Simplify the Binge Watch With a DIY ‘Netflix Switch’

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Has Netflix actually just created a ‘Netflix and chill’ button you can build for yourself?.

When you’re getting ready for an evening of Netflix binge-watching, there are a few things you need: the right lighting, takeout from your favorite restaurant, and your TV queued up to the streaming site.Netflix has published instructions to make a button that will order takeout, dim the lights, turn on the television, launch Netflix, and silence your phones.When they aren’t stress-proofing servers and using playback data to pinpoint which episode made you binge-watch the rest of a show, Netflix engineers also like to build things.

The streaming services calls it “The Switch,” but Hackaday provides its real name: “The Netflix and Chill Button.” Netflix and chill, for those who don’t stay fresh on internet hook-up lingo, is code for “come over and we’ll use Netflix as a modest excuse to have sex.” Where people once invited potential mates up for coffee, now they Netflix and chill. The button, dubbed “The Switch,” makes it easier than ever to “Netflix and chill” and already has become known by that term (internet slang for hooking up in front of the TV). Over the weekend, the company unveiled a version of what it calls The Switch — a wireless button, powered by a microcontroller and an infrared transmitter, that can sync with connected devices like a smartphone, a television, and a Philips Hue wireless lighting system. In a nod to techy do-it-yourself culture, Netflix released step-by-step instructions on its website so people can create and customize their very own switches, linked to apps and connected devices. Usually the term is a front for couples when they want to engage in, ahem, activities, but the entertainment-streaming service has crafted a button which makes your viewing experience more relaxed.

The Switch can be set up to put on some mood lighting, silence calls on your smartphone, and even order food to power you through a Netflix NFLX -1.45% marathon — all with one press of the button. The company debuted the branded do-it-yourself tool at the 2015 World Maker Faire in New York this weekend, and is currently accepting submissions for future projects through its “Make It” microsite. Dimming the lights, switching your phone to silent and even ordering a takeaway is all within the button’s capabilities, as the video below illustrates. The small, internet-enabled piece of hardware is somewhat reminiscent of other branded products on the market, including Amazon’s AMZN -4.19% Dash Buttons, which allow customers to place online orders for anything from paper towels to instant coffee by pressing a button.

While the idea is simple—a button that connects to the internet—you need basic programming skills and a working knowledge of applications programming interfaces (APIs) and web servers in order to connect the switch to apps such as the food delivery service Seamless, and to your mobile phone or other programmable devices. Calling itself The Switch, the company has provided a guide to creating the button – requiring a bit of technical competence with smart lightbulbs and a microcontroller which connects to your WiFi. Netflix lists everything you need (including Philips’ Hue lighting system), but you’ll want to have a basic understanding of electronics, web servers and how APIs work before getting started. This isn’t the simplest project, but that’s part of its mystique What better way to impress your Netflix and Chillee than pressing a single, handmade button that turns your living room into a Grace and Frankie marathon for two. Whatever your definition of “chill” may be, Netflix is encouraging people to get creative with the Switch so they can make their own customized and curated Netflix experience that much easier to attain.

For the full effect, you’ll also need a smart lighting system and other equipment, which is listed on Netflix’s website along with the source code. It also opens new opportunities to upgrade your home: The official instructions are specific to Philips Hue smart LED lightbulbs, though other brands will work. Throughout history, governments around the world have banned everything from the simplest pamphlet to the Bible — and the United States is no different. Who knows, it might work out when you’ve have a rough day and deliver back-to-back Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episodes to cheer you up when you get home.

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