Microsoft earnings will smack of turnaround

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Five new things about Windows 10. Here’s what to expect..

Window 10 launches on July 29, and while the new Microsoft has been gaining praise for changing the way they do things, like opening up their apps to other platforms, the company knows it needs a big hit with the latest version of its operating system. 1.If you’re looking for a reason to get off Windows Server 2003 and updating any remaining Windows XP installations, this morning’s emergency “out-of-band” patch for all supported versions of Windows, should do the trick. One OS to rule them all: Microsoft’s goal with Windows 10 is to create an operating system that runs similarly across different devices and platforms, so your apps and programs move across PC, tablet and phones — wherever you are computing at the time. Insiders who faithfully downloaded preview builds and provided feedback will get the best deals, but Microsoft also has some things in store for everyone else—at, you guessed it, Microsoft Stores.

Out-of-band patches – updates released at times other than the scheduled patch release days on the second Tuesday of each month – only arrive when there’s grave danger of system compromise. There’s a workflow tool called Continuum aimed at helping that and also if you buy apps at the online Windows Store, they will work across your various devices. 2.

Well, Microsoft’s offer is available only via the Windows Insider Hub app on Windows 10. (We assume everyone will receive the same deal, but we can’t be absolutely certain.) Repeat: It’s open only to Windows Insiders. Read on The flaw described in Security Bulletin MS15-078 could allow remote code execution if the user opens a specially crafted document or even visits a Web page that contains embedded OpenType fonts. Nine additional stores will host special guests—the Santa Clara, Calif. store, for instance, will host NBA Finals MVP and Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, while the Seattle store will host Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks. Since the font drivers are run in kernel mode, an attacker could take complete control of the system, install malware, view, change, or delete data, or create new accounts with full user rights. In addition, 16 Microsoft Stores in malls will host Windows 10 Experience Zones beginning July 29, giving people a chance to try the new operating system.

Windows 10 still advances most of Windows 8’s core missions—and those core missions are what made Windows 8 so controversial to many defenders of the traditional desktop. Actually Explorer isn’t totally dead, still sticking around for some compatibility issues, but the granddaddy of browsers is getting a bit of a rest, as the brand new Edge will take its place, with all the extension support, reading mode and fast new rendering engine required for all your surfing needs. 4.

Snap, you’ve got the power: Multitasking and working with several apps at once is still fairly rudimentary on tablets, so Microsoft is beefing up Snap, its tool that allows multiple apps to run at the same time. Perhaps most importantly, the Stores will assist users in upgrading their existing Windows 8.1 PCs, as well as new PCs that are Windows 10-ready, but don’t have Windows 10 installed on them yet. As years go by, some machines won’t have the hardware necessary to work with the updates, as Microsoft noted in its blog post: A device may not be able to receive updates if the device hardware is incompatible, lacking current drivers, or otherwise outside of the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (“OEM”) support period. It was an unmitigated disaster, blending an over-the-top, “my dog just barfed up a bag of Skittles” aesthetic with mechanical design that flat-out didn’t work.

You can also bring in your Windows tablet or PC to a Microsoft store for a free “upgrade assessment,” basically letting you know whether your device is ready to upgrade to Windows 10. So even though Microsoft is hoping you’ll still use Windows 10 in 10 years, it doesn’t mean the 2012 laptop you’re installing it on will still be compatible a decade from now.

The interface formerly known as Metro seemingly basked in its abuse of wasted space, eschewing desktop functionality in exchange for mobile aspirations. Critical options were hidden in off-screen menus that gave no hint of their existence, or split between the traditional control panel and the Metro settings. The update addresses the vulnerability by correcting how the Windows Adobe Type Manager Library handles OpenType fonts.” Microsoft says that it has information that the vulnerability and its exploitation are known in the wild, although it has not heard of any active exploits yet. Worst of all, the operating system insisted on frequently ripping you from one interface and dumping you into the other without warning until you learned to tame it.

They’re vastly improved, of course, by blending into the revamped Start menu, slipping into traditional desktop windows, and sporting a much more PC-centric interface—at least on PCs. Customers who have disabled automatic updates, or prefer to install patches manually, can follow the instructions in the bulletin, or refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 3079904 for further information. Universal Windows apps—software that is written once and works across all Windows hardware—are key to winning developers over to the Windows Store ecosystem.

Universal Windows apps are the key to Continuum, a compelling new feature that lets you use your Windows 10 Mobile phone as a proper PC when it’s connected to an external display. Search results that scour the Internet with Bing to mix web and Windows Store results in with locally stored files (complete with the occasional full-screen ad). That services integration goes even furthered in Windows 10, bolstered by new CEO Satya Nadella’s command to get Microsoft services in front of as many people as possible, on as many devices on possible. Coaxing users onto Microsoft services makes absolute sense for Microsoft, giving it the capability to transform consumer Windows customers from one-time license/PC buyers into yearly cash cows—no doubt a huge concern as PC sales continue to plummet. Use up the free 15GB of OneDrive cloud storage? (It’s easy, with Windows and the OneDrive mobile app prompting you to back up everything to the cloud.) Monthly subscriptions cost $2/mo. for an extra 100GB or $4/mo. for 200GB.

Or you could spend $70 to $100 a year for Office 365, which also comes with 1TB of additional OneDrive storage (synergy!) and 60 minutes of Skype calling. But more to the point, on Windows Phone 8.1, the digital assistant proves insanely helpful, surfacing local establishments, setting reminders, scouring the web, and more. To deliver the best, most tailored information, Cortana needs to build up detailed personal information about your personal quirks and preferences (which you can manage, of course). In other words, Cortana’s built from the ground up to get you using Bing—even if you aren’t aware you’re doing so—and to create a remarkably detailed profile about you for Microsoft.

Most people will find Cortana’s tailored help useful, and the assistant’s eventual ability to search your local files using natural language—“Find me photos over 5GB in size from December of last year”—sounds much more intuitive than the programmatic drop-down menus Windows searches relied on in the past. Rather than slamming you over the head with Windows apps and Microsoft apps, Windows 10 (mostly) seamlessly integrates them with the desktop paradigm.

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