With its latest iPhone deal, T-Mobile takes control

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T-Mobile Adds Apple Music To Its Data-Free Music Freedom Plan.

By popular demand, phone carrier T-Mobile has added Apple Music to its “Music Freedom,” giving listeners free streaming without having to use up their high-speed data.

T-Mobile, specifically its eccentric CEO John Legere, announced a couple pretty major initiatives with Apple today that, amongst other things, feature free Apple Music streaming and an upgraded iPhone trade-in plan.If you’re debating whether to buy an iPhone 6 now or wait for the inevitable hardware refresh this fall, T-Mobile is trying to make that decision a lot easier.

Apple Music who also happen to be customers of T-Mobile don’t have to worry about going over their data caps anymore: T-Mobile is now giving Apple Music users unlimited streaming over the company’s mobile network, and won’t count any of it against its users monthly data allotments. Since launching in June 2014, the “Music Freedom” feature has grown from only seven to 33 streaming services, including Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody and Google Music. Music Freedom, a pretty sweet “#Uncarrier” initiative from T-Mobile, makes sure that streamed tunes from various music apps don’t eat into your allotted data.

The carrier is extending the $15 per month promotional pricing for its Jump On Demand program, which lets users upgrade to a new phone up to three times per year. The possibilities are endless, the imagination runs wild, visions of technological utopia governed by an Apple Watch-wearing elite cascade through your mind.

Why this matters: Anyone who serves as the resident tech expert for friends and family knows that “iPhone Upgrade Oracle” is part of the job description. Critics were wary of T-Mobile’s so-called Music Freedom initiative when the carrier first introduced it last June, with some suggesting that it may violate net neutrality principles by treating some traffic differently than other services. And while we can safely assume a new iPhone is coming within the next few months, telling people whether to pull the trigger now is always a tough judgment call.

A little confusing, but not a bad deal, especially when considering that similar deals from other phone companies all hover around $20 a month for the same promotion. You swipe through the apps, ask Siri a question, collectively laugh at the child-like response, spin the Digital Crown, and then comes the question which floors you… “But what’s it actually for?” You pause, stunned by the simplicity of the question and the complexity of your answer.

You mumble something about Apple Pay, notifications, your digital life, and then slowly, casually, pull your shirt cuff over the Watch and shuffle away. Sure, you work it all out eventually, but you never lose that fuzzy sense of abstraction, like someone whispered to you the instructions for Ikea furniture and left you with an ill-fitting hex key and the unassembled pieces. The Watch is on your wrist, and you’ve probably forgotten it’s there but suddenly, unexpectedly, it springs into life with a notification… Rain expected in the next 10 minutes. Three months in, a thousand notifications and a thousand prompts from the Watch to stand up later, and something extraordinary happens… You can buy things with your Watch.

For weeks you’ve been putting the Watch on each morning on auto-pilot, but this feels exciting again, exotic; like bumping into an ex-girlfriend and flirting comfortably.

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