Tim Cook: There’s no trade-off between security and privacy

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Apple chief Tim Cook says company is ‘more secretive than CIA’ and there isn’t a trade-off between security and privacy.

From the design DNA that runs through their product designs to spirit of Steve Jobs that still lives within the company, an unprecedented look at what makes Apple tick On a recent episode of 60 Minutes, anchor Charlie Rose had the chance to meet with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, along with several other key members of his team as they spoke about various aspects of the company.In a TV interview with American chat show host Charlie Rose last night, Mr Cook refused to comment on speculation about whether Apple was developing a car . “I don’t believe that the tradeoff here is privacy versus national security,” he said. “I think that’s an overly simplistic view.New Delhi: TV viewers can get a sneak peek at Apple’s plans while they are also treated to a special behind-the-scenes tour of the tech giant’s ‘secret’ design lab with American journalist Charlie Rose. Most interestingly, Rose had unprecedented face time with many areas of that have until now been inaccessible to all but a handful of people intimately involved in the creation their genre-defining products.

Apple’s chief designer Jony Ives too accompanies Charlie Rose on a visit of the company’s design studio at Apple headquarters, giving viewers some insight into the ‘future’ of Apple products. Like most interviews with Apple, when serious issues were touched upon, executives avoided the subject using the company’s favored tactic—talking about how great Apple is. In China, you would have to have multiple football fields.” Earlier in the interview, the conversation heated up just a bit when the subject turned to allegations that Apple AAPL, -2.71% is a “tax avoider” and is “engaged in a sophisticated scheme” to shelter the $74 billion in revenue parked overseas. “That is total political crap,” Cook fired back. At the outset when the mandatory question about Steve Jobs was asked, Tim Cook said, “I’ve never met anyone on the face of the earth like him before.” “Who had this incredible, uncanny ability to see around the corner; who had this relentless driving force for perfection,” he continued.

We should have both.” This follows proposals by both the US and UK governments that the intelligence services should have access to people’s private communications – requiring the providers of these services to break encryption. “Here’s the situation is on your smartphone today, on your iPhone, there’s likely health information, there’s financial information. Rose also gets Apple’s design chief Jony Ive talk about the well-crafted Apple products inside the company’s secret design studio where Ive admits he doesn’t like people to come as future Apple products are tested there. While the first part of the interview delves deep into the company’s product building procedure and overall vision of the company; in the second video Cook defends the strong encryption that comes with Apple products. There’s probably business secrets and you should have the ability to protect it,” said Cook. “The only way we know how to do that, is to encrypt it.

Apple Music boss Eddie Cue tells 60 Minutes the following: It’s amazing to be able to work at a place where you’re making products that everybody in the world uses. His spirit will always be the DNA of this company.” The meeting with Jony Ive–considered to be the most important person at Apple today–happened within the Apple Design Studio; a room marked by black cloth shrouding what lay under apparently huge work tables. Ive’s team consists of 22 designers, all of whom understandably operate as a very tightly-knit unit: over the course of the last decade-and-a-half, only two have departed. It’s past time to get it done.” Cook also defended the company on the thorny issue of encryption, showed off Apple’s future headquarters and, again, talked about why he came out of the closet. The two that were chosen were those that ‘felt right’; not just in the tactile sense, but in the sense that they felt right emotionally–clearly a belief that courses through the design of every Apple product.

When asked if Steve Jobs’s DNA is “baked into everything [Cook] says,” Tim Cook responds predictably with a yes, seizing the opportunity to emphasize Jobs’ influence: This is Steve’s company. For the REAL full transcript and video, which includes visits with some other high-profile Apple exectuives as well as a trip into the design studio, go to CBS.com.

In referencing the iPhones, Ive said that these products represented just the tip of the iceberg, that the different textures “considerably impact your perception of the product.” In the case of the Apple Watch, from sketching the prototype to designing an accurate 3D mesh using CAD software to creating highly precise models of the products using CNC machines, the entire process is overlooked by Apple’s design team which includes testing materials and colors that would finally make it to the product. Speaking of the camera used in Apple’s iPhones, Graham Townsend, Director of Camera Hardware, revealed the camera assembly comprises over 200 individual parts, all occupying an area roughly the size of a coat button. Alluding to the phone’s processing power, he revealed, “24 billion operations go into the taking of a single photo.” Interestingly, when asked about whether Apple’s successive products ran the risk of cannibalizing the sales of their predecessors, Phil Schiller, Apple’s Head of Marketing, said, “It’s not a danger, it’s almost by design.

A better approach to this bit might have been to ask Cook about the ways consumers are using it, and how that matched against the company’s early expectations. Ultimately though, Apple’s leadership chooses their words so carefully with the media that any attempts to steer them towards thoughtful responses usually elicits the same result—fevered enthusiasm.

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