Play these now: Two free iPhone games you don’t want to miss this week

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Apple Adjusts Its App Store Algorithm, Impacting Some iPad Developers.

To keep the playing field level and fair for all app developers, Apple on occasion changes the way its App Store ranking algorithm works, the fallout of which can impact developers’ standings in the App Store charts, which ultimately can impact their visibility, downloads, and revenue. Every weekday we share an updated collection of the best free iPhone and iPad apps, but there are always plenty of noteworthy apps that don’t make the list. Although the App Store’s specifics remain unclear, the general consensus is that it takes into account factors such velocity, download volume, and ratings.

There are a number of ways to spot a possible rankings change, but one of the easiest is to keep an eye on the rankings of top mobile apps, like Facebook and others. Since applications like Whatsapp and Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) boast massive reach and size, if these apps experience shifts in the Store, it may represent changes in metrics. Facebook’s iPad app offers a good example of the change, as its app moved from a No. 2 position in “Social Networking” and a No. 7 ranking “Overall” the day before, down to No. 4 and No. 24, respectively, on Friday, and then it crashed to No. 38 in “Social Networking” and a practically invisible No. 858 “Overall” by Monday.

We reached out to mobile marketing firm Fiksu, which confirmed that it had also observed non-standard App Store behavior beginning last Friday that affected iPad rankings over the course of several days. “The apps that dropped have jumped significantly back up today,” noted Fiksu’s Chief Strategy Officer, Craig Palli on Wednesday, “but not all of them have returned to the ranks that they were at before the drop started on Friday,” he says. It’s not especially deep, but if you’re looking for a large world to explore on your phone or tablet, Perfect World Entertainment’s latest iOS and Android entry should keep you entertained. You can set your character to run straight to the next objective without having to navigate all over the world yourself, and attacks will auto-target the nearest enemy, so you don’t have to bumble around with the camera. While many reported that, by later in the week, their apps’ rankings returned to “normal,” or at least close to where they were before, that wasn’t true for everyone.

If you’ve been dying for a game with gear upgrades, quests, dungeons, leveling up, mounts and surprisingly competent graphics, it’s worth giving the completely free Forsaken World Mobile a try. In some cases, their adjusted ranking represented only a small to medium-sized move – like say, just a few slots or as many as 10 slots lower or higher than before, to cite a couple of examples. I don’t know about you, but so many times I see a movie trailer and think “I want to see that.” Well, with this app you can keep track of those movies that are on your wish list and get helpful details on the films too. For example, a developer witnessed best sales day to date, due to successful promotion, but later found that its app had exited the Top Grossing charts with the changes.

Others claimed that the keywords used to rank their apps no longer raked in any search at all, or there was a drop in their popular keywords after the change. If Apple only focused on some subset of these methods when making its adjustments, it follows that only some subset of apps would be affected long-term following the change. So, when it is time to get ready for your vacation, plan your movie night at the theater, and check out your Instagram feed, these three apps can definitely come in handy.

Though there are some examples of iPhone apps being impacted, the biggest movements both during and after the adjustments were among those apps built for iPad. That could indicate that Apple was looking to better its rankings for those who are building specifically for Apple’s tablet, and possibly rewarding the better iPad apps in the process.

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