Twitter Fabric now integrates with Stripe, Amazon Web Services, and Fastlane

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Fastlane can now be used with Twitter’s Fabric developer tools.

SAN FRANCISCO & BURLINGTON, Mass., Oct 21, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Nuance Communications, Inc. SAN FRANCISCO — In 2014, Twitter introduced the world to Fabric, a mobile developer platform for developers to bring in Twitter feeds and crash tracking to any application.

Nonetheless, when my former colleague Mat Honan revealed last fall that Twitter was offering a new SDK, he described it as the company’s effort to reach every person on earth.Today at Twitter Flight, the company’s developer conference, Twitter announced two new features launched by Fabric’s Crashlytics Labs, the R&D arm of Twitter’s mobile SDK.The tool will group issues across multiple releases and show which versions are impacted by those issues, Twitter senior director of product Jeff Seibert said at the Twitter Flight conference in San Francisco today. NUAN, -1.18% today announced from Twitter Flight that its Nuance SpeechKit SDK will soon be available as part of Twitter’s Fabric developer platform. He called it “the foundation for Twitter to transform a business based purely on a single product—tweets!—into a diversified service aimed at every person and company that makes mobile apps.” That, he said, “would affect every person who uses mobile apps.

But as he splits time as CEO of Square Inc., Dorsey will be relying heavily on leaders within Twitter, in particular one who has emerged in a key role over the past year, a 28-year-old New York native and West Coast transplant with a memorable name, Bear Douglas. “Bear” conjures a burly image, but in this case Bear is about 5-foot-5, long brown hair wearing jeans and a black t-shirt with pink flowers on it. As a result, developers can quickly and easily voice-enable apps and services with Nuance voice recognition and text-to-speech, and any additional services that Nuance brings to its developer community in the future. Today, this offering is expanding to now include more services provided by Stripe, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Optimizely, which will all be available starting today. The idea is that Twitter wants to, in a very very structured way, help developers launch, grow and make money from their apps that leverage Twitter’s platform.

Her real name is Madeleine Douglas, and Bear was a nickname her parents gave her shortly after birth that has stuck. “I’m definitely not a Maddie,” Douglas explained. The company also announced that they are introducing the ability for Crashlytics to log errors within iOS apps and tvOS apps made for the new Apple TV. She’s filling out the nickname and her role, which is leading the global effort to lure developers back to Twitter’s flock and to convince them once again to build apps on Twitter. Nuance’s SpeechKit lets developers create specialized voice experiences for their apps, through the ability to create customized language models in more than 40 languages, and choose from more than 80 distinct voices for text-to-speech.

We’ve been blown away by the positive response from the community to these tools, and have seen a number of other key needs within mobile development: scaling infrastructure, integrating payments, and running A/B tests, among others. In addition, the continuous deployment and integration tool Fastlane has been integrated into Fabric with its founder Felix Krause joining Twitter as an employee working on Fabric. The company, which is known for its easy integration, but this drops activation time to “10 minutes.” “With Fabric, we see a cannonical platform for mobile apps to develop and we want to be a part of that.” Collison continued.

Nuance’s portfolio of voice, touch and natural language understanding innovations are defining a new generation of intelligent systems and personal assistant technologies. So good that the company is adding eight new partners that app developers can weave into their apps: Stripe, AWS, Optimizely, Nuance, GameAnalytics, Mapbox, Appsee and PubNub.

But Twitter shut much of that ecosystem down in 2012 and added huge restrictions to its application program interface [API] to which Box CEO Aaron Levie tweeted: But Twitter is invested, now. But these tools are used by some popular apps—including, presumably, Twitter itself—and they’re rather diverse, so the potential audience is large. Over the last two years, the in-house developer advocacy team has grown approximately three times to a total of 50 out of Twitter’s about 4,000 employees. Join the conversation by liking Nuance on Facebook, following Nuance on Twitter at @NuanceDev and @NuanceInc, and subscribing to the What’s next blog.

