YouTube’s 2-In-1 Subscription Service Coming In October

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A New YouTube Subscription Service Format to be Released in October.

YouTube might be launching its long-awaited subscription service as soon as the end of October, according to Recode. We all know YouTube has been planning to launch a completely ad-free subscription, but the details have been sorely lacking on things like how much it will cost, what will be included, and when it will launch. Google’s video website already sent out emails to content owners, asking them to agree to the terms for a “new ads-free version of YouTube” by October 22nd.

A business’ goal is strictly to make money, that is the only goal, anything else is merely a solution to a problem that rises from the question of “How do we make more money?” There is no real other question in the world of business that matters, only solutions, and this brings up the subscription feature that YouTube is looking to launch. But its new subscription service, which is of the blended variety, may be taking off less than a month from now, with the company having emailed channel owners regarding an upcoming change of terms. That’s why an overwhelming majority of our partners – representing over 95% of YouTube watchtime – have asked for and signed up for this service.

Just like earlier reports revealed, if providers refuse to get on board, their catalogues will “no longer be available for public display or monetization in the United States.” The service won’t just flush out ads from videos, though: Recode says the company’s $10-a-month offering also comes bundled with Music Key, the website’s music streaming product that features offline access, background playback and more. Google-owned YouTube looks to be in the final stages of launching its subscription service, and a report from well-connected blog Re/Code claims the date to mark on users’ calendars may be October 22, 2015. That may be accurate, but the timing of YouTube’s initial announcement of the new viewing experience could also lead individuals to believe the Google-owned online video site is also responding to new subscription players in the market. The subscription is expected to run for $10 / month and would completely remove all paid advertising from YouTube and include the current benefits of Google Play Music Unlimited.

What remains to be seen is how this revenue will be split up, or if the subscription will in fact increase revenue for content creators over traditional advertising. Rumor has it, Google will be launching a new ad-free YouTube video service on October 22 called “YouTube Red.” Of course, nothing good in life is free the new YouTube’s ad-removing video service is no exception. Rumors about a premium service option have circulated for years, particularly after the first report of a music-focused streaming subscription surfaced, which ultimately became YouTube Music Key. So it’s unclear how the company will make money from the twofer, especially since it reportedly had trouble locking down deals for its ads-free model earlier this year.

But some critics argue that the price point (which, if you currently use streaming audio services like Spotify, you are aware is competitive with the industry standard) is too cheap as it would likely only barely cover the cost of music rights. “As you heard in our previous emails, we want to ensure that fans who choose to pay for an ads-free experience can watch all the same videos that are available on the ads-supported experience. One monthly fee will purportedly get you access to both music streaming and ad-free videos… However, the service has remained in limited beta testing since its launch last November. Re/Code’s sources claim that is because YouTube will be bundling in an update to its Music Key service, as well as a brand-new service that would allow users to enjoy an ad-free viewing experience. Pandora, internet radio which provides music free of charge with the occasional advertisement, is just like any real radio, but if you pay a subscription you get unlimited song skips and ad-free listening. As Music Key was supposed to cost $10 a la carte, the rumored monthly subscription fee of $10 sounds like a bargain, with music labels and copyright owners due to collect the majority of those fees.

In the email, it’s noted that 95% of partners have signed up so far, and given the side-effects of not doing so, that’s not too much of a surprise. You’ll get to keep your current user name (as long as it doesn’t contain invalid characters, in which case you’ll have to go through a few extra steps to make the transfer), and all your old comments will eventually (not immediately) migrate with you. Spotify’s subscription cost is right on up there in the $10 market, you get the standard ad-free listening, BUT you also get the ability to listen to the tracks offline! The new branding only seems to show up as a notification blurb when you leave a video playing in the background as you switch to another app, or as a pop-up when you try to re-open YouTube later.

Furthermore, what about places like the iTunes music store where you can buy a song for $.99 and keep it for life without fear of losing it because you ran out of subscription time? What I would like to do is pick this apart, and help explain that part about YouTube being a business. “For years, YouTube’s fans have been telling us they want more — more choice when watching their favorite content, more ways to support their favorite creators and, above all, the option to watch their favorite videos uninterrupted.

For starters, everyone wants more choices, so that part by itself is highly believable, but in what world does a paid subscription to YouTube allow us more choice in our favorite content? Just as with mobile, we’re confident this latest update will excite your fans and generate a previously untapped, additional source of revenue for you. With the recent controversy surrounding ads and ad blocking, now seems an excellent time for YouTube to debut a subscription service that removes ads from YouTube videos. Let me chose which channels to sign up for and get ad-free viewing on those, with a portion going directly to them, rather than a lump sum going directly to YouTube. We expect the final details of the YouTube ad free subscription service aka “YouTube Red” will likely be announced at Google’s September 29 event on Tuesday.

The company is also expected to introduce the newest Chromecast, which would serve as a great vehicle through which users might be able to get trial access to the new YouTube ad removing subscription. That’s why we’re asking you to update your agreement to reflect the updated terms for the ads-free service.” It is totally about the fans right?

You are doing this in the first place because you want your subscribers to feel like they mean something, taking down a channel only loses you that sweet sweet ad money that you are making up for by making the $10 guy feel special. The mobile statistic isn’t that big of news, we’ve all known for a while now that mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets have gained a lot of traction in just about every market.

Now it might seem like I am about to do a complete one-eighty, but let me start off by saying I don’t like this route, I think there could’ve been a better one. For customers, this is also a good move, because who doesn’t love a conventional means of having ad-free viewing towards their most watched creators? Even if I were a content creator all for this (as they probably know something we don’t) I still don’t know how okay I would be with being forced into signing this new agreement or losing all of my work because they want to make some people feel special with their transaction choices.

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