Windows RT tablets fading to Extinction, No upgrade to Windows 10

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HoloLens Support For Xbox One And PC Possible.

Supplied. On January 21, Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 platform worldwide and also announced that the new build would be available within a week, though not equipped with all features.Before January 21st the reports were that Microsoft is going to unveil the consumer version of Windows 10 and talk more about its new web browser codenamed Spartan.

While some Apple fan’s opinions of Microsoft are the same as most of the NFL’s opinion of the Patriots, I won’t let my past experiences with Windows deflate my takeaways from this week’s press event. A handout image released by Microsoft showing someone using the new Microsoft HoloLens during a Windows 10 press conference in Redmond, Washington, last Wednesday. My geeky knowledge was used to sell a number of different products, including Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system – oh, and overpriced warranties, of course! The build will download automatically for Windows Insiders overnight, or you can get it now by going to PC Settings > Update and recovery > Preview builds and clicking the Check Now button. According to the blog by Windows, in order to gain access to the preview builds, you have to join the Windows Insider programme, which is free of cost.

If you need to start from the very beginning—in other words, you’ve never installed Windows 10 at all—check out our tutorial on how to install Windows 10 from scratch. The blog added that they are pushing out the Build 9926 out widely, flighting simultaneously to both ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ rings as well as available on ISOs. At a preview of its Windows 10 operating system, the software maker unveiled a version called Windows Holographic, along with a headset with glasses called HoloLens that will let users see holograms while it tracks a user’s voice, motion and surroundings. You can also obtain the ISO for a clean install or virtual machine download here. “Some of the new features that Joe demoed on Wednesday will be available for our Windows Insiders starting today with our newest build – 9926,” Aul wrote. “However, not everything you saw on Wednesday is included in this new build. When it comes to some of the issues it’s hard to find fault with Microsoft: my Windows 7 laptop at work has a rough time when I place it into the dock, but I’m more apt to blame Lenovo for that than Microsoft.

The name confusion didn’t stop there for many consumers, just the idea that there existed a product called Windows Phone, lead many of them to think that their full desktop operating system could now be used on a smartphone – this is the backstory to why I believe that Microsoft’s decision to name both their smartphone and PC operating system, Windows 10, is a poor one. As such, as per Thurrott, the apparent conclusion from Microsoft’s projected move is that “Windows RT is dead.” Windows RT OS was launched by Microsoft in 2012, together with the Windows 8 launch. Microsoft said it’s working with Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology on the holographic technology, and the lab would use it for Mars exploration starting in July. “It’s a huge surprise and certainly a risk trying to bring this sort of technology down to consumers,” said Michael Silver, an analyst at Gartner, who attended Wednesday’s demonstration. Qualcomm and Intel are among companies that in the past year have demonstrated technology aimed at enabling computers, tablets and phones to show users a picture of the world overlaid with digital images and information.

However, Windows RT soon became irrelevant because it suffered from significant performance and incompatibility issues with non-bundled desktop apps. Using Microsoft’s new holographic tools, architects could walk around their designs while clients are viewing it remotely, said Alex Kipman, a technical fellow in Microsoft’s operating system group. In a nutshell, here’s what you should expect in the new 9926 build: Cortana: Microsoft’s digital assistant has been ported over from Windows Phone, and makes an appearance in Windows 10. Windows 10 will ensure that desktops, mobiles, laptops, tablets, 2-in-1 devices will all run the same Windows 10 OS, which will be optimised based on the platform.

We think that Cortana should interact with your Windows Phone, sending reminders to your desktop and taking over as a general search interface, to boot. A concept video also showed how holographs can be used for creating work-project models and for playing Minecraft, a video game where players build virtual worlds. In a press demonstration of the Minecraft app, users could blast through a room’s walls and coffee tables to reveal lava and caves behind and underneath. The app being used by Nasa takes the images sent back by the Mars Curiosity Rover and stitches them into a holographic space where the user can explore, pin points of interest and direct the rover’s high-resolution camera.

Spencer isn’t saying that all of this is definitely going to happen, there’s no point in getting your hopes up right away, but who knows what the future holds for HoloLens. Scientific experiments can be planned in the virtual space with another scientist, who appears as a gold figure that resembles a holographic Oscar statuette.

A Skype video-conferencing app lets a tablet user, for example, conduct a call in which they draw instructions and demonstrations into another user’s holographic space. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has said virtual reality can be the next major method for communicating and interacting with the world, after mobile devices.

Google, which has run into challenges promoting its glass-connected eyewear to consumers, has made some other efforts towards letting devices interact with their surroundings. The new Project Spartan browser added will allow users to annotate a webpage using a stylus or touch interface, click on any section of a webpage to type out a comment and then share this page with friends or co-workers. Microsoft will see what kinds of applications developers write for the holographic tools, though the focus isn’t on social and outdoor scenarios, where Glass was focused. When Microsoft announced Windows 10, we figured we would see the same trend of three different editions, and as of current rumors – that appears to be true.

However, Microsoft did not stop there; they made a decision that they felt would unify the entire ecosystem – they decided to call everything Windows 10. Once I realized that the main reason I was looking for a new computer was to play games on, I decided that I should just bite the bullet and get a gaming PC. While I agree that Windows 10 for both PC and tablet editions makes complete sense, as a former retail salesperson, I see Windows 10 on your smartphone as a true nightmare. It was also very nice to see Zenimax Online’s The Elder Scrolls Online also launch with a Mac version, especially since the other Betheseda games like Skryim do not have Mac versions. With Windows 10, both the phone and the desktop have the same name, which will provide some headaches for retail tech representatives when dealing with customers.

Now think about your relatives, maybe grandma, and ask, “will she be able to tell the difference?” I understand Microsoft’s grand vision; what they are trying to accomplish with their new naming convention. While I will admit I’m typing this on Markdown Pad on my Alienware device – it’s hooked up to my 27″ LCD, I still expect my general day-to-day computing to take place on OS X.

Since I don’t need to replace my MacBook for a long time now, I can keep it as the mobile device I can bring with me if I need to leave the house for an extended period.

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