The complete guide to every single new emoji in iOS 9.1

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Apple iPhone 6s Plus Day 5: Siri knows my name, but not the distance to India Gate.

While iOS 9 users are testing the new middle finger and taco emojis, the Ad Council is turning one of Unicode’s new characters into an anti-bullying icon.The Apple iPhone 6s Plus (128GB) is clearly the most expensive smartphone in the Indian market if you take Vertu and other such luxury brands out of the picture.

There is a reasonably large market for expensive phones, driven by people who want a top-end device for its performance, dependability or just flaunt value. Everyone else can download the I Am A Witness Keyboard apps for iOS or Android and use the color versions. “All teens are impacted by bullying and they often feel helpless when they witness it,” Ad Council CEO Lisa Sherman said in a statement. “Emojis have become a second language for teens, and they provide a relevant and easy way to get involved.” The initiative is backed by a number of major tech firms, including Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube. I celebrate the downfall of English, and basically any other written language that doesn’t rely entirely on twee glyphs. (Brands feel the same way.) But as we expand our emoji vocabulary — which Apple just did with iOS 9.1 this week, introducing many dozens of new symbols — we’re running into a problem: how the hell are you supposed to find anything anymore?

Popular services like BuzzFeed, Instagram, Kik, Pandora, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vevo, We Heart It, and Whisper will also use the new icon in mobile and Web-based ads. “Through this extraordinary collaboration of media, non-profit, and corporate partners, along with influencers that teens look up to, we will transform witnesses from passive bystanders into a united, empowered and active collective that will speak up against bullying,” Sherman said. I have been with the phone for a week and am convinced this is one of the best smartphones money can buy — with extra emphasis on the money can buy bit. However, there is one aspect of Android that I love and have not really been able to experience on the iOS device, at least not natively, and that is Google Now. In iOS 9.1, categories have been changed and reorganized, and we’re now up to eight categories in all: Smileys & People, Animals & Nature, Food & Drink, Activity, Travel & Places, Objects, Symbols, and Flags.

Popular YouTube stars, top-tier Snapchat creators, and anti-bullying activists will use the symbol to spread the word and direct audiences to the website, where folks can find tips and resources for taking action. It’s a pretty revolutionary idea, all things considered: It’s certainly novel, given that the all-seeing eye is the first emoji ever approved for a social cause. Wednesday, the New Yorker’s Maria Konnikova published an examination of adult bullying online, concluding that, for adults, “the Internet has made bullying both harder to escape and harder to identify.” Perhaps the addition of this handy little symbol will help with the identification part.

But as the activist Soraya Chemaly points out, eliminating harassment will take far more than cutesy symbols – particularly from the tech companies currently basking in the campaign’s good PR. “Cynic that I am, I am deeply skeptical of the ways that corporations are using it to move accountability to users,” she said. I think it is time Apple plugged this gap, especially since Apple maps is reasonably good and there are other data sources it can tap into for accurate data. The Sony Xperia Z2, the first to come out with 4K recording, was a great camera in its time, but would shut down due to overheating in a minute or so.

And maybe we need a disruptive way to input them, too, considering that there are hundreds upon hundreds of emoji available, and I want to use each and every one. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that I don’t want to swipe a dozen times on my phone, squinting, while I desperately search for the shrimp, the pill or the rooster. Then again, mobile keyboards like Japanese have smartly figured out how to dispense thousands of characters through a combination of thumb movements and autocorrect. And rest assured, we’ll get to thousands of emoji over time — just think of how many symbols you’d like to have that are still missing, even in the latest phones.

I am moving to the iPhone after a series of Android phones that touted great cameras — the OnePlus 2, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. However, the catch is that for now you cannot view these photos outside the Apple ecosystem and we will need to wait for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to come up with support for this new format. What I like best is the fact that pictures look natural in the end and not over-saturated and over-processed as it ends up being on many Android phones. And the best thing here is that the phone recognises the ambient light and calibrates the screen with it so that the flash looks natural and you do not end up looking like that image on your voter ID card. The phone also feels a bit thicker than its predecessor. 3D TOUCH: This is for sure the cutting edge feature everyone is looking forward to in the new iPhones.

To use an analogy that will find takers among my Malayali brethren and Bengali friends, it is almost the same pressure you exert to figure out if that fish lying on the bed of ice is fresh. This press activates the Peek and leads to a preview on mail, open quick options on compatible apps and gives you options when you get a link on iMessage.

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