Your mouse will soon work with your Xbox One

23 Jul 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Microsoft’s working on keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One.

You can already use a keyboard with the Xbox One for basic text input, but to hear Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer tell it, you’ll soon be able to use one along with a mouse to do a mean PC gaming impression. Spencer says he likes the idea of PC to Xbox streaming, but the company “doesn’t have a plan yet” for that feature. “Yep, keyboard and mouse support for Xbox would need to be there for this [Xbox One to PC streaming] to work, those aren’t far away,” Spencer said on Twitter. If Microsoft offered this in the Windows 10 update, and brought it over for Xbox gameplay, it would mean no more spending extra money on extra equipment. Or maybe it will just support any old USB device, which would be great for those of us who have our favorite PC gaming gear that’s set to our specifications.

Some don’t see the rationale behind it, but get married, have children, or simply have a roommate, and you’ll figure out why having other screens to easily play Xbox on is a must-have feature. For years now, PC gamers have already had the ability to figure out some way to hook up a mouse and keyboard to many of their consoles, and as for playing PC games on a TV, that’s hardly a masterful feat of engineering. It would kind of kill the market for Steam Machines, which fundamentally have the goal of having you play PC games in your living room, but that’s not exactly a corner of the market that’s currently a threat. Overlooking the fact that it would be a decent amount of work to please a very, very small group of players, the balance issues would mean that even if it did exist, those playing with mice wouldn’t be allowed into the pool with those using traditional controllers.

It’s different in the PC scene where some players choose to use gamepads if they want, but start throwing mice into console FPS games and people will lose their minds. Not to say rig-based PC gaming will dissolve when this happens, but consoles are already on the verge of becoming baby gaming PCs themselves, and new developments like this will push them over the edge.

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