YouTube redesigns app, will open creator spaces in Toronto and Mumbai

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VidCon 2015: YouTube Announces New Mobile App, More VR, and Diamond Play Button.

ANAHEIM, California — YouTube has redesigned its mobile app to put its creators’ content “front and center” and is planning on adding two new major studio spaces in Toronto and Mumbai, CEO Susan Wojcicki announced Thursday at Vidcon.

Its main screen will now feature three tabs, for Home, where you can explore video recommendations, Subscriptions, which lists favourite channels, and Account, for finding your playlists, watch history, and uploaded videos.YouTube has just fixed the most annoying thing about your homemade iPhone or videos — you know, the ones you record when you are foolishly holding your smartphone vertically.

Giving her second keynote at the annual conference of online video platforms and creators after debuting here last year with a plethora of new features, Wojcicki said the redesigned app will “include a simple way for fans to opt in to all notifications from favorite creator’s channels,” which got a whoop from the crowd of creators gathered at the Anaheim Convention Center. Wojcicki was speaking at the Vidcon event in Anaheim, California today, where thousands of video content creators and fans have come together for the sixth annual year. [Our live blog of her talk is below, along with stats and quotes Google has sent. Another big theme of her keynote was how YouTube was crushing TV, noting that, according to Nielsen data, college-age kids are watching 16% less TV this year while “YouTube just had its best year ever.” YouTube was the star of Google’s blockbuster earnings last week too.

So pardon my dust, and this line will go away, when I’m done] YouTube has gained a new look available now to those using its Android app, accessing the site through a mobile web browser and promises the iOS app will be updated soon. There’s a slicker design and new features that are supposed to make it easier to edit and upload footage to the site, which already processes 400 hours of new content every minute.

And mobile,” she said, noting that more than half of YouTube views and watch time are on mobile devices, with 100% year-over-year revenue growth from mobile. The company cited YouTube revenue growth as a factor behind the strong quarter and revealed that the average YouTube viewing session on mobile now lasts a stunning 40 minutes.

Wojcicki began by acknowledging those fans, and the industry attendees responded with plenty of enthusiasm of their own as she talked about the reinvention of television and the belief that “video created by anyone should be viewable by everyone. “We’re finally in an era where the diversity on the screen reflects the diversity of our era,” she said. “The most important part about the reinvention of television is the social nature of online video…(fans) are leaning in and joining the conversation, and that is changing the nature of what it means to be a celebrity.” Wojcicki cited a recent survey by Jeetender Sehdev, celebrity brand strategist, found that 8 of the top 10 digital celebrity influences were YouTubers, and said that YouTube reaches more millennials than any cable network and that the number of people who watch YouTube every day is up 40% year-on-year. And, as sharp-eyed bloggers noticed earlier this week, the new app allows you to watch vertical video in full screen, since that’s the format so many people use when they shoot video. Wojcicki, who took the reins at YouTube just a few months before last year’s Vidcon, also noted that the event (which has grown extremely rapidly in its six years) and 10-year-old YouTube itself are still in their formative years. “If both of us were people, Vidcon would be going into first grade, and YouTube would be going into fifth,” she said. “That basically means that we’re just getting started.” “Four years ago, we released a livestreaming product. YouTube also announced a new “diamond” playback button that creators with more than 10 million subscribers will get, joining the preexisting gold button for those with 1 million subscribers and silver for those with 100,000.

But we heard from gamers that it needs some work,” Wojcicki said. “We listened, and as a result, soon you will be able to livestream content much, much more easily than it did in the past.” Wojcicki championed YouTube’s growth over the past year, including a 60% upshot in time spent on site — the new metric by which YouTube is measuring the success of its creators. “We’ve been focused on watch-time because we want you to be engaged with the content … the more time they’re engaging with the platform, the more likely it is that they had a really positive experience with YouTube,” Wojcicki said in a fireside chat with Shahrzad Rafati, CEO of BroadbandTV Corp. “We though that long-term, this was a better metric for us in terms of our users and their performance on our platforms.” “Later this year we’re going to launch support for 360-degree videos in 3-D which is what will enable truly immersive virtual reality experiences,” she said. “And we’re going to make sure all our Spaces are outfitted with the latest Jump cameras that capture 360-degree video in 3D in unprecedented quality.” Vidcon opened Thursday with a keynote from co-founder (and The Fault in Our Stars author) John Green, and continues with dozens of panels, keynote speeches and meet-and-greet opportunities through Saturday. About 35 accounts are currently eligible for the new buttons, and several of them were presented with real-world version in an awards ceremony following the keynote. She said that for YouTube’s success to continue, it needs to focus on its top three priorities: “mobile, mobile, and mobile,” where more than 50% of its views happen. Wojcicki also used her stage time to soothe and encourage the people who make videos for YouTube, and who are constantly wondering about the best way to interact with the site: Should they devote all of their resources to it?

After all, holding a handset in portrait mode when recording video is only natural, since that’s how you hold the phone for most tasks, not to mention that it’s more comfortable holding the handset that way. You’ve got an amazing camera in your phone or tablet, and now you can trim your footage, tint the image with filters, add music, and upload – all inside the app. The annual gathering started in 2010 with a modest 1,400 people in the basement of a Los Angeles hotel and was moved to Anaheim in 2012, where attendance has grown to well more than 20,000.

Though it’s gained a reputation as a place where teens come to stalk, run after and scream at their favorite creators for a shot at a selfie, its backbone as the only major online-video Wojcicki moved from the past and present to the future, announcing a redesign of YouTube’s mobile apps, available now for Android and “soon” for iOS. The revenue we paid out to our creators has continued to climb—the number of channels making six figures a year grew by over 50 percent year on year.

One tab highlights content recommended for you, while the second tab reveals your channel subscriptions. “Your favorite creators are now going to get the real estate they deserve at the top of the app,” Wojcicki said. Google Preferred is having positive impact on partner revenue: The top 100 channels in Google Preferred saw an over 70% increase in y/y revenue relative to overall partners who saw a 50% y/y The Top 100 Brands have a total of a whopping 40B views across content on their channels. Also unaddressed today: YouTube’s plan for its music subscription service, which has spent a very long time in beta mode, and an ad-free subscription service. Where the traditional rules of television—those 22-minute episodes or strict timeslots—are being rewritten in favor of new kinds of entertainment, interesting “Today, young people are increasingly spending more of their time watching content that’s on demand, global, diverse and social. We knew launching a Kids product would take a lot of care and attention — great content, the right design and an experience kids and parents would love.

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved over Be a part of SMX East, the world’s largest search marketing conference programmed by the team from our sister site Search Engine Land.

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