Players Can Earn Street Fighter V DLC for Free, Says Capcom

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Play to Earn More Characters in Street Fighter V.

During a panel at EVO yesterday, Capcom announced that it will be treating Street Fighter V as an evolving platform, requiring players to purchase a single disc/digital copy that the developer will support with regular updates. Sony helps build Capcom’s vision of the game, and are invested heavily in many elements, including the Capcom Pro Tour, and cross PS4 – Steam play via Kagemusha netplay code. The franchise that inspired cartoon series, TV series and a movie that most would rather not speak of, is offering more and more information on what to expect way ahead of its release. Don’t worry though as Capcom has worked hard to remove any “clone” characters and make each character feel unique which we can clearly see with Ken’s overhaul.

Capcom doesn’t want to alienate those who take a break from playing the game, only to come back and find that they have to purchase an upgrade to join the party again. As indicated earlier, Capcom has chosen to deliberately end annual releases, recognizing that this strategy proved to eventually push casual gamers away for competitive gamers, and discouraged players who dropped the game from going back in. This is great as players who don’t want to grind can purchase the characters making them usable immediately while those who don’t want to spend further money on the game can just grind the game to earn more characters.

By releasing new characters on a regular basis, it will ensure that there is always new content to look forward to in the short term, and it prevents the competitive environment from ever becoming stale.” This is indeed incredible news, as this is how fighting games used to be back in the good old days, before all the DLC, and pre-order craze took over. However, Capcom did not add in simple unlocks, but actually a microtransaction model, incorporating pure in-game cash (Fight Money) and in-game cash that can be bought with real money (Zenni). Enabling players to gain access to additional characters, costumes, and other goodies, not only enhances the replayablility of the title, but also attracts new players to the long running franchise.

With , it was difficult for characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, and Zangief (grapplers and characters with slow dashes) to utilize the Focus Attack FADC system. Street Fighter 5’s beta will have three phases, but in the final release this Spring 2016, it will launch with 16 characters, with new characters and other content added to the base game in succeeding months. Capcom stated that while releasing the Super and Ultra versions was successful in reviving the game, it still posed a difficulty for players to remain engaged and it forced them to pay for additional content where only a few characters might’ve appealed to them.

However, the new approach might not only keep everyone engaged, but also draw more dedication from players by learning the game while earning Fight Money. Bison‘s concept is “The Strongest of All Time.” We wanted to create a big difference between his normal and psycho modes to really play up the power of Psycho power.

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