Nintendo’s new NX console will likely be launched in July 2016

6 Jul 2015 | Author: | One comment »

Confidence On Nintendo NX Rise, Will Not Compete With Xbox One And PlayStation 4.

Commercial release in just a matter of months after the first announcement is incredibly rare even for huge game titles, which is why it’s highly suspicious for a huge console like the Nintendo NX to be able to pull off such a feat.An early showcase for the Wii, Project H.A.M.M.E.R. featured an uncharacteristically dark-for-Nintendo cyborg soldier who wielded a giant hammer as a weapon.The previous console generation — seventh gen — comprising of the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, was one of the biggest ones in terms of sales and the sheer competition between the systems. Ideally, the game was meant to be an example of how the Wii Remote’s motions could be used for interesting and realistic movements that could be replicated in a virtual space.

However, according to a recent podcast interview (via IGN) with Xbox creator Seamus Blackley, alongside Microsoft’s Phil Spencer and Peter Moore, who used to lead the Xbox division, they only saw Sony as the competitor. But it looks like Nintendo intends to come back strong with a new console called the NX which the company confirmed was not a replacement for the 3DS and Wii U and the Nintendo president Satoru Iwata assured fans that intend won’t be dropping support for both of these platforms anytime soon.

YouTube channel Unseen64 Tamaki claims to have spoken with former members of the game’s development team and details how it fell apart over the course of its protracted five-year development cycle. Absolutely sure of that now.” In some ways this is surprising as we would have thought that Nintendo would create a powerful console so match the PS4 or the Xbox One, so at the very least games available on those platforms can be ported onto the NX without any issue. The internal controversy surrounding the game, however, runs deeper than that with the Japanese and American sides of Nintendo failing to agree on the direction for the game forcing many to resign until the team was a fraction of its original size.

It’s always been rumored that Nintendo’s next console will bridge its frontiers in the handheld and home console gaming markets to unify both spaces. It’s always sad to hear of development teams falling part, and projects like H.A.M.M.E.R. failing to meet expectations, but after watching the video I’m inclined to agree with the game’s creators – it does not look like a fun game.

Nintendo is undoubtedly at a huge disadvantage in the playing field of console gaming at the moment, with Nintendo Wii U not performing as well as hoped. Tamaki was the one responsible for leaking the news about the much-talked about Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition and the upcoming remaster of Uncharted Trilogy in PlayStation 4.

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