Panasonic C6850 4K TV comes with Firefox OS UPDATE: Eyes-on

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Panasonic 2015 Ultra HD 4K TV Lineup.

LAS VEGAS–Sharp announced its 2015 Aquous HDTV lineup at a CES press conference today with plenty of fanfare and hyperbole: Sharp will offer TVs ranging from 43- to 80 inches with models sub-branded as the 4K Ultra HD, the Super Slim, and the Beyond 4K.Sharp is quadrupling the number of Ultra HD television sets it sells, raising its bet that consumers will want the TVs despite the lack of a large amount of content.Today Japanese electronics giant Panasonic announced a new deal with Mozilla, bringing the browser maker’s mobile OS — Firefox OS — to televisions.

Sharp’s new lineup will support Android TV, which means they can download and display TV-optimized apps from Google Play, and they’ll have a content-management application—dubbed SmartCentral—that allows each member of the household to have a personalized media account. The CX850 Series continues Panasonic’s rich heritage of critically-acclaimed UHD 4K picture-quality with enhanced “Beyond Smart” features for further-simplified, intuitive operation.

A wallpaper feature allows families to display personal photos, “allowing it to become the largest digital picture frame in the home,” according to Sharp. Looking to differentiate its Aquous lineup from other 4K models, Sharp is touting some concrete features as well as shall we say “interesting” claims. This year, Sharp plans to sell TVs supporting the standard in seven screen sizes from 43-inches to 80-inches, it said on Monday at the International CES show in Las Vegas.

Panasonic Corporation group of companies is a globally recognized manufacturer of electric and electronic products that range from electronic components to consumer electronic products, home appliances, factory automation equipment, in… read more » CX850 Series – Flagship high-end series featuring superior 4K picture quality, Beyond Smart TV functions and an exclusive, direct-to-TV voice command feature. On the other hand, Sharp maintains that the additional yellow pixel in its Beyond 4K model delivers 167-percent higher resolution than other 4K televisions. The whole subpixel obsession started with the Quattron series in 2010, which added a yellow subpixel to the traditional arrangement of red, green, and blue in an effort to widen the color gamut. Sharp’s president, Jim Sanduski, said Aquous televisions must pass a 400-point inspection to ensure they deliver picture quality that’s as close as possible to what film directors intend for their work.

Last year’s Sharp Quattron Q+ sets boosted the subpixel count even further in an attempt to deliver 4K-like sharpness out of a 1920 x 1080 screen; the Q+ technology did this by dividing each row of RGBY subpixels in half and allowing each cluster to be addressed individually. A significantly widened color reproduction range achieves rich color expression and the improved brightness performance displays brighter, more vivid images.

While conventional drive systems perform processing using only the three coordinate axes of the primary colors (RGB), Studio Master Drive uses six coordinate axes – the three primary colors and three complementary colors (CMY). To amplify that point, Sanduski introduced Academy-award winning cinematographer Wally Pfister, whose oeuvre includes such films as Inception and Memento to discuss the merits of high-resolution televisions and their impact on the viewing experience of film. “Subtleties of photography are of great importance,” Phister said, “as we view more content at home, I don’t see why this experience should be compromised.” Is that an Aquous endorsement? The result was a 1080-line set with a hell of a lot more subpixels than your average HDTV—16 million as opposed to 6 million—that could work with 4K video sources. Screens are usually that shape because the circuitry used to control the horizontal and vertical lines of pixels are mounted along the edge of the display. Panasonic’s 2015 Life+Screen Smart TVs are equipped with cutting-edge features designed to deliver to users access to their favorite content easily without having to perform complex setting procedures or refer to a manual.

A maximum level of black rendering is achieved by the CX850’s Local Dimming Pro which adjusts the backlight to match each and every image for deeper, higher-purity blacks. Sharp is promoting the display for use in car dashboards in place of things like curved mechanical dials, but it’s likely to find uses in numerous applications should designers apply the technology. The “Pro” is gone from the Local Dimming, though what this means isn’t clear (possibly the CX800 is edge-lit, while the CX850 is full-array backlit).

It is also customizable by using the “Pin” function, which allows users to bookmark their favorite channels, devices, apps, web pages for quick access. The black rendering capability is greatly improved for faithful reproduction — right down to the delicate textures and fine shadows within the image. Firefox OS also offers improved connectivity due to the use of open Web standards and greater flexibility for developers through WebAPIs that enable connected experiences across platforms. Panasonic’s original Dynamic Range Remaster technology achieves dramatically enhanced image reproduction and rendering capabilities in the high luminance range.

One of the key features of Xumo® Guide is the ability to provide relevant content recommendations based on user’s viewing history, in addition, users can search for specific titles across multiple apps or browse content by genre from various VOD services. By restoring the information of high-brightness image areas that drops out during recording, it faithfully reproduces not only the brightness but also the original colors. The company says the set will be able to upscale 4K content to something even higher-def than 4K—which is a necessity, as no 8K content is available. The LCD set has a full-array LED backlight system with local-dimming features, and Sharp says it meets the color-space requirements for the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) spec.

All 2015 Panasonic 4K TVs feature Voice Assistant which enables the user to change channels and search for desired content by simply speaking into the TV’s Touch Pad Remote or TV Remote App on their Smartphone. Based in Newark, NJ, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company is a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. The UH30 and the midrange UF30 also have Android TV built into their smart UI—ChromeCast functionality included—and both of them come with adjustable stands where the legs can be placed at the edges of the TV or more in the center. The company offers a wide range of consumer solutions in the U.S. including products from Ultra HD 4K TVs, Blu-ray Disc Players, LUMIX Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Home Audio, Cordless Phones, Home Appliances, Wellness, Beauty, Personal Care products and more.

In Interbrand’s 2014 Annual “Best Global Green Brands” report, the Panasonic brand ranked fifth overall — the highest ranked electronics brand in the report. To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit: The Super Bright Panel solves this problem via a combination of a new panel-driving system, a panel structure that lets light through more easily, and a highly efficient backlight system. It cleverly separates the smart TV processing from the picture processing, so the smart elements run faster and smoother while pictures look cleaner, crisper and more refined – regardless of whether they’re web streams, broadcasts, Blu-rays or 4K feeds.

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