Thought Konami was the only publisher going mobile? Think again

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Konami gives up making console games – except for PES – claims report.

The publisher of the Metal Gear Solid franchise has reportedly stopped production on all triple-A video game titles, with the sole exception of Pro Evolution Soccer. For a franchise that’s always pushed the boundaries of what is possible (and what to expect) from an action game, The Phantom Pain acts not only as a high point for the series, but the genre as a whole.Rumours have been circling for months now that Konami is on the cusp of abandoning the traditional console games market, and according to multiple sources that’s exactly what’s happened.

I admit the game handles pretty much perfectly and the graphics are fantastic, and I am not saying it is a bad game, just that as a Metal Gear game I would actually rank this as the worst in the series. But despite the furore over Hideo Kojima’s supposed exit from the company – which is still yet to be confirmed – Konami has always implied that it would continue the series without him.

Rendered in photo-real detail, you’ll scope out bases for targets and objectives from a distance, planning your infiltration from a huge array of approaches and with a menagerie of offensive and covert tools at your disposal. The games weren’t necessarily the most realistic in terms of simulation but they replicated the heart and soul of football far better than EA’s corporate made cash machines. Many Japanese publishers who once focused solely on triple-A gaming have also shifted efforts and resources to developing for mobile devices — Sony, Capcom, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and Sega all produce mobile games — while also keeping one foot in console and PC development. But today French site Gameblog is reporting that Konami worldwide technology director Julien Merceron has left the company, unhappy that it is now focusing almost exclusively on mobile games.

But then it all fell apart, the first few games of the last generation were awful and it was a long hard slog towards even a semblance of competitiveness. As you progress, for instance, you’ll unlock “buddies” to take into combat with you, massively expanding your tactical opportunities and changing the series signature ‘lone wolf’ approach to action. Choices include the trademark outfits of both The Boss and Eva from Snake Eater. ملابس Naked Snake في الجزء الثالث الملابس الرسمية ملابس Naked Snake هذا يعني ان فيه شابتر 3 ؟ :))))

It may have been due to console limitations with previous games, but I feel that the much more closed environments added more to the stealth-based gameplay. As such, any enemy you incapacitate without killing can be recruited into your force, be used to expand your Mother Base HQ and to unlock the vast list of upgrades for character abilities and weapon modifications.

The whole way you play is certainly shown by the amount of freedom, but travelling between locations and those locations themselves are all too rather similar. If these new reports are true though it seems as if the pro-console camp has lost out and that Konami has all but given up on making traditional video games. Mistwalker: Its founders include Hironobu Sakaguchi (He created a little series called Final Fantasy, you may have heard of it), which immediately gave the studio a pedigree. Another thing that I feel doesn’t really benefit the game is that mission-based structure, this not only takes away from the story again, but during some of the later missions I was shocked to see ‘to be continued’ pop up mid fight and then be sitting back in the ACC.

And although our FIFA 16 review won’t hit until next week, so we can’t say anything about that right now, PES 2016 is definitely a significantly better game than PES 2015. Surely they could have just given you mission objectives on the map, which you could be advised of and travel to them to complete as necessary, as this would help the game flow better. Every year PES and FIFA throw around a bunch of buzzwords and supposed improvements that often make little real impact on the game, and quite often are dropped or altered out of all recognition for the next sequel. Its newest latest hit is Puzzles & Dragons, the mobile phenomena that’s so big in Japan that even Nintendo let GungHo use its beloved plumber mascot in Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. While GungHo did acquire Grasshopper Manufacture, (Suda51’s studio, the group behind No More Heroes) and has Let It Die in the pipeline (but not without a companion mobile app), the company’s main source of revenue is the mobile world, led by Puzzle & Dragons.

I understand that requesting a chopper means it won’t be at the landing zone instantly, what really annoys me is that once it’s there you not only have to wait 30-40 seconds for it to take off, you are then taken to a loading screen then once you select your new destination, you have another loading screen followed by another 30-40 second wait to get out! Like the older PES games it just feels right, whether you’re purposefully crashing into a defender with a bigger player or sent tumbling across the pitch when controlling someone weedier.

What makes this even worse, is that on Mother Base you can press square to select a new location before returning to the ACC, why this wasn’t used on both maps makes no sense. This is something I really dislike and I was hoping that I could avoid this or at least put it in an automated state so I could do as little with it as possible, however this isn’t the case. To be honest that improvement alone would almost have been enough to recommend the game, considering that was by far the biggest problem with last year’s title. The whole thing takes far too long, so that it’s pretty much a game-within-a-game (Metal Theme Park Solid!) that you are somewhat forced into playing.

This is true for even relatively obscure players, suggesting that the stats Konami is giving them generates a realistic portrayal even without fine-tuning by the developer. Although there are three times as many as last year, the animations still aren’t quite as good as FIFA but they’re still excellent and don’t let the side down at all. It’s probably still not as in-depth as some would little – there’s little in the way of proper training and you can’t negotiate with players directly – but compared to the recent collapse in quality of most sports game career modes it’s still engrossing stuff. It’s more balanced but less flashy than EA’s system, which is Pro Evo in a nutshell really – although some will likely be upset it still has no transfer market.

And while yes, it’s true that PES doesn’t have all of the official licences it does now let you import images to create your own kits and emblems.

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