Microsoft Is About to Make PC Gamers’ Dreams Come True

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Microsoft Is About to Make PC Gamers’ Dreams Come True.

We’ve known for a while that Xbox One owners can stream games from their console to their PC once they upgrade to Windows 10. Under the tagline “it’s the Windows you know, only better” Microsoft is promising a range of exciting features, from the return of the Start menu to the arrival of Cortana, a cross-platform digital assistant that promises to be sort of like Paperclip guy but actually useful.

Spencer cautioned that it could be a “little more challenging” than getting Xbox One games to stream to the PC. “But challenge is good,” he added. Windows 10 will place an Xbox Live app on your PC, giving you access to your Xbox friends list, achievements, messages and activity feed, so you’ll be able to keep an eye on your console chums when you’re not actually on your console. The company is adamant that it isn’t trying to compete with Steam – indeed, in its news piece on the OS, Microsoft’s Wire blog hinted that Steam, GoG, and titles will all be visible and accessible in the Xbox app. Microsoft’s current console is set to get a big update in the autumn, which will include an improved dashboard design (phew) and better multiplayer matchmaking. Apparently, it will be easier for you to find out useful information about your games (such as achievements and fan-made video clips), as well as discovering new titles that may be of interest based on what you’ve already played.

Microsoft is also building the community elements of the dashboard, improving the friends activity feed and adding a “What’s Trending on Xbox Live” section so you know what everyone else in the world is playing together. This is the new version of Microsoft’s long-running game development application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) collection, which helps programmers get the most out of PC hardware. The company says Direct X 12 will significantly boost graphics performance on your current hardware, and works with major graphics engines like Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4.4. The benefits are quite technical but they include an update to the Direct3D element of Direct X that will give coders closer access to graphics hardware, which should in turn mean a more optimised performance.

This allows programmers to improve performance by sharing tasks between the integrated graphics chipset in your PC’s CPU and any discrete graphics accelerator card you install whether its from Intel, AMD or Nvidia. They have replicated the iOS APIs in Visual studio which means you can open an iOS app project in Visual Studio and it will convert it to a C++ project and compile straight to Windows. Later in the same month, Microsoft and Valve hinted at a partnership to ensure Windows 10 compatibility with SteamVR, Valve’s virtual reality platform. Through our partnership with Valve, we can start getting to a more standard set of APIs so developers don’t have to constantly reinvent everything they’re trying to do in a the VR space: we can say ‘hey this is an API that solves this particular VR problem [on any headset] . “The more you can take this kind of work off the developers, the more they can focus on the experiences themselves.

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