Meet ‘MyIdol,’ the app that lets you throw your friends and enemies into the …

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Animated Avatar App MyIdol Forces You To Confront Deeply Sublimated Fantasies.

Created by a company called Avatarworks in Xiamen, China, MyIdol is an app that lets you live a thousand lives before you die, and then makes you want to die. For the past 14 hours, an interminable stretch of time on the Internet, images created by MyIdol, which lets you visit Uncanny Valley by uploading a photo of yourself and superimposing it on digital avatars, have flooded social media, forcing you to confront what everyone you know, including people you are related to, would look like as strippers. Nonetheless, plenty of English-speaking people have discovered the app — it’s currently trending on the App Store — and are posting their beautifully weird creations online.

FYI it really is all in Chinese, so maybe you can get some language skills while you’re having fun turning yourself into an all-dancing pop star… and no, we still don’t know how to change the music on it 🙁 Avatarworks now has an English-language guide (and says on its iTunes listing that an English version is coming soon), so you don’t need to know Chinese in order to use MyIdol to unleash your fantasies of being an erotic dancer, a Chinese meme, or Elsa from “Frozen.” An introductory video shows you how to take a selfie so it lines up with your new computer animated body and icons make its menus easy to understand. According to App Annie, the highest rank MyIdol managed to achieve initially after its February 15 launch was number 42 in the U.S. iOS App Store’s social networking category was number 42 on February 18, before plummeting to a low of 1,447 on March 19.

You can choose your avatar to be a stripper, singer, or even Elsa from Frozen among other ideas, as many people are finding out judging by the amount of MyIdol videos currently being posted online. MyIdol (all one word, if you’re searching in the App Store) allows you to upload a selfie and turn your face into a three dimensional cartoon character that can be manipulated and toyed with (that’s my avatar in the image above). But thanks to the easy-ish-to-use structure of the app, and the ways in which app language transcends actual language (green means yes, red means no) it’s actually easy to use.

Don’t be put off by the fact that at the moment this app is only up for grabs as a Chinese version, as that hasn’t stopped many people who don’t speak the language managing to entertain themselves with it. You can customize your character—which looks EXACTLY LIKE YOU—thanks to fancy face-scanning technology, and make it dance around the screen, do karate, and pose for funny pictures. In October 2013, MomentCam—which, like MyIdol, also lets you do weird things to your face through the magic of photo-editing before sticking it onto a variety of bodies—enjoyed a similarly meteoric rise. The MyIdol app is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 7.0 or later and it’s free so there’s really nothing to stop you taking a look.

MomentCam’s sudden growth prompted suspicions that it had manipulated app store rankings, but its developers, Beijing-based HighTalk Software, later said that it marketed MomentCam internationally using FB Start, a Facebook program. It first launched in February but started gathering a huge amount of attention last week and then hit the No. 1 spot in the Entertainment category of the US App Store. English-speaking users seem to love the pole dancing option, but avatars are also currently able to do a couple of other things, such as sing “Let it Go” on a frozen throne. That’s a real achievement for an app that’s so far only available in Chinese, and it looks as though it will gain even more popularity considering the attention it’s now gathering.

One of the downsides (or upsides, depending on how you look at it) is that your avatar will look freakishly identical to the selfie you upload, and you can’t add makeup to it in post. Once the picture is uploaded, it defaults to a male avatar, but you can easily change the gender by hitting the button that looks like a jacket, and then toggling between the two buttons at the top of the screen that, again, are in Chinese.

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