Your Photos and Videos Stored in Google+ are Available in Drive

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Google Brings Photos And Files Together In Drive.

We’re all patiently waiting to figure out what exactly Google is going to do with its frail social network, Google+, and today’s news isn’t looking to good for it. Google has begun showing photos uploaded via Google+ in Google Drive, where they can be managed via a new Google Photos tab, or stored in folders alongside other kinds of files easily. The inclusion of Photos and Videos in Drive is one sign that Google is moving to part out the Google+ social network into its key components, and is good news for mobile photographers.

Its intended to make it easier for you to use photos in your documents, but frankly, there’s probably more to the announcement happening behind the scenes. Google+ has one of the best automatic Photos tools in the business, thanks to its automatic enhancements of color balance and exposure, as well as other tweaks and organizational tools. It’s a slow move, one that will take a few weeks before you see all your current photos and albums appear in Drive (but is instant should you upload anything new from here on out). It could be more evidence that Google plans to dismantle Google+ and concentrate more on the sum of its parts, especially the popular photo and Hangouts features.

The move to include your Google+ library in Drive likely helps make it much more accessible and useful for those who are already using Google+ as a backup destination for pics snapped on their mobile device. Android users were excited because this meant that soon, all of their photos backed up from their Android device to Google+ (Google’s officially supported photo backup method) would be easily accessible — and more importantly, manageable — from Google Drive folder on the web. Early this month, Google VP Bradley Horowitz took control of Google+, announcing that he is now in charge of the company’s “Photos and Streams” products.

What had once been the bastion for new updates, features and constant retools had suddenly grown stale with no obvious incoming updates or exciting new entries for the service. The change follows Google’s announcement at the beginning of the month that it would be separating Google+ into different communications, streams and photos services.

Just a couple of weeks ago we had heard murmurs that Google was going to place its popular Photos app all by its lonesome, apart from Google+ and possibly integrating it with Google Drive instead. Putting the Photos menu in Drive and populating it with Google+ images and videos means you won’t have to change your practices to take advantage of the switch, and the feature should already be available on Android, iOS and the web. However, Google+ Photos will still perform the functions to help you store, edit and share your pictures, but to organize all the files at one place, drive will come handy. On the left side of the website or in the left-hand slide navigation menu you’ll find the Google Photos option, a hint that Google will be dropping the plus moniker and moving to just a Google branding. However, Google+’s head engineer Yonatan Zunger commented on Google+ that the changes are organizational rather than product changing. “A lot of misunderstanding and speculation. :)” Zunger wrote in early March. “The internal org was renamed ‘Photos and Streams,’ because Sundar likes org names that match what the teams do.

We’ve seen this emphasis on Google branding with the launch of Google Cast earlier this year, a programming API that works not only with Chromecast, but with other Google Cast enabled devices as well. In regards to the change, Google explains that “your experience across Google should be seamless and consistent.” The announcement stops short of saying this is part of a broader effort by Google’s Bradley Horowitz to break out Google+ Photos and Google+ Streams.

What will be interesting to see, is whether or not the rebranding of Google Photos also applies to Picasa, the photo app that Google acquired some years ago and has still been running as a separate app and service since. With all your Google+ photos making their way to Google Drive in the coming weeks (where they should be), we wanted to shed a little light on this in case anyone was thinking it was time to clear out everything stored on Google+ (or vice versa). The company is planning a renewed focus on photos (with videos coming along for the ride), with the goal of separating Google+ Photos into its own product.

And Google’s official silence about the social network that it used to regularly tout as a priority is only fueling the fire, making it natural that any new wrinkle inspires fresh reading of the tea leaves. Moving these services around could be in response to Amazon and other photo storage services, but there’s really no telling until Google is done working its magic. Google assures that none of the features from the current Google+ Photos service will be lost, which should include things like Auto Awesome and photo editing.

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