New Patent Reveals Details of Nintendo’s Wireless Sleep Monitor

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New Patent Reveals Details of Nintendo’s Wireless Sleep Monitor.

A series of patent designs have recently surfaced online which provide concept drawings of a sleep monitor from Nintendo, depicting its unique features.Although Nintendo has yet to break the ice, fans have unearthed a couple of patent applications – submitted by Nintendo – to give us an idea what the said project might be.This past week, users at Neogaf discovered Nintendo-filed patents that hint at the future of their QOL initiative. “The portable terminal detects sensor information for assessing a user’s emotions”, as indicated by the patent application.Reported by device’s abstract, it is able to record information necessary to asses a user’s emotional stance, such as capturing the sounds he/she makes with the use of in-built microphone and images with a front camera.

The legendary game developer has been pretty tight-lipped about its new “NX” console along with its “Quality of Life” initiative, promising only to tell us more about them in 2016. You leave this object by your bedside, presumably with your smartphone docked into it, and it will be able to project images onto the ceiling of your room while playing audio from its speakers (forget my health, I want this thing to play Netflix and video games). The patent, courtesy of NeoGAF, provides an early look at the device, which appears to be about the size of an alarm clock, and comes equipped with a docking station, speakers, and a ceiling projector.

According to the patent description, Nintendo’s device will utilize the microphone or a camera, or may be both of them, from a smartphone to grab sound and motion data from the user. There is also a microphone included among the features, and Engadget speculates in its report that temperature and pulse rate will be among the metrics tracked by the device. The interesting part comes with the terminal will detect this only when it is in standby state – which will happen during user sleep hours, amongst others.

Based on the drawings, the product would feature sensors to record your pulse, breathing rate, temperature, and other statistics related to your health. What is, perhaps, most interesting is that this device is also expected to provide updates to an online server that can analyze user-based information and send it back to a terminal for data storage.

It would be permissible, as an example, for the sensor information to be sound information which is detected by a microphone, or image information which is captured by a camera. It is even expected to sync to some kind of scale-like device to track your weight and remind you that you’re indulged in playing too much video games, encouraging you to improve personal habits. The sleep monitor then projects the user’s results on the ceiling or the wall, as shown in the below drawing included in Nintendo’s patent application.

This data would then be crunched to calculate a user’s “sleep score” and emotional state, with the information projected on their wall or ceiling. He has a wide range of interests when it comes to tech but he’s currently spending a big chunk of his time writing about privacy, cyber security, and anything policy related. It’s right in line with what we’ve heard about from the Quality of Life initiative before, even if it doesn’t necessarily indicate that Nintendo will release a final product that looks anything like this. It uses a variety of input to give you a sleep score, which sounds like an incredibly effective way to introduce stress into an otherwise pretty relaxing activity. Then, these samples would be sent to Nintendo’s super smart super computers, which would analyze (probably through an algorithm and not manually) patterns and it would eventually know when you have slept well, and when you haven’t.

The Jackson family patriarch, whose kids include Janet Jackson and the late Michael Jackson, endured the health setback on his 87th birthday while in Sao Paulo, Brazil on July 26, reported Us magazine. Nintendo has always understood something about our relationship to technology on an elemental level, something that shone through with the Wii but goes all the way back to Donkey Kong, the first game to introduce a concept of a narrative. It looks just like a smartphone dock, and it probably is, although Nintendo fail to specify whether the device is a smartphone or another specific device.

According to police, the attack began at about 5:00am when the gunmen first targeted a roadside eatery and took off in a vehicle after killing a person who was sleeping near Dinanagar bypass. The militants, believed to be four in numbers have taken over the police station from where they have engaged the personnel of Punjab Police and soldiers of Rajputana Rifles in a fierce gunfight. Further speculating says that maybe the device will come as a companion to the next Nintendo Gaming Console, the NX, which is said will replace the Wii.

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