Twitch Follows YouTube, Jumps To HTML5 And Ditches Flash

23 Jul 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Gone in a Flash: Twitch switches vid controls to HTML5.

Video game streaming powerhouse Twitch is becoming the latest big-name company to ditch Adobe’s ageing Flash in favor of better alternatives. Game streaming service Twitch, now an official Amazon property, has followed in YouTube’s footsteps and begun the process of migrating away from Adobe’s once-ubiquitous Flash Player.Adding insult to injury after numerous backlashes, Twitch and Flash are breaking up in lieu of security breaches the Adobe software recently went through. The streaming service today announced that it was rolling out a redesign to its video player controls, replacing the old Flash versions with new Javascipt and HTML5 options. Earlier, web developers used to use Flash a lot and almost every website we visited would incorporate Flash into its videos and menus. “Today’s redesign moves half of the video player – specifically the controls – from Flash to HTML5 and Javascript.

Twitch stresses that the video itself is still in Flash “underneath the controls.” However, the gaming giant also says the transfer is an important step to releasing a full HTML5 player. “You’ll begin to see the new player on channel pages first,” reads a blog post from Twitch. “As previously mentioned, this is a gradual roll out. While once the king of rich-media content, Adobe’s Flash has been decreasing in popularity of late thanks to a combination of improved in-browser media support and a string of serious security issues over the years culminating in three zero-day vulnerabilities becoming public knowledge following a breach on grey-hat security firm Hacking Team.

If you are not part of our initial pool of users, please be patient as we release the redesigned player at a steady pace.” We welcome reader discussion and request that you please comment using an authentic name. YouTube dropped the player as its default option in January, switching instead to HTML5, while earlier this month, Facebook’s chief security officer called for its execution. Twitch is currently the strongest videogame streaming platforms, with many gamers around the world conducting live streams or world renown competitions, such as E-Sports, engaging its services for live coverage of their events. Flash has not had an excellent safety record in general, but major security vulnerabilities in the software, uncovered after the Hacking Team leak earlier in July, have amplified calls for its death. That’s what Twitch is doing right now, and as the biggest streaming solution for video gamers and e-sports, this has got to hit Adobe Flash where it counts.

Twitch announced today that they will be parting ways with Adobe Flash player, which has been patched over and over again throughout the years, but still found bugs and glitch-caused crashes. With no support for mobile platforms currently, whereby Adobe sticks to its guns claiming that Flash will not come to mobile OS such as Android and iOS, hoping it would create problems. A few months later, YouTube discussed how HTML5 video performed compared to Flash, and improved its embed code, which is how many YouTube videos are distributed. Over the following few years, we didn’t hear much from the Google-owned company, but a lot of work was in progress, and there were hints that a change was imminent. It was a good, long ride that most might unfortunately not remember fondly due to numerous hitches, but one could never claim that Adobe was not constantly working to fix it.

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