Nintendo Will Monitor Your Sleep with Its New Device

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New Nintendo Invention Revelation – Combo Sleep Monitor and Projector.

While the patents could describe the final functions of Nintendo’s QOL device, things are always subject to change, as these patents protect the device’s functionality.One of Nintendo’s last initiatives under the watch of late President and CEO Satoru Iwata was the “Quality of Life” campaign of 2014, where the Japanese gaming giant announced that it plans to release its own sleep monitor.

Nintendo said it planned to develop the technology with US health company ResMed, which now makes equipment for diagnosis and treatment of sleepdisorders. There’s almost nothing Nintendo can make at this point that’d surprise me,” it comes out with something so far-fetched that you begin to question your own sanity. It cab grab sound data from a microphone or image data from a camera, and then the processing system will determine how you’re doing based on that information. The QOL device is described as using a smart device in a portable dock, being able to use its cameras and microphone, in addition to the Wii Balance Board, to check a user’s weight and pulse.

Today that came in the form of a patent for a quality of life product Nintendo teased a few months ago that will sit on your nightstand and collect “physiological information and/or health information relating to the health or the body of the user, obtained from said physiological information.” According to the documents filed with the World International Patent Organization, it will collect this data using a combination of a microphone, a camera(!) and a sensor before giving you an overall score. (And you thought the Kinect was scary…) Here’s the exact language found in the patent: “This display system is provided with a sensor, a projector and a control means. The device is designed to “assesses the user’s emotions on the basis of the sensor information”, and is detected when the terminal is in standby mode. Tech savvies have not been able to completely uncover the functions and the tech specifications of the device, but certain features have, nonetheless, become obvious. There is also a microphone included among the features, and Engadget speculates in its report that temperature and pulse rate will be among the metrics tracked by the device.

It’s unclear as to whether the object plugged into the docking station is actually the user’s smartphone or not, but one would reasonably assume that is the case. Nevertheless, this device’s sensors supposedly record your pulse, temperature, breathing rate and other kinds of health-related statistics about yourself, which is calculated and sent to Nintendo’s servers to give you a calculated sleep score, encouraging you to improve your personal habits by the time you return the next day, especially when it comes to sleep. This data would then be crunched to calculate a user’s “sleep score” and emotional state, with the information projected on their wall or ceiling. A separate report from IGN claims that the sleep monitor will be out by 2016, so we’ve got about a year or so to find out what exactly Nintendo has planned here. In addition, the gadget will also monitor the psychological state of the sleeping person in order to determine whether he/she is sleeping profoundly or not.

As an example, the said standby state is a state wherein a display of the portable terminal is off.” The device itself looks a little like an alarm clock, with a docking station and a ceiling projector. Nintendo has always understood something about our relationship to technology on an elemental level, something that shone through with the Wii but goes all the way back to Donkey Kong, the first game to introduce a concept of a narrative.

This terminal system is also able to provide updates to a server system, which can analyse the user-based information and send it back to the terminal.

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