take possession of the crashed car (likely to examine the damages; this is, after all, the first real-world collision). Employing a “gram strategy” that evaluates every component of the vehicle, Mazda engineers were able to make the fourth-generation Miata, dubbed ND internally, 150 pounds lighter than the third-generation, or NC, Miata. Jude Hope in the Hamptons event, we felt this was the perfect way to support a great charity partner,” said Mazda vice president of marketing Russell Wagner in the press release. “St. From the model featuring pop-up headlights that started it all to the outgoing third-generation model with its flared wheel arches and available power hardtop, we remember them all.

Jude Children’s Research Hospital does amazing things to help kids who are faced with horrible illness and we are honored to help raise money for their cause any chance we get.” Rod McLaughlin, Mazda’s North American vehicle line manager while announcing the launch stated that the Miata fans will really love the new 2016 model. While the NC used aluminum for the hood, decklid, center tunnel, and underbody crossbrace, the ND adds it in the front fenders, roll hoops, front and rear bumpers, and portions of the top and floor.

While there was a minor drop in overall horsepower over the previous model, people driving the new MX-5 Miata will still feel the punch of the 155 hp engine. Like every Miata we’ve known, the driving enjoyment you get from this car comes from your feeling of involvement, which comes from the precise steering, crisp shifter, and open-top experience.

Mazda has thus far only disclosed basic details about the next-generation Miata, revealing an engine closer to the car’s centre, and the centre itself lower to the ground than any Miata before it. While the last model used a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that produced 167 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque, the new Miata adopts the SkyActiv 2.0-liter four that made its debut in the CX-5. We were shaken, Joanne took a ride with the EMT’s to the hospital and I was left dazed, amazed, stressed, and whatever emotion one could experience.” After learning about the crash, Mazda USA management decided to offer a free replacement to the couple without any additional cost to the new buyers. Isolated roads through rolling hills prove the ultimate home for a tight-handling car like the Miata, leading Lieberman to dub it, “The very definition of driving fun.” Check out the video below for the full review.

It also delivers about 25 percent better fuel economy, with EPA ratings of 27 mpg city/34 highway with the manual transmission and 27/36 with the automatic. Outside, the Miata loses some of its cuteness for a more curved, muscular tone similar to the Mazda 3 or CX-5, two recent models infused with Mazda’s new design philosophy. In Miata Grand Touring, Mazda has added smart keyless entry, black leather interiors, blind spot warnings, rain sensing wipers and many other additional features. Now if you remember the Mazda RX-8 which was the first Mazda car to use electric power steering, the Miata will also be using the electric power steering. The main change comes at the rear, where Mazda adjusted the suspension to toe-in upon encountering both vertical forces, like bumps, and lateral forces, like cornering.

Opinions vary among our staff about the effect of the rear suspension changes, but I feel it creates razor sharp turn-in response and makes the car rotate more willingly than ever. Well according to the engineers this feature has been added in order to make it easier for the drivers to hear callers if the car’s top is down and this means that the passenger won’t be able to listen to the caller.

The brakes are actually slightly smaller than the outgoing model, but with less car to carry around, they provide confident stopping power and a natural pedal feel. The seating position has been slightly lowered and moved inboard toward the center of the car to give the driver more of a feel for the road and how the car is reacting to it. This was made possible by adding a few millimeters more head and legroom, slightly more tilt in the steering wheel, and thinner seatbacks that allow for an extra click of recline. There is barely enough room for a cell phone at the base of the center stack (which features a pair of USB ports), and the glove box is a small cube between the driver and passenger. The modest power is plenty for so little weight, the handling is brilliant and engaging, the ride is as compliant as you’ll find in a family sedan, and nothing beats the fun of top-down driving.

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