Nintendo files patent for its Bizarre New Device – You could expect better …

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New Nintendo Invention Revelation – Combo Sleep Monitor and Projector.

Nintendo has reportedly filed for multiple patents late last year, including one for a sleep monitor device which will monitor the user’s emotion during eye-shut time.While the patents could describe the final functions of Nintendo’s QOL device, things are always subject to change, as these patents protect the device’s functionality.

One of Nintendo’s last initiatives under the watch of late President and CEO Satoru Iwata was the “Quality of Life” campaign of 2014, where the Japanese gaming giant announced that it plans to release its own sleep monitor. What can be inferred for now is that the sleep monitor from Nintendo may need wireless pairing with the smartphone of the user as evidenced by the drawings. Nintendo said it planned to develop the technology with US health company ResMed, which now makes equipment for diagnosis and treatment of sleepdisorders. “This information processing system comprises a portable terminal”, Nintendo’s patent explains. Though the patents describe the expected functions of the QOL device from Nintendo, it should be remembered that the patent protects the functionality of the device and things could change rapidly.

It cab grab sound data from a microphone or image data from a camera, and then the processing system will determine how you’re doing based on that information. The device is designed to “assesses the user’s emotions on the basis of the sensor information”, and is detected when the terminal is in standby mode. It looks like Nintendo found itself lagging behind its competitors without any such innovative product launch and had started working towards one such unique product that will people will love. Despite the main text being in Japanese, the drawing show a couple of interesting features – such as the fact that its projector is aimed towards the ceiling, and it also has another piece which should be put on the floor.

Highlights of the patent was revealed in the NeoGAF forum, according to Forbes, and it features Nintendo’s unnamed device with sensors that can detect the person’s pulse rate while sleeping, and check the temperature and humidity of the room. After several months of hard work, Nintendo has come up with a product that they claim to monitor the sleeping pattern of people and they have also registered a patent for such a device. According to device’s abstract, it is able to record information necessary to asses a user’s emotional stance, such as capturing the sounds he/she makes with the use of in-built microphone and images with a front camera. It will reportedly combine the data relating to sleep of a user and other “factors,” and display the results using the built-in ceiling projector.

There is also a microphone included among the features, and Engadget speculates in its report that temperature and pulse rate will be among the metrics tracked by the device. But this would not be entirely accurate, since if the device would not have other uses, it would probably just be left on standby for most of the time, including periods when users are actually awake. Nevertheless, this device’s sensors supposedly record your pulse, temperature, breathing rate and other kinds of health-related statistics about yourself, which is calculated and sent to Nintendo’s servers to give you a calculated sleep score, encouraging you to improve your personal habits by the time you return the next day, especially when it comes to sleep. This data would then be crunched to calculate a user’s “sleep score” and emotional state, with the information projected on their wall or ceiling. Last year, the Wall Street Journal revealed the upcoming Nintendo healthcare lineup which includes the service that will track user’s “sleeping patterns.” “The service will track users’ shut-eye via a new, sensor-equipped device that can be placed on a bedside table.

In addition, the gadget will also monitor the psychological state of the sleeping person in order to determine whether he/she is sleeping profoundly or not. As an example, the said standby state is a state wherein a display of the portable terminal is off.” The device itself looks a little like an alarm clock, with a docking station and a ceiling projector. It will use the data it collects to offer recommendations on how users can improve their sleep quality—and eventually suggestions on everything from diet to exercise,” the newspaper said. It’s right in line with what we’ve heard about from the Quality of Life initiative before, even if it doesn’t necessarily indicate that Nintendo will release a final product that looks anything like this. While relating gaming to sleep may be debatable, Nintendo’s QOL initiative appears to be on track and they would keep the gaming part outside this device.

He physiological readings it gets will be transmitted to a server, which will compare it with other user information and then send back feedback regarding the user’s quality of sleep. Though we are not sure what type of data the device will collect, one thing is for certain and that is about the sleeping reports that will be displayed on the walls or the ceiling. This is one of the last projects which Nintendo started under the leadership of chief executive Satoru Iwata, who passed away two weeks ago after losing the battle with an extremely rare form of liver cancer. Nintendo has always understood something about our relationship to technology on an elemental level, something that shone through with the Wii but goes all the way back to Donkey Kong, the first game to introduce a concept of a narrative.

Though heart rate monitors and sleep pattern tracking devices have been out in the market for a while, we can only hope that Nintendo invests in the production of this device and comes out offering something ‘new’ that will grab people’s attention.

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