Microsoft Seeds Windows 10 Build 10547 To Fast Ring Insiders: Here Are The New …

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Microsoft Drops A New Windows 10 Build, Promises Cortana And Xbox Improvements.

Microsoft added two game-changing security features for enterprise users in Windows 10, but until recently, the company has been relatively quiet about them.The new code, dubbed build 10547, has quite a lot to it, including improvements to the Start Menu, better Cortana coverage, and a number of app updates.

Microsoft announced in a blog post Thursday evening that Windows 10 users are downloading apps at a vigorous rate. “The average Windows 10 customer is downloading six times more apps than the average customer on Windows 8,” said Microsoft’s Todd Brix, who authored the post.The iPad Pro – Apple’s just-announced jumbo tablet – combined with the newest iOS software upgrade, could be a formidable competitor to Microsoft’s Surface tablet and other Windows hybrid devices. After relaunching the Windows Insider program one month ago and quickly following up with a build that reshuffled menus and borked Chrome, the latest Windows 10 preview landed for Insiders on the Fast Ring on Friday. But Device Guard and Credential Guard are the two standout security features of Windows 10—they protect the core kernel from malware and prevent attackers from remotely taking control of the machine.

The iPad Pro’s laptop-sized 12.9-inch screen allows, for the first time, a “full-sized software keyboard,” as pointed about by Apple’s Phil Schiller when he introduced the tablet at the company’s September 9 event. That, combined with changes incorporated into Apple’s new iOS 9 operating system – released to the public this week – mean the software keyboard can function more like a real keyboard and trackpad.

As we wrote in our deep dive on how Microsoft is still building Windows 10, this means Windows Insiders are getting new builds even though the operating system launched in July. Download it today! | Stay up to date on the latest security developments with InfoWorld’s Security newsletter. ] “Clearly, Microsoft thought a lot about the kind of attacks taking place against enterprise customers and is moving security forward by leaps and bounds,” said Ian Trump, a security lead at LogicNow. The Windows 10 Xbox app also picked up some new capabilities, including ‘game progress comparison,” and improved information on what your friends are doing. You have to enable it by heading to Settings > Personalization > Start and enabling ‘Show more tiles.’ Build 10547 also supports up to 2048 Start menu tiles now, up from the previous 512 tile limit—though you should seriously consider more efficient ways of navigating Windows if you’re rocking that many Start menu tiles. That may sound minor but it if you do a lot typing and editing on an iPad, it isn’t. (Just in case you prefer a physical keyboard, Apple is also offering the Smart Keyboard as an accessory with the Pro.) That’s not all Apple is doing to make the tablet more laptop-like. iOS 9 also allows split view – a kind of multitasking – that lets you jump back and forth between side-by-side apps.

Task View in Tablet Mode now lets you snap apps to the left or right edges of the screen, replace a previously snapped app, or swipe down to dismiss an app completely. Using hardware-based virtualization to extend whitelisting and protecting credentials was a “brilliant move” by Microsoft, said Chester Wisniewski, senior security strategist for Sophos Canada, an antivirus company. Brix added that the user-hooking techniques are broadly deployed, incorporating “features both inside and outside of the Store that are fast becoming part of people’s daily lives.” Brix went on to describe how Microsoft designed Windows 10 to drive those users to the Store. “For example, Cortana provides app recommendations based on the customer’s personal interests. Speaking of apps, Microsoft’s updated a bunch of Windows 10’s preinstalled ones, including the Xbox app, which now has a preview program of its own.

And if you need to jump to yet another app, like Mail, hold your finger on the top of the active app window and pull down: voila – a column (list) of active apps appears and you can easily jump to one of them. Applications must have a valid cryptographic signature from specific software vendors—or from Microsoft if the application comes from the Windows Store.

Lastly, you can now turn off the Windows background picture in the sign-in screen (Settings app => Personalization => Lock screen => turn off “Show Windows background picture on the sign-in screen”). What matters more than the useful changes above is that Microsoft, now some time past the formal launch date of Windows 10, continues to release builds of its new operating system that meet its promise of rapid development and deployment.

While this approach is similar to what Apple does with its App Store for iOS and OS X and with its Gatekeeper app-signing technology in OS X for verified developers who offer non-App Store apps, there’s a twist: Microsoft recognizes that enterprises need a wide array of applications. The panel now expands as necessary while you write, and the suggestions bar has been tweaked to be more relevant and include more punctuation support.

Businesses can sign their own software without having to make changes to the code, and for applications they know and trust (custom software they bought, for example), they can sign those applications, too. The Apple Pencil recognizes how hard you’re pressing or a change of angle, so you can vary line weight, do subtle shading, and other artistic effects, not unlike a conventional pencil. Microsoft’s also slipped a preview of the Edge browser’s Object RTC APIs into the build, which should help developers start tinkering with adding plug-in free video chat capabilities to the browser.

The A9X is faster than the A9 chip used in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and arguably gets the Pro close in performance to a laptop like the 12-inch MacBook. Device Guard comes with tools that can make it easy to sign Universal or even Win32 apps that may not have been originally signed by the software vendor. Clearly, Microsoft is looking for middle ground between a total lockdown and keeping everything open, enabling organizations to “have their cake and eat it, too,” Wisniewski said. The Surface Pro 3, for example, is also a big (12 inches), powerful tablet that comes with the Surface Pen (a stylus) and the option for a Microsoft keyboard. We are updating our Skype media stack on all platforms (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android) with Standard transport protocols support, including STUN (RFC 5389), TURN (RFC 5766), ICE (RFC 5245), DTLS-SRTP (RFC 5764).

If you’d like to participate, open the Settings app and head to Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options and click the Get Started button underneath the “Get Insider Builds” section. This will enable video interop between Skype and the Firefox browser, which currently supports H.264, and the Chrome browser when H.264 support is added to its WebRTC implementation. For developers, the ORTC API means they can build web apps with real-time audio and video communications, which will work right inside Microsoft Edge. Credential Guard may not be as exciting as Device Guard, but it addresses an important facet of enterprise security: It stores domain credentials within a virtual container, away from the kernel and user mode operating system. To receive app updates, open the Store, click on your profile picture at the top right, choose “Download and updates” and check for updates manually.

This will be fixed in a future build, but this can be worked around by using a full or partial path, such as ‘.\file.txt’, or using File->Open options in the UI. Clicking on the system icons in the notification area quickly can result in Windows Shell blocking the launch of fly-outs like Audio, Networking, etc. For example, business laptops such as Lenovo ThinkPad and Dell Latitude models typically have these specs, but consumer models such as the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro do not. Employees regularly working in the field or traveling extensively throughout the year are more likely to opt for a lighter laptop—and most Ultrabooks do not have TPM inside. “The executives are the ones I worry about,” Wisniewski said, as they’re the ones most at risk of attack and more likely to be using consumer models.

We’re adding some new functionality to help you diagnose what’s going on if a new build isn’t getting to you, but it’s not fully implemented yet. IT may be concerned about getting locked out of computers with Secure Boot; it’s easier to wipe a machine and load a stock corporate image when setting it up.

This lets IT maintain a “clean” network with signed policy and protected credentials and focus their attention on the older, “dirty” domains. “Don’t hold the entire network back for just one thing,” Wisniewski said.

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