Why To Buy Apple Inc. (AAPL) Shares? RBC Capital Markets Gives 4 Reasons

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Apple Explores Ways To Secure, Set Up And Sell iOS Devices While Still In The Box.

Apple has a new patent application (via Patently Apple) that could make it even easier to get started with a new iOS device before you even take it out of the box – using settings from your existing device to configure the new one. Future iPhones could deliver vastly superior colour reproduction and low-light performance, according to Apple’s latest patent, spotted yesterday by the ever-vigilant Apple Insider.

Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday for a Track My Friends feature that could one day let iPhone users monitor other people’s locations in real time. Each sensor would be designed to capture a single primary colour component, the results then being combined into a full colour image with three times the colour information recorded by standard single-sensor systems. The feature would build off of Apple’s existing Find My Friends tool — which reveals a user’s exact location at a given time — and allow them to see the paths their friends traveled to get there.

The brand new packaged device would then be able to communicate via some kind of short-range wireless communication method, like Bluetooth or NFC, and transfer settings, lock screen art, user information and even a list of apps to download from the existing gadget to the one in the box. According to the patent, an iPhone could have a “location system which determines a current position of the device” and have the ability to “track the location of the device over time and display a path representing motion of the device.” A visual representation of their journey could be seen by others or even heard via spoken message. The patent as described, builds upon a previous patent, which employs movable zoom lens elements and an adjustable mirror in a periscope-like arrangement designed to deliver optical image stabilisation. Apple uses an example of a driver accessing a maps app on a mobile device and sharing the path he or she is traveling with a friend who plans to follow along for the same road trip. Mounted sideways in the phone, a new camera based on these technologies could provide a true optical zoom lens with considerably improved image quality, but without significantly increasing the thickness of the phone.

Most single-sensor cameras, the iPhone included, use a grid of coloured filters to divide the total number of pixels available into red, green, or blue types. The company was also approved for a patent related to a three-sensor, light-splitting camera built into the chassis of a thin wireless device (like, of course, the iPhone). These could be used to ping owned devices about the setup process once the packaged device is taken home, but it’s also described as being able to facilitate in-store purchases: Meaning, when you pull a boxed iPad off a shelf, it could give you a message on your iPhone asking you to add it to your shopping cart. Light-splitting cameras would divide up the color wavelengths entering the camera and greater a much better resolution, especially when it comes to capturing videos.

Although it’s unclear if these technologies will ever make its way onto devices, it’s no surprise that Apple is always looking to add (and protect) potential new features for the iPhone. Modern smartphones have all but replaced the compact camera, and with higher-quality capture combined with the potential for internal optical zoom lenses, the need for a traditional camera among non-professionals will decrease further still.

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