Xbox One Keyboard and mouse support ‘aren’t far away’

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10 features to watch for in Windows 10.

You can already use a keyboard with the Xbox One for basic text input, but to hear Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer tell it, you’ll soon be able to use one along with a mouse to do a mean PC gaming impression.Even if there has been a lot of commotion about the release date, the general consumers as well as the industries aren’t rushing to upgrade to the latest Windows version. While it won’t be an overhaul on the scale of Windows Vista or Windows 8, it will be the last major update before the vendor moves to a system of continuing incremental updates to the same platform — think Windows as a Service.

Based on various reports, Windows 7 is still the supreme ruler on most computers, 61% to be more exact. according to NetMArketShare and Windows 8 is still being used on 13% of these PCs. Despite the fact that some may scoff at the idea of streaming PC to a less powerful system, this could offer players who are unable to hook their PCs up to their living room TVs, an opportunity to play their games on the big screen via their Xbox One. It means that the addition of full mouse and keyboard support could essentially make some games not previously feasible with a console due to the restrictions of a gamepad possible, and could add to a robust library that already has plenty to tout over PS4’s lineup thus far.

The release of Windows 8 and its touch-first interface drew many protests from Microsoft’s desktop PC users, but the loudest objection was likely raised over the elimination of the beloved Start Button, which served as the entry point for many people to their applications. For some games, the difference between playing with a controller and playing with a keyboard and mouse is negligible, and it really comes down to personal preference for which is better. But here is what consumers should know: For the devices that are still functioning on Windows 7 (service pack 1) or Windows 8.1, consumers should be on the lookout for the Get Windows 10 pop-up as a Windows icon. What Microsoft says sets it apart from similar applications is that it will use hardware and virtualization to isolate that decision-making process from the rest of the OS, so if the system has been compromised the process can’t be overridden. A number of PC vendors already support different biometric tools for logging into Windows; Microsoft is baking the authentication directly into the OS with Windows Hello.

Also according to Microsoft: “Some notifications will go out as soon as Windows 10 is available; others may go out in the weeks or months following.” Because the upgrade will be performed by billions of users, Microsoft is taking things at a gradual pace. Some don’t see the rationale behind it, but get married, have children, or simply have a roommate, and you’ll figure out why having other screens to easily play Xbox on is a must-have feature.

Just be patient, because this whole process can last about an hour (this is the estimated time for old PCs) for newer ones you might be done in 20 minutes or less. It would kind of kill the market for Steam Machines, which fundamentally have the goal of having you play PC games in your living room, but that’s not exactly a corner of the market that’s currently a threat. It’s different in the PC scene where some players choose to use gamepads if they want, but start throwing mice into console FPS games and people will lose their minds. I think Xbox One to PC streaming is actually potentially gamechanging in the race to catch PS4 (to some degree at least), and while PC to Xbox streaming doesn’t seem quite as useful, I certainly don’t think it’s worthless. It can store and manage your music library in the cloud on OneDrive, and for a monthly fee you can access Groove Music Pass for unlimited, on-demand streaming from Microsoft’s music library.

Not to say rig-based PC gaming will dissolve when this happens, but consoles are already on the verge of becoming baby gaming PCs themselves, and new developments like this will push them over the edge. Rather than having an unmanageable number of windows open at the same time, you can create a second virtual desktop, and tab between them as easily as you tab between windows.

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