Unlocking A New CPU Core On PS4 Is Great But More Is Going On Here

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Gamers Must Buy Xbox One Or PS4 Now.

Only a few days ago we were celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sega’s venerable Mega Drive, a classic console whose part in the great console war of the 16-bit era now seems impossibly long ago. It sounds like some sort of biblical revelation, but Sony has unlocked the seventh CPU core on the PlayStation 4, allowing game developers to use it however they want.

Dec. 1, 2015 — The Xbox 360 recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, and the Playstation 3 is hot on its heels with the celebrated console’s 10-year anniversary coming up next year. While both gaming consoles are undoubtedly iconic, now is the perfect time for any of you still rocking a last generation gaming console (even a later released, updated version), to dip a toe into the future and pick up an Xbox One or a Playstation 4. Sorry Wii U supporters, but being that the console has dramatically underperformed sales wise, has very little support from outside game developers, coupled with the fact that Nintendo is already rumored to be releasing a new console as soon as next year, at best the Wii’s successor is a supplementary console. You can see below a selection of our favourite titles released for the format, but the console’s influence on the games industry goes far beyond just its games. In particular, the changelog mentions the 7th core, as spotted by Eurogamer — “PS4 – Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 to allow access to the newly unlocked 7th core.” FMOD runs on every platform out there — PlayStation 2, 3, 4, Portable and Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, Linux and more.

Also, being that Black Friday has ushered in the holiday shopping season, it is worth mentioning that both consoles’ price points are very desirable for consumers right now. Xbox Live became a major selling point of the system and Microsoft helped to innovate every aspect of the modern online experience, from playing multiplayer to buying games online. By contrast the PlayStation 3’s online network was a lower priority for Sony, and its DualShock 3 controller far less well suited for shooters than the Xbox 360’s.

These holiday season bundles generally include an extra game or two, a controller and other such items that make facing the insanity at major retailers potentially worth traversing. These are 20 of our favourites though, and as you inevitably disagree with them just let us know what you would’ve picked instead via the comments or usual email address. More to that point, with the latest update to the Xbox One console, the system has now (finally) enabled backwards compatibility for 360 games, and the PS4 is working toward a similar update as well. From Software’s tour de force flew in the face of every games industry trend it could, with its dark, melancholic atmosphere and punishingly hard difficulty. With Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars Battlefront and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Phantom Pain all dropping recently (to mostly stellar critic and fan reviews, I might add), it is really hard to ignore.

But this spiritual successor to Devil May Cry remains their best game on the 360, with an incredibly deep but accessible combat system, and an endlessly inventive string of boss battles and set pieces. Telling the story of a galactic war across three games, where decisions made in previous games can affect later ones, worked almost flawlessly – except for the famously fumbled ending. There are very few exclusives in terms of game titles anymore, so it comes down to personal preferences, which for many comes down to something like deciding between Halo or Uncharted. Chatting with them after a mission is often more rewarding than any of the actual action, and that’s regardless of whether you’re trying to romance them or not. Responsible for revitalising not just Street Fighter itself but the whole of the one-on-one fighting genre, Street Fighter IV’s secret was to peel back years of over-complication and return the series to its rightful status as the best competitive multiplayer experience in gaming.

Not only is Modern Warfare the game that changed multiplayer gaming forever, but it also still has one of the best story campaigns of any shooter today. If solving spatial and physics-related puzzles in cold, clinical laboratory settings doesn’t sound like much fun then all you need to do is play a few minutes to understand why the series is so beloved. Wheatley and GLaDos are not just there for comedy value, their personalities are given a degree of depth and pathos that other video game characters can only dream of.

The quality of the graphics, the size of the open world, and the level of interactivity is still unsurpassed and probably won’t be until Rockstar make their next game. That means we have have less than a decade before a new generation of consoles arrives (complete with insane launch day prices and bugs that need fixing).

The nihilistic storytelling is sometimes hard to stomach (although there’s always Red Dead Redemption if you prefer a more likeable protagonist) but the plot-free GTA Online is another staggering accomplishment that deserves its place on this list all on its own. Xbox Live Arcade was a huge innovation for Microsoft in two ways: it made the notion of buying downloadable games, many of which were released only in digital form, seem normal and it gave indie developers a platform to sell their more avant-garde wares. Together with fellow 2D platfomer Limbo, Braid was the poster boy for the movement: a game that no publisher would dream of releasing at retail but whose complex puzzles and layered storyline was nevertheless a huge financial and critical success. The story campaign here is a slightly unnecessary seeming prequel, but the multiplayer is best the series has ever been – at least until (the very different) Halo 5.

Turn-based strategies are not the sort of game that usually thrive on a home console but this hugely accomplished reboot of the classic PC franchise worked perfectly with just a joypad and an ordinary TV screen. Enemy Within is the slightly updated standalone expansion, but sadly neither it nor the original were a success and XCOM 2 has already been demoted to PC-only. Just as almost every post-Halo first person shooter has copied its recharging health and two-gun inventory limit, the influence of Gears Of War’s third person cover system and co-operative campaign mode has been just as widespread. Ever since Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved proved that there was still a hunger for old school arcade games there was a flood official and unofficial homages to classic titles from the golden era of arcades.

The best was this stunning update of Pac-Man, which does relatively little except update the presentation, add a few new power-ups, and turn the game into a series of bite-sized challenges. Proof that licensed games don’t need to be third rate cash grabs, whether you’re interested in Batman or not is irrelevant as it’s the mix of game styles and meticulously designed world that is the real draw here.

The visceral melee combat is a revelation and the stealth sequences, where you stalk villains from the shadows, is wonderfully open-ended given the relatively simple mechanics. Intended as a homage to Twin Peaks, this so masterfully recaptures the same sense of surreal tension that it becomes vastly more immersive than any photorealistic rival. It’s curious how the more recent BioShock Infinite seems to be remembered less and less fondly as time goes on, while the reputation of the first game in the series moves in the opposite direction. Many games boast of adult storytelling but in BioShock it was actually true, as it used its strange underwater setting and bizarre characters to make a point about human nature in a way only a video game could.

But even though the story’s best twist is over by the halfway point the first person action and tense, almost survival horror style, level design has never been bettered.

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