The Pope ruined the iPhone 6S launch

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Apple fans line up overnight for newest iPhone: Worth the wait?.

If you’ve checked the “updates” section of the App Store this week, you know every developer under the sun is now optimizing for both iOS 9 and the new iPhones.SAN FRANCISCO/SYDNEY (Reuters) – The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hit stores around the world on Friday, at the start of what is expected to be a record weekend for sales of Apple Inc’s marquee product.“I think I like to be the first to have it so, I just wanted to have it now, I guess it is a bit selfish because I want it now, so I just wait in line and get it now,” he said. “My opinion, if i renew my iPhone every time again, again and again it is really not that expensive, I sell the iPhone, you can sell it for 500 or 600 euros and then you can buy a new one,” said Joeri from Belgium. As of today, a huge number of apps — more than we could include here — have been updated to add support for 3D Touch, Spotlight search, and a slew of other Apple features.

Eager buyers – joined by at least one robot – flocked to Apple stores from Sydney to New York, itching to get their hands on new models boasting a 3D touch feature and an improved camera. “The first thing I’m going to do is take a picture,” said Lithuanian student Justina Siciunaite, 25, the first of hundreds to emerge with an iPhone 6s from Apple’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Analysts expect 12 million to 13 million phones to fly off the shelves in the first weekend, up from more than 10 million last year when the launch of the hugely successful iPhone 6 was delayed in China, the world’s biggest smartphone market.

Imagine snapping a shot of your kid blowing out birthday candles — and getting video showing the flame going out as everyone sings “Happy Birthday.” Yes, sound is included. This year, they feature improved camera quality and 3D touch, a display technology which uses a “Taptic Engine” to gauge how hard users press the screen. Apple, whose shares were up less than 1 percent in morning trading, has said pre-orders suggested sales were on pace to beat last year’s first-weekend performance. “I obviously have my work and other things to attend to and can’t spend two days lining up so my boss at work suggested I take one of the robots down and use it to stand in my place,” she said, via an iPad mounted on top of the wheeled robot. Apple’s yearly iPhone upgrade cycle almost always sparks debate surrounding whether upgrading from an earlier model—in my case, the iPhone 6—is worth it. The iPhone’s sales performance is crucial to Apple’s success: nearly two-thirds of its revenue last quarter came from the best-selling device, which was first released in 2007 to considerable fanfare. “Samsung didn’t bring a whole lot of compelling features to consumers with their new lines of phones,” Mr.

Similar to Force Touch on the Apple Watch and newer MacBooks, it allows the display to sense the pressure of your finger presses and unlocks new capabilities when you press down at different levels of pressure. Moorhead told Reuters. “Over the long haul, the 6s will eclipse the 6 as Apple is even more competitive versus Samsung in emerging regions and is gaining share in traditional regions.” For now, it seems Apple is unstoppable at maintaining market share.

More important than customer appetite for upgrades is the iPhone’s “proliferation” outside the United States, particularly in China, said Aaron Rakers, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus & Co. The company has said there is room to grow this year since most iPhone users are due for an upgrade. “The stage is set for Apple to show year-over-year growth over the Herculean iPhone 6 sales,” FBR Capital Markets senior analyst Daniel Ives told Reuters. But Apple has also baked enough functionality into its stock apps and inside iOS 9 for you to start getting used to living with what some are calling “right click for your smartphone” right now. I don’t love the ridiculous placement of the power button—which is exactly opposite the volume buttons—and sometimes I wish Apple would stop adding to the already bloated iOS, but overall it’s good. The iPhone 6 Plus already had “the best camera we’ve ever made,” Apple CEO Tim Cook gushed in 2014, but the 6s Plus apparently has an even better one.

If you’ve ever found yourself peering through Apple’s magnifying loupe, struggling to fix a typo, you’ll be glad to start using this feature regularly. 3D Touch allows for different pressure levels to register as different input types on the new iPhone screens, which Apple has cutely named pop and peek. The new iPhones use chips made by, among others, Qualcomm Inc, Avago Technologies Ltd, Qorvo Inc’s TriQuint Semiconductor and RF Micro Devices, Texas Instruments Inc and Skyworks Solutions Inc.

Peek lets you jump into a preview of something with a single press — an email or the webpage tied to a link, for instance — and then lift your finger to return to the app you’re using. Shares of audio chipmaker Cirrus Logic Inc jumped more than 17 percent after iFixit’s tear-down revealed that Apple had used its chips, as it did in previous iPhones. Oh, and there’s that Live Photos thing that captures “animated photos,” an utterly pointless feature I suspect most users will try once and then never use.

Lacklustre offerings this year from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will help Apple stand out in the marketplace, said analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy. I’m all for convenience, for faster ways of accomplishing repetitive tasks, but 3D Touch —the Apple Watch-like feature that responds to “light” and “deep” presses of the screen —sounds like work. It literally adds a third dimension to the OS, so instead of just tapping and swiping, now I have to remember which features require a light press and which need more force.

For instance, press down firmly on Apple’s camera app and you can select the option to take a selfie, which then quickly opens the front-facing camera. Expect app makers that haven’t already updated their software today to go crazy with this home screen feature over the next few weeks, as it’s easily the most useful 3D Touch use case. iOS 9 may look like an incremental upgrade, but there are quite a few subtle improvements and a variety of under-the-hood changes that will go unnoticed unless you know where to look. Here are a few to get you started mastering Apple’s OS. (Read our full iOS 9 review here.) Spotlight has been around forever, but it’s a lot more useful now. However, there’s no way I’d pay $849 for it, especially considering that a growing number of Android phones—such as the Moto X Pure and OnePlus Two—offer comparable hardware for half the price.

The deeper argument, the one that undoubtedly keeps Apple, Samsung SSNLF -3.49% , and other companies’ execs up at night, is that no one really needs a new phone anymore. That’s why the last few iterations of the iPhone, Galaxy, Moto and the like have delivered only incremental improvements; there’s nowhere left to go.

There’s plenty other anecdotes which lead to my decision to upgrade now, instead of wait for the iPhone 7 (or whatever Apple’s going to call next year’s model): a faster processor, more memory and the cracked screen on my iPhone 6 (which occurred after I pre-ordered the 6s), to name a few. In fact, the only real reason to upgrade any smartphone is to get a new battery, because after the one-year mark, most rechargeables start to lose some capacity. I may end up regretting upgrading during a “S” iPhone year (as I did after upgrading from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S), but there’s only one way to find out. Frankly, that sucks, and anyone seeking to squeeze the maximum value from their smartphone investment should choose a model that has an easily replaced battery. The only problem is that Wi-Fi Assist switches to cellular data anytime your Wi-Fi signal is even the least bit weak, which isn’t great if you’re on a limited data plan.

Apple’s iCloud Photo Library service might free up some storage on your phone, but you might be better off buying a phone with more storage to begin with. This option is on by default, but if you want to save on cellular data, you can turn it off by going to Settings —> Mobile Data, and scrolling all the way to the bottom. When it’s on, you’ll find that functions like fetching email, automatic downloads, and background app refresh will be reduced or disabled, and you’ll also find that your screen goes dark more quickly than before.

In recent years, Apple added a “select all” button, but it appears only when you’re searching through your deleted photos and want to either delete everything or recover the entire folder.

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