Today’s announcements seems to indicate that instead of forcing users to sign up for Twitter, it’s going to take a subtle backseat approach: help developers build better and faster apps, and when they want to include a conversation service filled with data and real-time discussions, then go for the biggest one out there, Twitter. These tools include ways of showing tweets within an app (Twitter Kit), placing advertisements (MoPub), identifying what makes an app crash (Crashlytics), and more. The company’s Senior Product Manager Suneet Shah explains that mobile developers can install and setup Optimizely right in their app without having to leave their development environment.

Fabric now touts big-name clients such as popular dating app Tinder and mobile game Dots, and the company announced Wednesday that a quarter of million developers use Fabric. Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with devices and systems. Through Fabric, an Optimizely account will automatically be created and lets developers begin running experiments “in minutes.” It’s notable that Stripe is included with Fabric following the release of Relay, of which Twitter is one of the first commerce partners. This includes tools from Amazon, which provides online virtual machines for running an app; from Stripe, which helps apps receive payments; and from Optimizely, which provides A/B testing.

Company CEO Patrick Collison joined the conference by saying Twitter and Stripe both understand the power of the developer. “We see a canonical platform for building applications. Optimizely’s Suneet Shah says it’s entirely possible that Twitter Fabric now reaches all Android phones, and that’s one reasons his company is dovetailing its service with Fabric. It provides the canonicalization and simplicity of building applications.” Fastlane’s inclusion into the mix gives developers a powerful tool within Fabric that automates the release process. So long after the conference was over she was still working.” “Developer advocates love to go out and shake hands, kiss babies, write code and bond with developers whether it’s in a hotel bar after a meet-up or after the session’s over and they get mobbed at the stage.

While the other third-party integrations gives wanted features, one thing that’s possibly missing is this need to do it quickly because time is money and the later you are out of the gate, the greater the risk to how much reward you’d get. They just live for that conversation,” said Prashant Sridharan, Twitter’s global director of developer and platform relations. “Bear is the best I’ve ever worked with.” For Douglas, her academic career was not always driven by coding. She did gain an early appreciation for the field from a first-grade class on programming and again in seventh grade where she learned the programming language Pascal.

To mark Krause’s arrival at Twitter, Fastlane has made several announcements: all of its tools are now available in 1.0 release, a release of a new service called scan that runs tests against iOS and Mac apps, and that Fastlane supports Android projects now. But when she arrived at Stanford in 2005, she chose to a major in archaeology and economics. “I was enticed by the many things you could do in college,” Douglas said. “It was academically exciting, having a scientific view of people in the past and trying to make a sense of them based on their things. Over the years, Twitter has had a less than ideal relationship with outside developers—in some cases, providing outsiders with access to its services, before cutting them off and essentially burying their applications.

I loved digging into the behavioral parts.” Douglas spent the majority of her summers on archaeology digs, yet as graduation was inching closer and the computer science field (recently-named the most popular major for women at Stanford) was growing, Douglas rejoined the community and decided to take computer science courses while simultaneously pursuing a masters in anthropology. “Luckily I graduated at a time when native programming for iPhone and Android was pretty nascent. Facebook was where Douglas said she not only fell in love with a career as a developer advocate but also learned lessons in how to work for a tech company with great reach. “Going from a startup where we peppered everything with emoticons, I learned it was really important to be clear. She’s a force of nature.” That praise came from a man who worked as a product manager for Microsoft and a marketing director for Amazon before he received a call from Facebook. “My boss at Microsoft had this thing where the product managers he would hire he called ‘reformed nerds,’ people who could code but love to get up speak,” Sridharan said. But when Sridharan called about a position at Twitter, her main question was something external developers themselves have asked: How invested was Twitter, really, in app developers? “It was always news when Twitter worked with Google. At Twitter’s first mobile developers conference last year, Douglas gave a 20-minute demo of Fabric that wowed not only the hundreds of developers in the audience but also Twitter’s other leaders.

While finalizing presentations and keeping up communications, the team — some of which flew in from overseas — has been watching episodes of Gossip Girl on Sridharan’s Netflix. “I’ve never been in a place that this much fun. It’s a team that gets a lot done,” Sridharan said. “The Twitter culture is like hand-and-glove for me,” ,” Sridharan said.” If you are a natural leader than this company rewards that.

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