Report: Next version of Apple Watch coming in March

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A New Apple Watch Might Be Coming in March.

Apple is said to be considering adding a camera, more advanced health tracking sensors, sleep tracking capabilities, and the ability to connect to the internet when your iPhone isn’t nearby. It’s still unclear what new features the new model would have, but Apple has been working on new camera, wireless, sleep tracking and health sensor technologies since the first Apple Watch began to ship. It brought significant updates at its most recent event, in September — which included new straps, colours and software features, though no major upgrade to the Watch itself. Although these features are believed to be in testing, the report says it’s unclear which of these improvements will actually make it to the final product. Many online bloggers and Apple experts speculate it’ll be called the iPhone 6C and that it’ll have curved edges along with a metal casing available in three colors.

Leaks have suggested that the phone will come with the same 4-inch screen size that was found on the iPhone 5 and 5s, and come in a largely similar design, but feature the upgraded components found in the iPhone 6s. Apple previously used to hold its major events towards the end of the year — ordinarily launching the new iPhone in September or October, and then launching the new iPad soon after that. While Apple didn’t remove the jack, headphone manufacturers were able to create headphones with advanced features such as an onboard DAC (digital-analog converter). The change has been compared to such revolutions as ditching floppy drives and optical drives, the addition of the USB connector in the original iMac, and, more recently, the USB-C connector on the MacBook.

It wasn’t that big a deal to switch from floppies (which were already too small to hold much at the time) to things like Zip drives and rewritable CDs. So many people own headphones—some of them expensive—that limiting the use of these cans on an iPhone or requiring a special adapter would frustrate many consumers. I don’t plan to buy headphones that only have a Lightning connector; I wouldn’t be able to use them with my iPad, my iPod touch, my iPod shuffle, my amplifier, or any other device. And even if there wasn’t, Apple has already patented a slimmed down headphone jack, which could be used with an inexpensive adapter for existing headphones. (Apple should worry more about the camera lens that protrudes on the current iPhone…) And there’s Bluetooth.

I love Bluetooth headphones, but they’re more expensive and don’t sound as good as wired headphones. (Apple’s Beats wireless headphones cost $100 more than the wired version.) And they need to be charged. With the hundreds of millions of people who own headphones, and the myriad devices they connect to, removing the headphone jack is not just a bad idea, it simply makes no sense.

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